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  1. although they will sacrifice some of Gene's vision to get there. It will attract a newer audience instead of just the hard core Trek fans.... My 2cents...pretty long, actually 3 cents.... [/b][/quote And this is a good thing because...........???? "The chancellor should never have brought them into this, kill them immediately!" _Darth Sideous:holosid:
  2. although they will sacrifice some of Gene's vision to get there. It will attract a newer audience instead of just the hard core Trek fans.... My 2cents...pretty long, actually 3 cents.... [/b]
  3. And let us not forget that the first Star Trek movie bit Star Wars in the worst way. Also without Star Wars, Star Trek would have never made it to the big screen. But Star Trek still sucks, without night you could neve have a day I suppose!
  4. The first thing I would do is unscrew the back and see what size batteries it would take. Can you imagine if you were luke? Luke: nods his head to r2 on the nearbye skiff, jumps off the gangplank and does a back flip in the air r2: shoots the lightsaber out of his dome head luke: grabs the saber :::cue music::: grins a little and......nothing. Suddenly jabba's guards push him into the sarlacc, as jabba laughs himself ****tless. You can never have too many batteries. Oh yeah, and at christmas time I wuould use it to carve the roast beast.
  5. Obi- wan13's story was compelling, and would make a great EU novel/comic book/video game/franchise. Any way I wanted to share my memorie of Maul. All of my life I have been influenced by scary guys who where black. I really can't explain it. First it was Darth Vader, and for years I followed in his footsteps(his feet are really big by the way), howeve I could never fill his costume.( I am only about 5' 7", plus I could never build one that looked right.) Then came Batman around the end of the 80's. Dark, black, mysterious, and had a car the chicks would die for. Plus he had money! Those shoes were to easy to fill but the costume was a bust because for the next 2 years everyone was Batman, so there was no contest. Then after I grow out of childhood, fast forward to 1999. Out of the desert of Tattoine comes this menacing hooded dark warrior, who has twice the gadjets of Batman, including probe droids, a spaceship, macrobinoculars, and a sythe shaped Harley. He's shorter than me, (at least he looks that way on screen) he's got a pierced ear, tattoos, and knows enough martial arts to make Jet Lee run like hell. And of course.........the double saber!!! And not only that but finally I had found a costume that fit me, and I have been him every Halloween since!! I feel that his lack of dialouge made him more interesting, but I have to agree that in the end it was his overconfidence that got him killed. Had I been Darth Maul I would have Force choked Obi when he was in that pit instead of wasting my energy chopping away with a broken lightsaber.
  6. His life was short in Episode one, he was cut in half by Obi-Wan, To me he seemed cooler than anyone, To me he will always be the best of the bad, even better than Boba's dad, even though I am sad he's dead, at least Darth Maul didn't lose his head. Any comments or favorite moments about Darth Maul post here. Any disses, complaints or arguments welcome.
  7. You talking about this one? My plan is to somehow, someway build a Maul Saber hilt and then install these into it:http://www.amazing1.com/plasma.htm and hopefully I wind up with one of these:
  8. The hell with this game. I put it in my folder, I take it out, I download it again, I extract it again, I have many mods on my PC but this one don't work so screw it. I am sick of hearing about how cool it is, because I can't make it work so you can all just go to...........sorry.
  9. Not the sharpest tack on the bulletin board are ya?
  10. I wonder why this guy even got a Star Wars Game? The first time I saw this mod I just started laughing, and everytime I look at it I just have another good laugh!
  11. Darth Sideous is really Captain Tarples from Otah Gunga.
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