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  1. Thanx Caius. You prove what I've been trying to prove on this thread. Now, lets just hoope your not as arrogant and egotistical as most of the scritpers are. Show me a respectable scripting opponent and I'll show you an ass cheek with a birthmark on it that looks like mickey mouse. nuff said, signing off of LucasForums, MADDEN IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I don't know exactly what you wanted to relay to us. Your point that you were trying to make was that scripts don't make you a better player. Given the situation that you stated, if a player has lunge scripted, he'll have a better chance of landing the lunge then a normal player would. Umm, does that not make you a better player? Do you do damage to your opponent? Maybe enough damage to win the duel? Maybe? You're right about one thing, and that is learning and reacting to the familiar situations that you encounter during saber battle. I agree with that, but your example of how scripting does not make you a better player just doesn't fit the bill. Scripting makes you do the moves easier, and you pointed that out. In your situation, the scripters has the advantage, opposed to someone who presses the three buttons to perform the move. (BUZZER) Try again
  3. Sith is right. The only time I did complain about someone on a sever the previous night was when a guy TOLD me he "scripts his ass off!", exact words. The guy was arrogant and obnoxious, and to me, he represents most of the JK2 scripting community. Sure I've seen what looks to be respectable scripters on this thread, but not once have I run into one in a regular playing environment. You know why this is the most popular thread on the board? Because ppl who suck ass at this game, see the title, "Scripts here", and immediately get into, start cutting and pasting, and whala, they're off. BTW Sith, I disagree. I think that scripts DO make a poor player better, definitely. They might not make them exceptionally better than a lot of players, but it definitely helped them with their skillset and provided them something to build on. But, I've given up on scripting and the debate. Like Sith and Remark have been trying to pound into my brain, I've come to accept it. They're here and they're not going anywhere. However, I AM. Madden comes out today. My star wars days are limited. No I guess I'll have to start dealing with the cheaters on EA. O well, it never ends... Later
  4. You guys haven't heard from me in awhile so here it goes! Scritpers suck ass cheeks Later
  5. 1.04 has nerfed backstabs, so that would make the difference. Theres really no need to run around spamming pull and bs because it just doesn't do enough damage to center a strategy around it. I played 1.04 for a couple weeks, and it seemed like kick, lunge, and dfa ruled the day. And well quite honestly, thats the way it should be, with maybe kick receiving a nerf. I don't see why a move that has your back turned to your opponent would do the most damage. However, I still play 1.03, because its quick. 1.04 has long, drawn out battles, and that to me, is boring. Action is what I like, and 1.03 has more of it imo. Anyway, to your questions, dark vs. light. In a 1.03 environment, they are pretty equal, with dark probably receiving an edge in my book strictly because of RAGE. It's hard to counter it, and when I see someone turn it on, I try to keep my distance, swiping here and there, and wait for it run out. Then I pursue his slow ass! Heres what I suggest. If you're up against an experienced, good, dark user, use dark yourself. Thats been the only counter for it in my book. A person who uses dark wisely can be pretty difficult to beat. So if you can't beat em, join em! Except for scripters. Scripters suck ass so I wouldn't want to join that group for it is cheating in my book.
  6. Superlen, Scripters, a skillful scripter, will dominate a server easily. Seen it done plenty of times. Don't flame remark.
  7. I spam lunge. I spam DFA, both red and yellow. I spam pull-BS. I spam kick. I do all these moves constantly. I guess I'm a spammer. Dunno...
  8. LOL, Ummm..., I don't believe so. They wrongfully calling it DFA? What would you like to call it?
  9. One thing that is driving me insane is this, "It's star wars, its star wars!" For all you junkie star wars fans out there, save it. I'm sick of hearing about how luke never did this, vader never did that. It's a game, not a movie. Now, just for the record and I don't know if this is needed for clarification or not, but I NEVER bitch when I'm playing. The only time I let out some griping and moaning is when i see someobdy scripting moves. Then I begin to rant because I believe that's cheating. Anyhow, you're right. You're on a guns server, don't bitch when get blown up. I don't, but I do get irritated when I'm fighting, not k dueling, with somebody and we get blown up by a gun wielding ass. LOL AIM is the ONLY skill you need for guns. If you can't aim, then you shouldn't be playing games at all. So, no, it requires less skill than sabers.
