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  1. I been toying around with a horror core rap album entitled "Book of the Dead". Before you scoff, this is not my first rodeo with rap. Back in the 90's me and some buddies of mine used to make tapes over other rappers' instrumentals just for fun. I already have a ton of beats from other artists, but I really would rather do something original this time. Just for fun! I got a lot of ideas for songs, but I can't really put it together until I get the beats first. My stuff is usually social politics mixed with horror and sci fi imagery. Think of Dr. Dre meets Night of the Living Dead. I prefer slower beats if possible. Just make it scary! I have tried messing around with Fruity Loops and just lack the skills to put beats together. Writing is really my thing. You will get full credit for the beats, and I will even send you a copy of the finished CD if desired. I also plan on putting this up on youtube! If you are interested, post here, or message me on facebook, or email me: adamwilcox74@gmail.com Thanks in advance!
  2. 1. Fantasic movie, but lets get those gay lycra outfits going. I hate all of them Fantaic Four Gay movie, gay outfits. Nothing left to the imagination eh? 2. 3. If you even saw this movie, I am just sorry. 4 This movie was fun for a week when we thought wire fu and The Matrix was still cool. 5. This movie was just never cool. Nicolas Cage was once considered for Superman, and he settled on this. Also we all think Eva Mendes is pretty but Jesus this movie is awfull! 6. I don't know how this movie ever got going. There is no skull. No plot. They could have easily just made this a Mack Bolan (aka The Executioner) movie and nobody would have known. This was the start of The Punisher curse. 7 I have watched this movie again recently, and It is actually not as bad as I remember. However, I do remember why this movie tanked. Bad film editing, and Nick Nolte sucked a dog's butt. Ang Lee over used the comic book style of editing to show too many things going on at once throughout the entire movie which makes it hard to watch. Other than that, this movie could have been nothing short of great. It had a decent story, a fantastic set of actors, it just fell apart in the editing. I did not even mind the CG Hulk. I think he looked great. But this movie was a failure on many levels. I just don't blame the actors for this one. 8. Other than the iconic breaking out of the Weapon X program does anyone remember anything else entertaining about Wolverine? Me either... 9. Other than the iconic image that he is, the movie has not fared well over the years and suffers from bad early CGI: At one point Spawn had the coolest costume ever. This movie needs to be redone yesterday. 10. It's not the worse thing I have ever seen, but it still pisses me off. They make Mystique such a nice girl. Eric Lencher...well I get him. But the main bad guy is Kevin Bacon....stop....your hurting me.....thats the way this movie unfolds. It's uncomfortable and unnecessary. I guess the only fun that comes from this flick is watching Magneto and Professor X as friends if only for a short while. Everything else is too predictable. The costumes are ok though....much better than what we see in the X-men movies. I am still done with this franchise though.
  3. Best: 10. Batman is the original "Dark Knight". That's how Bob Caine portrayed him. Lurking in the shadows, full of skills, but with the detective prowess of Sherlock Holmes. He wasn't trying to make friends, or get his picture in the paper, he just wanted to scare the **** out of his enemies and finish what others could not. Arguably Tim Burton DID do the justice of making Batman dark again, and I am glad Chris Nolan did not completely undo what had already been a great start. He just made the costume more tactical and believable. And he really has not had to change that costume too much in the past too movies, and nobody is objecting. Batman has one of the coolest costumes ever! 9. So Sam Raimi put Spider-Man on the map and brought him into movie legend. Mark Webb is re-launching the franchise with Andrew Garfield as Peter. After seeing his performance in The Social Network I am kind of excited for this to happen! One thing both franchises have done right though, is to not taint the original costume. Stan Lee himself says that Spider-Man has one of the most memorable costumes in comic history. I agree. I adored "Spider-Man" all my life...collected several comics. This is the ONE time where spandex matters and it still works. Both movies have not changed the costume much from the original comics that work so well. 8. I was kind of skeptical about this one. Once they tried this in the late 80's and it failed on epic proportions. I remember seeing some bit on TV where Steve Rogers was a motorcycle stunt guy, but his costume was gayer than Richard Simmons at a cocktail party. Also in most of the recent comics I read, Steve Rogers was kind of a pompous ass. Both the movie AND The Avengers gave Captain America the credit he deserves. Captain America made the costume look like it fit a WWII scenario. In The Avengers they only take out some of the WWII elements of the costume. At the end of the day I really owe Chris Evens for bringing the life back to that character. 