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    I've been wasting time in front of this stupid ass computer for a while now.
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    Music, Vintage Guitars, 3D Modeling, Computer Games, Women...you know...stuff
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  1. Welcome back, best of luck with DF mod :)

  2. Hehe yeah ive been here so long they had no choice :p. Glad to have you back, it's like the good ol' days again!

  3. I see you have a couple of badges over there, it's about time they make you a general =P. I'll be hanging around hoping to lend a hand to the DF mod team.

  4. Which model is it? did you make it yourself or its from someone else?

  5. Just tested it in multiplayer, it does the same thing as in single player.

  6. I see. Well I dunno what's wrong with this model.. however I found the image that creates this blur for force grip, pull and push, and replaced it with a blank image...now the effect it's gone... not something that I need anyway as it would problably bug with other skins as well. the image is in gfx\effects\force_push.jpg. I created a pk3 with the jpg file and an efx file linking to the image. The only bug that may remain is the force lightning, but maybe I will find a solution for this as well.

  7. Does this also happen in multiplayer?


    It could be a tag that has been moved by accident or something wasnt weighted properly.

  8. The effect of the force powers, they do not spawn as they should from the hands of the character, they are somewhere outside the body, like being another set of hands outside the body.

  9. Can something be done to fix this issue?

  10. Hey Psyk0Sith

    I have exported a model to single player, when I use force push and force grip the hand mist is not centered on the hand, it's some place outside of the charachter. The model is a Jedi Outcast model Revan Sith Lord, ported to Jedi Academy single player.

  11. Cool thank you very much

  12. I know some guys over at polycount are running 7, apparently its pretty much the same as vista without the bugs and crappy performance.

  13. Do you know anyone with Windows 7 running it ? My brother is getting it.

  14. What OS are you running with Autodesk ? Vista ?

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