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  1. Make it FOUR times. Does anyone even LOOK here anymore? At least the shows are still going on. HAIL MJ!
  2. Back from sea for yet a THIRD time (in a single thread!). That's GOT to be a pointless record. OK, so yeah. And stuff. Glad to see the place coming to life again, though I'm curious what is holding up TLC2 EP 9 and 10 from coming up again? Just got done redownloading everything else. Oh yeah, and the original MI series... can't forget that, can we? Right? RIGHT!?! Love you MJ... send me a job soon.
  3. Add six months to the timeline, and I'm back from sea again. Transfering to the West Coast of USA now. Anyway, saw that PMI 1 went up while I was gone again. *shudder* I liked the lines I had, but WOW my mike sucked for that session. MJ, if you ever want those redone, I can take care of that when I do any other lines for Creigh. I expect he'll show again in a part soon? Nice to be back peeps - though it looks like the forum is about dead...
  4. Sal! My favorite number two person! Yeah, I'm back. Spent a LONG nine months away from the house, but finally managed to sail my way back in... literally. Lots of activity, I see, with rereleases of LC I, plus finishing off Monkey Island. Maybe we'll see more new stuff soon.
  5. OK, so I blew the entire thing on the topic name. Sue me. I'm back from sea, and will be for some time. You know how to get hold of me...
  6. Looks like we all hoped enough! Ok, MOSTLY enough. Notice that EP1 has been reposted? That's right! Only FOUR MORE until we get to the second half again! WOOHOO!
  7. I dunno... that header up at the top contains a lot of color that looks suspiciously like a color OTHER than green. I think further investigation may be warranted. It does look nice though... and the streaming clip (as it's now done) is good as well. I'm thinking Guybrush has been drinking non-stop for the last twelve years to get his voice, but hey... he HAS been to (Island Name Deleted) four times now... that's enough to unnerve anyone.
  8. My prayers will be with him and his family. As God wills it to be, so let it be done here on Earth. I hope for his recovery, but if it be His will that your friend pass, I pray it to be swift and painless as much as possible.
  9. And now - my Bi-monthly prod. I WANT MY OTHER FIVE EPISODES!
  10. You sure that thing in the back of your head is an idea? Remember last time when it turned out to be mayonaisse left over from the Dud Star... I'd hate to end up with a bunch of white stuff all over your hands.
  11. Oh no! Does that mean I have to start poking you for the rest of THESE as well?
  12. I'm curious - why are the other Howards stuff Offline? I'd d-load and listen to this, but since it's 3rd in the Saga (or so it says) I'd hate to miss out on ongoing jokes by not hearing the others first...
  13. Soooo, MJ. Hows about them next episodes of Tierra, eh? *prepares a sharp pointy stick*
  14. Inspiration (of a sort). I was listening to LC2 again last night, and one of Vapour's lines jumped out at me. Something to the effect of "Isn't that what you said in the prequel to Lost Cause? Build a Dud Star?" So, we could build from that - do the prequel to Lost Cause! "The Lost Cause Zero - (Insert No Hope Subtitle Here)" Basically, it could be a super compressed version of SW 1-3... the fall of Vapour. Especially with the "Lubes your son" episode, we've already got a bunch of stuff to build off of there. Everything from building Creepio to destroying the Jeedai (who run a series of 50's style diners where you don't get served unless you have perfect table manners). I'd have to find some way of bringing in Maul and Dooku... and I'd also need to know how you're gonna handle the Emporer in LC3, but with this kind of idea in mind... It makes more sence than my original idea of a straight LC translation.
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