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  1. I am waiting for some software to install, so I am on a thread writing spree. Sorry. I have said before and will say again, villains, either from comics, movies, games...etc. The best villains, IE the most dangerous villains are the ones you can seek pity on, or almost relate as to why they are the way they are. Villains that woke up one day and decided to take over the world, are as two dimensional as the comics from days past. We have no pity or remorse for the characters that are religious zealots, or those who rose to power simply by stepping on the backs of those who support them. We can identify a villain by his/her costume, but the scariest in my personal opinion, are the ones who we can identify personally, because they were once the same as us. A true tragedy either by forces of man or nature is what defines a true villain. For example, let's take Bram Stoker's Dracula. The film came out in 1992, and it did ok. Some people have mixed opinions on the film. I personally loved the art style, and the story of Dracula actually moved me. In my opinion the movie was ruined with at the time A-list actors, and actresses that simply did not belong in the film. The true star of the movie was Prince Vlad himself played by Gary Oldman. Now here is presented a true tragic villain. He is once a night commissioned by the church during the crusades to slay everything in his reach in the name of God. His methods were violent in nature, but in the name of God, he thought he was doing God's work. The only damn thing he cared about was his wife Elizibeth. During his crusade, rival members sent false news of his death to his young wife. Believing the false news of his death, she killed herself. When Dracula returned, to find a dead bride, he renounced his faith in God, and turned on the church who sent him into battle in the first place. Now you would think, that the church would have protected her better....well they screwed up. Dracula got mad, and thus became a bitter creature of the night. Throughout the movie, he has only one weakness. That love for his dead wife. When he finds someone who resembles her image, he attempts to "love" again, but he winds up killing many people in the process. He even attempts to turn the new girl into a vampire. Once he realizes the pain he has caused, it is the new girl who ultimately sends him into oblivion. I thought it was poetic and well thought out. A man who feasts on blood over several hundred years could easily become so jaded. Sadly, the movie is only known now as a genre film that shows up in bargain bins across the globe, and Gary Oldman never got an oscar, but wound up playing token villains over the years. Also tragic. X-Men 2000 I really got into this film knowing only bits and pieces of X-men history. What really drew me in, was Ian Mclellan as Eric Lehnsherr AKA Magneto. His ability to bend metal developed when he was separated from his Jewish parents during WWII. Anyone seen Shindler's List? That alone would convince me that humanity had failed. His belief is that mutants should take control of everything, or face exile. That translated well into two good films, where he recruited young mutants into his brotherhood. Ian Mclellan is a fantastic character actor, and the fact that he is in reality a gay man, he understood intolerance, he brought that part to the role as well. Goldeneye James Bond films usually revolve around villains that have unusual wealth and power, but Goldeneye hit the mark perfectly. Sean Bean played a fantastic villain Alec Trevelyan, a former agent that was left behind to die by the same MI6 that Bond operated on. Now scarred and with a wealth of knowledge he was one of the most effective villains of the franchise in my opinion. If you were burned by your government and left for dead. What would you do? Would you use your resources to take revenge? Or get rich? Sean Bean does both. Remember that in the Bible, Lucifer was once an angel that fell from grace. These are the scariest villains folks...