7. I always thought Thor was a real dope. Always talking in old English style and ranting around about Odin this, and Odin that. I did not run out and see Thor. I finally saw it on DVD and I was really impressed with what they did. I won't say anything else as to not spoil the movie. Let's just say that Thor finds a way to win your heart over. But his costume is super dope. Kind of alien/Norse mythology weaved into one. I love it! 6. Having grown up on Richard Donner's Superman, its like treading on sacred ground. Nobody wants to denounce Christopher Reeves as Superman. Smallville did what it had to do, as well as Louis And Clark. I personally feel that Superman Returns was fantastic, but I am in minority here, also, that movie paid so much homage to the Richard Donner movies, that Brandon Routh was really just doing his best and fantastic Christopher Reeves impression. However I am also a fan of Zack Snyder movies, and I think I might nail it just this time. I am hoping to see Superman finally get the attention he deserves. The movie has an all star cast. And by looks of this costume, I am sold. It looks more like a gladiator's suit of armor as opposed to some spandex and fruit of the looms. I hear the cape is enormous, so sometimes you see it and then you don't. Seriously though, this costume captures the feel of the comic, and think it's going to have more to do with what Superman really is this time! 5. I did not know **** about Iron Man when I went to see this movie. I went with some friends on a whim. We were all blown away. Everything in this movie makes total sense. You even love the villains which is hard to pull off. I often wondered why the suit was always red, but after you see Robert Downey Jr. tinkering with hot rods throughout the movie as a hobby, the "hot rod red" makes total sense too. And half of the humor is him getting in and out of the suit. God that is a pretty set of armor though! 4. I catch a LOT of HELL for this. But let me bring you up to speed. The Punisher was always want of my favorite comic characters. He had no special powers, no magical suit. He was just full of hate for serving his country for years only to loose the only thing that mattered to him to corrupt mobsters. His family. So he dedicates his life to taking out the elements that the cops cannot touch. The Punisher is nothing more than a very dark vigilante. He has his own code of justice. He is not just some crazed serial killer, but he goes after the corrupt that can buy off justice. Frank Castle is an ex CIA operative that has been left for dead by those that protected him. So when he goes rogue everyone is afraid of him. Punisher started out as a random villain in the Spider Man Comics, and later re-surfaced in the 80's as kind of a Rambo/Chuck Norris kind of guy who was very muscular and had a **** load of guns stashed everywhere. In the mid to late 90's he died due to poor sales, but writer Garth Ennis brought him back in a very adult "MAX series" with the help of artist, Tim Bradstreet They made the Punisher even darker than before, and mixed in some very black humor to make this really something. The 2004 movie of the same name, was supposed to capitalize on that transition. In some ways it was very loyal to the comics. However, critics and audiences panned it's dark nature, and that movie was left twisting in the wind. Even though I personally felt Thomas Jane did a fantastic Job. The Punisher is nefarious for not being too successful on the big screen. Ever. Thomas Jane's Character is exact replicas of The Famous Tim Bradstreet comic covers. Sometimes less is more. In this case, a skull t-shirt, a black trench, and lots of guns did just the trick! 2. Blade is kind of an after character of marvel. They wanted someone that emulated the coolness of Shaft. Blade was the answer. Now if you look at classic Blade on the internet, you might see some kind of geeky costumes, some afros, a lot of bad street one liners... In 1998 they Brought Blade to the big screen. Well lets just face it It IS a genre film. Mostly action with a lot of sci-fi violence. Blade is a half breed, half human, half vampire. He keeps his bloodlust at bay through a painful injection of garlic, and together with his human Mentor "Whistler" they travel from town to town and try to take out the vampire underground piece by piece. The movie is kind of like vampire hunter meets James Bond. Whistler makes the weapons, and Blade goes on his killing sprees late at night. The movie was good enough to generate 2 sequels. The first was directed by Guillermo del Toro who actually has a passion for comics. In fact I catch **** for this too, but Guillermo added the red satin too Blade's trench to give him that kind of Dracula appeal. Blade II was amazing in my opinion in both story and action. Blade Trinity the third movie was done by David S Goyer, and tanked at the box office, but it was still a pretty good movie in my opinoin. But the point here, is that in THIS situation, Blade has nothing but a kick ass costume. And I feel the red in the trench coat was even better than the first version! 1. Again, did not know anything about Hellboy either, other than the trailers were sucking me in. I decided to read the comics before the movie. Glad I did. Also, I have always loved Ron Pearlman, and it was great to see him as a good guy for a change....well so to speak. Hellboy is a Hellspawn brought through an open portal during one of Hitler's horrible occult experiments. Professer Broom, head of the paranormal research and defense decides to take a baby hellboy under his wing as a son. We flash to many years later, and we see a young adult Hellboy having to deal with being hidden from society while also having the same interests as any young adult. It's a fun movie. They made two of them, and they were both a hit! They even did a couple of animated movies with the voices of all who were present for Hellboy, and damn if those are not entertaining as well. Also there is a video game for Hellboy that is not popular, but fun to play if you understand the nature of the characters. The members of The Paranormal Research team are kept in secret like caged animals, but they have good intentions. They also do not like being caged up. Yeah they do the job that is required, but they also want to "fit in" which is impossible do to what they actually are. Hellboy is a scary guy, but he actually only cares about cats, pancakes, cigars, and a pyrotechnic girl named Liz Sherman.