  10. Rob, I would have to heavily disagree with you. Warcraft 3 is one of the best, most creative games to hit my system in a long time. However, I must admit, it takes a lot of dedication and practice to get good at it, which might be throwing your interest off. I admit, its thrown mine off as well. I bought WC3 when it came out, but yet, have only played three online games and gotten halfway through the human campaign, before I retired it, for the time being.
  11. I guess it just comes down to your preference and what you prefer. To me, guns are lame. To you, they are cool. To me, saber is cool and NEVER gets stale. To you, saber gets boring. That's why its a good game, because it accomodates everyone's interests. Geez, you got force powers, a lightsaber, and a variety of guns at your disposal. What more do you need for a FPS?
  12. There is definitely no skill involved with using guns. With most of them, aim in the general direction and you could get a kill or two, especially in a crowded, chaotic FFA where all the players are doing exactly what you said, pulls and DFA's. I can't tell you how many times I've had good battles going with someone, and some prick with a gun comes and blasts us both. Funny to you maybe, but irritating to me, so therefore, I odn't play on gun servers. I bought the game for the saber, not the guns. There is plenty of other games to choose from if thats the kind of battles you wanna have. Variety in gun games? Umm, how do you figure? Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. At least with a saber, there's no telling how you or your opponent might die. DFA? Yellow DFA? Pull-BS? Kick? Grip off ledge? Push off ledge? Lunge? and well...Just plain old regular saber swipes!!!???? Also, in an FFA, you have the option of dueling. On the server that I regularly play on, which is down right now (boohoo), we head to the pad on bespin for duels, and ppl wait there turn. YOu have the best of both worlds. Dueling and FFA, you decide what you want to get into. Dueling, if you lose, is boring to sit and wait. Umm, can you say, kronic breaks?
  13. I've had that happen as well. Its like if you stand next to them, with saber in, it acts as if his saber is out and you're just standing there taking the damage. I asked them what the deal was and he said his binds were messed up. Dunno...
  14. Problems with my server list? What do you mean? What could possibly be wrong with it? Tons of servers show up, the problem is, most of them are empty all the time! I've just noticed a drop in players. It must be me, dunno...
  15. Curious because I'm seeing less and less servers online compared to...o, say about two weeks ago. Are loyal jedis abandoning JK for WC3?
  16. Sith, Although we have had wars concerning the scripting that you do or don't do (haha, whatever), we have a lot in common. Its funny. I have two boys, 3 and 1, and a wife that works nights in a hospital. My boy also plays once a night, usually before he goes to bed. Just thought that I would add that. Pretty funny...
  17. It's funny that I read this thread today. Just last night, I was playing on a master level FFA server with five people maxed out. I come in, was playing, fighting, kicking some ass, and automatically was booted. I come right back in, and say, "Who booted me? What did I do?" No reply. Two minutes later, I was kicked again. I come back, "Who's the prick?" Trying to do some investigating, I found out who the culprit and the host was, their name? (WG) Cardell, and this person was seriously abusing the fact that he could kick at will. So, I thne proceeded to chat and saber down kill as many ppl as I could before I was kicked for the last time. I might as well do something to get me kicked, right? I play with honor, but if I'm gonna get kicked, I'll give em a reason to do so. Sore losers...
  18. Umm, I'm gettin back to ya. Am I wrong? BTW, too much chronic? Is there such a concept?
  19. I'm with everyone else on this. Asking for HP during a fight is just plain ridiculous and its a pretty good sign that they are wearing down. Go finish their sorry ass!
  20. seriously? crouch, get outta the way, or kick back
  21. The counter to kicking all, is crouch. Someone comes to kick you? Crouch with light and lunge when they are in midair. It's very simple. As far as a tactical method of attack, its great! People bitch about it because its just another way of getting knocked to the ground with no defense, such as the pull-bs. Everybody whines about what they can't avoid. You get knocked to the ground? You're gonna get killed. And ppl hate that.
  22. I think that it will never be avoided. It's pretty indicative of someones age/demeanor if they choose to try and talk trash while playing an online game. I usually will try to avoid trashtalkers, however, if one approaches and starts in with me, he will get it as well. I'm 25, and I'm beginning to realize that I'm an old cat compared to some of the young teenage twirps playing the game today. My suggestion, if someone talks trash to you, ignore them. Chances are they're kids and we all know what its like to be young and obnoxious. I try to give em the benefit of the doubt. Or, tell them to keep hiding behind their monitor, cause essentially, thats what they're doing. They use that monitor as a safeguard. Little twats
  23. I just found what you said to be so damn hilarious, that's all.
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