  2. So in anticipation of the upcoming blu rays, I have started watching the prequels again. In this thread, discuss what you loved about them when they came out, and what you hated about them when they came out. Then discuss how you feel about them now. Try to do this one film at a time. The Phantom Menace: Then: I was super fanboy number 1,115,558! Had my tickets pre-ordered for opening day. Made sure I took vacation from work to see it. I don't remember who I went with, but it was a small group of friends and relatives. I laughed at some of Jar Jars antics, I cried a little when Anakin left Mos Espa. I died a little inside when Darth Maul was killed. I drooled at all of the CGI through the entire thing. I saw that movie a grand total of 9 times that summer. What I liked: Fantastic pacing. Outstanding visual effects. The pod race, the escape from Naboo, the duel of the fates. Darth ****ing Maul! Fantastic sound track from John Williams! Also great use of THX sound at the time. Ian McDiarmid, the true STAR of the prequels. In this movie as Darth Sideous/Senator Palpatine he is every bit as spooky as he was when we saw him in Empire Strikes Back. What I disliked: Too much Jar Jar. Too much dialogue. Padme changed costumes more times than Madonna did during the Girly Show. Too many cartoon characters. Jake Loyd did not seemed like the troubled young hero depicted in the book. Now: What I like: I still like the way the Jedi are depicted. One minute they are like hooded monks, the next, they are flying through the air, hacking up droids, and using the force like the bad asses they are. That part was always done well. Darth ****ing Maul...probably will be my favorite forever... Music is still awesome! Sound quality is a bit lower than today's BD standards. I am sure that will be fixed. Visual effects still hold up well. The short bits between R2 and 3PO were great. What I dislike: Too many cartoon characters! With cartoonish voices and cartoonish names! I think they are what killed the movie for most. It was like Disney got molested by George Lucas. I think his determination to get young kids on board with his old pal Star Wars, got in the way of his original vision for the fans at bay. With names like "Watto, Sebulba, Nute Gunray, Boss Nass, Captain Tarpels, all of those characters severely annoyed me most of the time. Jar Jar...nuf said, let sleeping dogs lie. Jake Loyd. Not sure what George's idea for Anakin was supposed to be. In the novel by Terry Brooks, Anakin was depicted as upbeat, yet constantly haunted by dreams, which were actually visions of what was to come. Some of that in this movie would have helped a lot. I have always loved villains that you can feel sorry for or almost relate to as to why they are the way they are. To the point to where they become tragic and sad, because you know what motivates them. The prequels failed with the story of Vader in my opinion. Last but not least, this one I will catch hell for. Yoda. All of that CG tech which was pioneering at the time of this release, and they waste it on the worst character in Star Wars history....Jar Jar. I am sorry but the CGI Yoda in AOTC was probably the only redeeming quality of that film. The Yoda in this movie is a very bad muppet. With a stupid smirk, and the color of both guacamole and puke. Having a Yoda muppet was one thing, but the TPM muppet looks like a pile of baby puke wrapped in a gauze bandage. If George decided to dick around with his movies for another do over, I would not be sad to see that go. Ok, carry on. I will post my remarks on AOTC after I watch it again.
  3. I got into her stuff around last summer. I am pretty much caught up now. She's heavily influenced by Bowie, Elton, and Madonna. Which makes a pretty neat combination. Her live stuff keeps getting more interesting...and she does not lip sync! I might be willing to go see a show at this point.
  4. I can not draw for crap. I have been making a lot of humorous films with my camcorder as of late. I decided to name my little production company "Bad Shark Movies". I got the idea from J.J. Abrams' "Bad Robot": And also my love for terrible shark movies. Anyways my idea was something like a cartoon shark standing on a corner wearing sunglasses, a derby, and a turtle neck sweater flipping a coin or just looking like a bad ass. Kind of the way that pitbull in the old cartoons used to be. Here are a few ideas I stole off the interweb: Hope you get the idea... Thanks in advance, and have fun! Grooveh~
  5. My AT&T U-Verse account was suspended recently due to a billing issue. Since I had auto payment, I was kind of surprised. Anyways it was about a week until I was finally able to make the call. At one point during the call, the nice lady said to me "well you can always manage your bill, online at AT&T.com. (dramatic pause...) "No mam I can not manage my account online when I have lost the ability to be online, which was the original purpose of this phone call. Remember?" Standards... Oh and here is another... For all of you who have AT&T, you have your account number memorized right? Yeah so it took the people at my local AT&T, an hour and a half, plus two phone calls...yes phone calls to retrieve my account number. Only then was I allowed to make a cash payment. AT&T gets my lols for today, plus one big fat middle finger for ruining my Friday night plans.
  6. Your not alone in this forum. Groovy loves teh Gaga. I have all of her stuff. Thinking about buying a book, and would love to have some kind of a DVD of her performance stuff.