  4. After 8 Seasons, several poses, several black suits, and the same pair of sunglasses, CSI Miami, is officially cancelled. Also being cancelled: House Dog The Bounty Hunter Fear Factor Breakout Kings Breaking Bad Alcatraz iCarly Lopez Tonight At The Movies: with Roger Ebert and some others...http://www.imdb.com/news/ni15293823/
  5. I know I am probably a minority here, but that film just knocks me on my ass like Chloroform. I have no explanation here. Nor am I a fan of any of the TV series that have spawned off this movie.
  6. I have found the best way to sleep is to put on the original 1994 film Stargate. I think there is something magical about that movie because to this date I have never seen it all the way through. I even went to the theaters when this came out, and fell asleep there too. I already know it's a terrible movie, but for $6 on blu-ray, it works better than NyQuil or Benadryl. No fooling!
  7. I wish you weren't such a big liar face...
  8. Glass bottled soda is next to godliness I agree. The closest thing I can find is Mexican imported glass bottle coke and Pepsi. Only problem here is that it retails for about $1 per 12oz glass bottle. I did finally try Fanta. I got orange, strawberry, and grape. Pretty yummy stuff. Any others?
  9. So I am getting a little bit bored with the usual Soda I drink. Right now this is what's in my fridge: Cherry RC Fresca Diet 7up (mostly for heartburn control) A&W Root Beer Pepsi Next List your top favorite sodas, please describe the flavors in glorious details. I want to try something new.
  10. God bless him. Somebody please buy this man a slurpee!
  11. Well I have bitten off a little bit more than I can chew. My favorite band of all time: Ministry, disbanded in 2008, and their forums went bye bye as well. Sad face. Well this year Ministry has got back together with a new album and tour. Out of sheer excitement I created a facebook group which is comprised of mostly former fans still in my contacts list. The group has gained nearly 400 members in a span of less than a month. I created a logo for the group and won free tickets to the Chicago show. I also volunteered to set up a new forum for the group. A few years ago, I had a website, and a forum that went with it. I used a "simple" phpBB set up. For the life of me, I can not remember how I got started or even where to begin. It is just been too long. So anyways if anybody is around to give me a hand just message me here, or better yet message Adam Wilcox on Facebook, and let's hook up and make magic happen! I have very specific ideas from both Ministry's management as well as a few ideas of my own. The rest should be fairly easy. There is no money in this project, it's a for fans by fans based thing. So preferably Ministry fans if there are any here besides me with some phpBB forum knowledge. I already have all the templates and software I need. I just need some help with the design and uploading and what not. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks in advance, Darth Groovy, aka Taro, aka Adam Wilcox Edit: enjoy the latest video: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  12. That's jut it. I WAS powering everything up at once quite successfully. I don't know what happened either. Here is what I did for a fix. I ran the hdmi cable directly into the second hdmi port in the back of the TV. Then I decided to use a fiber optic cable for the sound. That is running directly from the ps3 to the surround. Actually it sounds better. It was a pain in the ass, and I had to re-program my harmony remote, but now everything is back to normal.
  13. Ok let me break it down like this. I have a ps3 slim, and a Sony Str-ks370 surround system. For about a year or so they have played nice together with hdmi cables. My set up is simple. My ps3 slim is connected to my Sony receiver with an hdmi cable. My receiver uses a separate hdmi cable that runs into my HDTV. For about two years they have played nice together and brought me loads of endless entertainment. Recently, I decided to take my ps3 over to my parent's house so that I could use blu-ray movies and use my Netflix account. First time it worked great. Yesterday I did the same thing, however when I brought it back home...I first had the black screen of death. No problem, used the YouTube tutorials and switched back to s-video. Even did a system restore. Now my problem is that I can no longer connect it to my Sony receiver the way it was when I left yesterday. For hdmi I can only hook it directly to the Tv's hdmi port. It will not pick up my surround system at all. What happened and how can I fix this?
