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  1. Hurray! I've also bought a Gamecube with SSBM and two controllers and a memory card!
  2. when =323 000 000 results vs where =200 000 000 results There ya go!
  3. 1,956,337,148sconds and ounting *faints*
  4. I'm going to buy A GC This Wednesday!
  5. I think it's way cool. Both the sigs are awesome so I can't decide whitch one is better:(
  6. My Childhood Hero is probably my parents....
  7. OT then NT, like you other guys....
  8. Here is were my sig is hosted:D
  9. For all of you out there who don't know what Van Helsing is, here is the site wher you can find the trailer:D
  10. Your right Rhett I totally forgot about the original star wars films. And another one:
  11. I'm going to see it soon with some friends and my brother:p
  12. Hmmm it's... it's... STITCH:nod: Man I'm good!
  13. Here is an other cool one I started crying when I first saw the film it's very touching, honestly
  14. Personally I love FF VII all the way yes
  15. Clickie for the movie poster The coolest movier by my book
  16. So whitch FF game do you guys and gals like the most? Sorry about the poll but it wouldn't fit anymore options:D
  17. The "Carpet" will win, yes....
  18. I know who Dante is but I have no clue who Alucard is so I vote for Dante:o
  19. That was F*****g wierd... Poor Llama
  20. Go on everybody post your favorite poster:D Now...
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