  7. Having a BLAST with Infamous 2! Been having a blast with Playstation Move. At least they understand us hard core gamers. So part of the welcome back package Sony produced was a free month of Playstation plus. Included in that package, was Sonic The Hedgehog 2. I have fond memories of tearing that game up at my buddie's house since he had a Genesis and I only had a Super Nintendo. Good times dammit. So I bought this PS3 exclusive for those kick ass Sonic games. Yes, they are still fun to play! Oh and also had some credit left over from my trades, so I picked up some oldies that were dirt cheap! This is just God of War, but what is not to like about Conan? Basically everything you ever loved about Dynasty Warriors. Hack up thousands of goblins, wash rinse, repeat. With the new Prey game coming out, I remember how much I loved the original. Right now it has a $2.99 price tag at the Gamestop One of my all time favorite sandbox games.
  8. on a whim....and a whim only. I tried Ghost Recon: Shadow Warriors. Throw away story, but excellent turn based strategy. If you liked games like Advance Wars, or Field Commander...saddle up for this one is the same kind of game play! Stupid story, yet fun to play the game. 3D is nifty too! I bought this hand held console used, with a copy of Ghost Recon: Shadow wars....I tried some other titles, I don't like. I am going to hang on to this console for future releases. Unfortunately, none of the other releases have held my attention.
  9. Rumor around the campfire says It will be up by Wednesday. Hope it is true. I am beyond ready to throw down some action on Mortal Kombat and Socom 4!
  10. Oh you crazy pc kids! I now have LFD2 on xbox. Let me know.
  11. I forgot to check out a copy of LFD2. I will probably just buy a copy and hang on to it. That one is one of my favorites. Since I forgot, let's shoot for next weekend.
  12. IG, if you DO decide to get the tattoo, it fits your persona. It's funny but we tend to think of our LF avatars as our persona especially for those of us that don't change our avatar every two weeks. Examples: We all think of Rhett as a smoking Yoda I have always been Darth Maul wearing a suit with flames behind me. RP The Hotrod: Always used the same avatar. As far as I know, some sort of Sniper. Lady Jedi: A young woman looking away leXX: While she changes her avatar often, she keeps a running theme. The female heroine in all that is Sci-fi and geek culture. So yeah if you got the game and watch dude tattooed on you, I think it would fit perfectly. One think I have learned about tattoos over the years as I have 4 of them. Try to stick to a theme, and only get a tattoo if means something to you. All of my tats are logos. I am obsessed with logos...case and point.
  13. Ordered some junk off Amazon.com that showed up today: Dunno if I told any of you, but since Game Stop does not longer take in original Xbox stuff, we had some customers that left a couple of consoles on the counter and took off. One of them was an original Halo Xbox console. Since I did not have the customer's contact info, I decided to give the system a home. I took it home, and set it up in my bedroom. I even picked up a few original Xbox games from a local used store. I currently have: Doom 3, The Punisher, Return To Wolfenstein, Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Painkiller Hell Wars, From Russia With Love, Mercenaries, Republic Commando, X-Men Legends II, Matrix Path of Neo, Ninja Gaiden Black, Halo, Medal of Honor Front line, Burnout Revenge, Sid Meir's Pirates, Shadow Ops Red Mercury, Shelshock Nam '67, Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, and Half Life 2. Also ordered a Logitech wireless controller which should be showing up tomorrow.
  14. I spent some time playing this game in SP last night, and played some multiplayer this afternoon. The game is gorgeous on many levels. The graphics are breathtaking! Also the game play is amazing due to the crazy jumps you can make using the suit. I am rather glad I bought this game. I had a lot of fun with it today!
  15. Roxstar, Let's keep it console for now. My PC has seen it's day.... Rhett, I could rock out some L4D2. I don't currently have a copy, but I can get one by the weekend. I will be on tomorrow night on xbox live.