  14. George Peppard (most known as Hannible from the 80's show "A-Team") is a character called "Cowboy" who where's a ridiculous cowboy hat and dispenses Scotch and soda from a compartment on his belt. This movie gets worse by the minute!
  15. "Battle Beyond The Planets" is a bad spin off of Star Wars directed by Roger Corman. It is beyond bad. It is MST3000 bad! It's currently on Netflix. Go get a big ass bowl of popcorn and come back and discuss! You will hate me at first but thank me later!
  16. That was intentional dude. Let's call it viral marketing.
  17. Remember Dath, cool guys don't look at explosions! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  18. If you have a PS3 connected to the Internet and a copy of the latest Twisted Metal, sign up here! Looking to do some damage on team deathmatch! This game is actually quite good, and I am actually quite good at it as well! My psn name is Groovinator. Send me a friend invite and let me know your from lucasforums. Our first match begins in an hour and will run most of tonight and tomorrow as well as this weekend.
  19. Picture the movie Goodfellas if it was written and directed by Michael Bay and featured elements of demonology.
  20. You are absolutley right. Main problem is convincing Lucasarts that this game will make them money. I mean BFII is said to be the best selling Star Wars game of all time, and yet no sequel ever saw the light of day. Bottom line, Lucasarts does not subscribe to the "if you build it they will come" process. So I guess have fun with your wii clone wars games and nods for ten year old games.
  21. Several years ago, long before I signed up for LucasForums... I have several hundred Hasbro Star Wars action figures. It all started in 1995, when they re-introduced the entire line up with exciting new details and new articulation. I had auctioned off most of my original figures in the early 90's for hockey cards. Thanks to my grandmother, I was able to retrieve at least 7 of my original figures. When the series resumed in 1995 I started collecting again, only this time, I collected with the intent on re-creating some of my favorite scenes from the movies. When I was a kid I always wanted dozens of Stormtroopers at any given moment. To this day, I finally HAVE dozens of stormtroopers to make this happen! In the early 90's I got an idea from looking at a collector's box of figures which contained Uncle Owen, C-3PO, R2-D2, R5-D4, and Luke Skywalker. They were all standing in front of the Jawa Sandcrawler in the exact same scene as they were first purchased in A New Hope. I carefully removed the figures and bended the box back and put cardboard stilts on the back to make it a "back drop" so that they appeared just as they did in the movie. Then I got this idea... I wanted to replicate the scene where Luke, 3PO, R2, and Obi-Wan first enter Mos Eisley on Luke's Lands speeder and encounter Imperial Storm Troopers. Obi-Wan uses Jedi Mind Trick to convince the storm troopers that they are not the ones they are looking for. To re-create this scene, I took an image from one of my books that shows the "special edition" version of the sand speeder entering Mos Eiesly. I imported the image in Photoshop and scaled the image to allow for a 3 3/4' figure. Then I used the clone tool to edit out the sand speeder all together. I printed that image on some photo quality paper, then used a glue stick to paste that image on some light cardboard. I put two kick stands in the back, and had one of the most kick ass scenes ever, just made with a computer, some glue and cardboard. To my surprise, people have been doing this for YEARS! Back in the 80's you could buy fantastic play sets to show off your figures, but I have not seen those now in years. And when I look online for those play sets they want hundreds of dollars for virtually incomplete play sets...screw it! The only solution is to make your own! My plan is to buy three four foot bookshelves and create scenes on each one. One bookshelf contains all things "Death Star". The next contains all things "Hoth", the finale contains all things "Tatooine". Here is just an example of how easy this is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSJ4ZqaDNU8 I recently took this idea to my parents, who quickly got on board to my surprise. My mom studied as a commercial artist, and my dad took drafting. They have already come up with some ace ideas! There are SEVERAL videos on youtube on how to construct dioramas. I don't want these full scale replicas, only something cool enough to replicate the over all feel of the scene at hand. Something that will fit on a four foot shelf. Anybody got suggestions, or pictures they wish to share?
  22. Having a good GOOD time playing this game online with my buddy Jake. We form a perfect team slaying fools, stabbing hearts, and killing mob bosses. Also dealing with the supernatural by stabbing hearts of the recently killed, executions, shooting out lights to give the advantage. Just a bloody good time. Also, first game in years since Battlefront II, where I picked up quickly and am naturally good at it! Story is written by white people who make the mafia look cartoons, but the comic feel, and the blood lust level is where it's at. Very VERY fun to play with others!
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