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  1. The Godfather. Funnest game bought in recent years. There needs to be more decent gangster games.
  2. I had no problem getting enough arrowheads for the duster. Takes you about ten minutes with the dowsing rod.
  3. Question #1: Where did money come from in the land of the dead? Who set up an economical system in a world filled with people who know they're dead and know that they're supposed to get out of it in four years or less? Was the whole modernisation of the LotD done by the mysterious 'Powers that be'? Or is there a soul actually in CHARGE of the populace? Question #2: What's with the giant living cats? Are they demons? If animals go to the LotD too, how come the only animal we see is a pidgeon, and the rest is filled with fleshy, living, breathing crocodiles and octopi? Question #3: Where did sproutella come from? Why is it there? Where can it be found? Is it a chemical? A mixture of some kind? Why are flowers the symbol of pain and suffering? Question #4: Not many souls seem to be flourishing into the the LotD very fast. Is there more DoDs around the land? Different countries? Different continents? Probably not, but it seems crazy that the whole population of the living world is taken into the underworld by a building with one or two members of staff? Come on, there's got to be. Of course, all of these questions can be answered with: "It wouldn't be as awesome a game if it was too complicated, so shut up." ...well, that's this thread out of the way.
  4. Bad news bears. I can't do any modelling of any kind like you asked me to, my schedule's kinda full already with different things. Sorry.
  5. ...that would suck. But if when you're sprouted you do go back to the 7th Underworld with a lost memory, you'd still be a different person because you could be in a different environment to your previous life, with a different upbringing, etc. So basically that still means that all the death scenes are still just as sad. Besides, they had to fit guns in there somehow, didn't they?
  6. You could just extract the model of the normal Sproutella pistol from the game with SCUMM Rev. At least I think it's possible. Also: You're not planning on 'improving' the usual character design, are you? You know, making 3D teeth and eye sockets and stuff like that. That wouldn't be as fun if it wasn't all moderately basic models and textures, like GF itself.
  7. Crazy bump but you should really just go on with it. LucasArts can't stop a non-profit fan mod of another game anymore than they can stop other fan creations like art or fiction.
  8. Meche. I don't really know why. I'd prefer to marry someone who was still alive, but if I had to marry a corpse it'd be Meche.
  9. Yeah, the Doctor doesn't want to mess around with time and all that. Like in that episode where he could've gone back in time and stopped the Daleks before they were created - but he didn't want to. Also, the second episode was a lot better, I think. The third one looks even better. I'll see how things turn out.
  10. I thought the new Dr Who was awful, especially considering when I was little I saw the original Autons. Oh Jesus H Christ they were creepy, and much much MUCH better than these new losers. The original Auton scene had a 'Shock Point' when the dummy jerked its head, rather than the new episode's cliche 'slowly turning around head' thing. Ugh. Also, the explanation of the Autons was worse. In the old one they were robots sent to destroy the human race with their hand-cannons, but in the new one they're 'Living plastic'. What the hell? Living plastic? Awful. And how did they get guns if they were just ordinary window dummies and not robots? Also, as a first episode it was alright. Not good, pretty bad. But alright. Passable. Will watch again.
  11. I guess it can only mainly be Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch, as those are the easiest to make in HL2. Obviously all weapons should be moderately the same but shooting out Sproutella darts, and blood should be green. Also, if it's possible (Which I highly doubt it is), it'd be cool to have every character model have flower models inside them, which sprout out when they die. Just some ideas. Also, I might join as a mapper, once I figure out the whole Hammer lark.
  12. EDIT: Ah, cack, the DOD rendered this thread pointless. Ignore.
  13. I don't actually think there's a distinctive era that GF is in, but it's mainly set around the 1920s. That'd make more sense. Everything else is just in there for a joke or to make something else make sense.
  14. Ah, but you could still scare the living, despite the fact they were totally still. I guess that's kinda stupid, but I think that's one of the cleverest things about GF.
  15. What time frame is GF actually set? I notice the cars are mostly those old Hustler type things (Except for the Bonewagon of course), but that might be because nobody's died who knows how to produce anything better. Also, it must be after Lenin died because he's mentioned by Manny in the Blue Casket. So is it around the nineties parallel to our world or is it something further back?
  16. I want to help on the GFHL mod, but my skills with any game development aren't really good enough for use with the HL2 engine . I'd like to find some way to help, though.
  17. I'm 13 and as far I know am the youngest person in the community.
  18. Awesome! Good to hear from you again, Darth.
  19. I prefer to put my lists of games into genre, because it's tough putting, say an adventure game up against a first person shooter because they're so different. So: BEST FIRST PERSON SHOOTER 5. XIII 4. Doom Series 3. Duke Nukem Series 2. Half-Life 1. TimeSplitters 2 BEST STRATEGY 5. Gangsters 2 4. Age of Mythology 3. Dungeon Keeper 2 2. Warcraft III 1. Black and White BEST PLATFORMER 5. Sonic Series 4. Conker's Bad Fur Day 3. Spyro the Dragon Original Series (1-3) 2. Crash Bandicoot Orgiinal Series (1-3) 1. Jak and Daxter Series BEST THIRD PERSON SHOOTER 4. MDK Series 3. Conker's Bad Fur Day 2. Fur Fighters 1. GTA: San Andreas BEST ADVENTURE 3. Sam and Max Hit the Road 2. Day of the Tentacle 1. Grim Fandango ...damn, I need to play more adventure games.
  20. I never really thought about it that much. I just classed it as one of the game's many mysteries.
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