  16. Been a while since we done this... Anybody want to have an LF night of something on XBOX live, or PSN network? Throw me the game, and a time. I am mostly a late night sort of sod, but I do have some daytime availability on my days off. Work is kind of slow now that most of the spring releases have already hit. Xbox live Gamertag: Darth Groovy PSN: Groovinator
  17. *stumbles in hungover wearing a bathrobe and an empty rum bottle* Of course Game Stop does not fix systems at a service level. I can offer you a few options I do to my customers. It does not cost anything to call Nintendo's customer service number. Nintendo will repair anything under warranty, but will also fix systems out of warranty for a fee. Right now a DS light will fetch you about $50 if you trade it in towards a 3DS. Otherwise you are looking at around $25 for the system in trade. The only other factor, is that Game Stop MUST charge you a refurbishing fee if it is not fully functional, I think that might be around $10 in the US. These prices change from day to day, so call in before you go in. The good news is that with the 3DS craze in full effect, our stores have a very nice selection of pre-owned DS Lites, DSI's and DSI XLs. Seriously some of these look like they were hardly played. Here are the prices on new and used DS systems: 3DS: $249.99 DS Lite New: $129.99 Used: $99.99 DSI New: $149.99 Used: $129.99 DSI XL New: $169.99 Used: $149.99 My advice is see how much Nintendo will charge you to fix, if it is too much, then trade your broken DS in on another new or used system. Even if it is broken, they will still require a stylus, and a charger. Hope that helps. *goes back to bed*
  18. I heard it starts slow. I dunno, what it is about Crytek and sequels? Remember what a great game Far Cry was? Remember what a great game Far Cry 2 was? Yeah, me either...
  19. Oh deer God I finally got my debit card replaced, after 28 days with no debit card. Know what that does to a human being? Makes him/her feel like a damn refugee, unable to order anything from the internet! So I now that I am back on point. Today I bought: And: Unavailable in stores. I currently only have The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Blu-Ray actually did these old films much justice especially in the surround sound department.
  20. Rented this one from work: Not bad for a system devoid of new ideas. However, I have to say that the ability to post videos to your FaceBook is more trouble than it is worth. The plus side, is you really get to pick the scenes, and just freestyle with them as I had hoped. The scoring is based on timing of delivery of the lines, which is a bit punishable even for scenes depicting Arnold in a police station. I would still recommend this joint as a good party game. Of course the Kinect Menu is still kinda bothersome here, but the selection is good, and the game is not terrible. I know I have been ranting about this movie for many years on LF now, and I doubt any of you even give a crap. Forbidden Planet is a sci-fi flick ahead of it's time in many, many ways. In the case of the this Blu-Ray edition, it features a quite nifty documentary that includes: Stephen Speilberg, George Lucas, James Cameron, and Ridley Scott all talking about they're favorite sci-fi films as kids growing up. You should buy this movie for this reason alone. At $14.99 you get an amazing print of the movie, you get all the extra content, you even get an extra movie inside that includes Robbie The Robot who was the start of Forbidden Planet. This movie inspired Star Trek, which Gene Roddenberry admitted. Just watch the film once, and judge later if you will.
  21. I also missed an entire mistake which can make or break a movie. This is so important. The lack of a protagonist in which you can identify with. This means if the people in the movie are stupid, and you know longer care about them in some fashion, the movie is doomed from start to finish. Such can be said about a movie I just purchased. Skyline. The first mistake is that it was written and produced by Special fx guys, and not regular movie dudes. What it tries to be is a drive in romp via 1955 Invasion of the Neptune Men or something equally as horrible. What it turns out is a virtual who's who in Sci-Fi entertainment. The characters are paper cut out throw away targets. And the ending is nothing less than a CGI cartoonish nightmare. Rent Skyline for it's fun special FX. Do not buy this film.
  22. Jesus Christ... Kevin Costner is the worst actor of all times. I am glad they gave Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett a shot at this title. Even though critics panned it, I loved that movie. They did Robin Hood much justice. I remember all the money they dumped into Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and it turned out a pathetic excuse of a film, even though it was written well, and had a plethora of good supporting actors, Costner ruined it by refusing to use any kind of an accent at all. The best thing that came out of that romp was that sappy Brian Addams song...
  23. So glad you posted that again. I think of that every time I see the box for one of these movies on the shelf!
  24. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Some of you knuckleheads said the same thing about Anime movies. Except I found that they pretty much ALL suck!
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