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  1. bah you only do that cause you can't beat anyone fair and square aka Silent Whisper from the Jedi Academy
  2. One minute you nuts are fighting then next you're all buddy buddy. I swear teenagers have the strangest mood swings. Anyways zbomber if ya need a hand in dealing with these chaps I'd lend ya a hand. Saber, even.
  3. You people obviously have WAAAAAAAAY too much time on your hands. For crying out loud it's a movie. Look at it like a movie. You act like it's a frickin religion. jeeeeeeeeeeez....
  4. OHHH I LIKE I LIKE!!! total realism there.
  5. tsk tsk I could easily destroy you with a flick of a wrist. Literally.
  6. Owning? What the hell? You worthless piece of crap. A clan based on owning isn't even worth looking at. Nobody owns anyone else. You people make me sick. Take your egos and go take a long walk off a short pier. Do the world a favor and get lost!
  7. All the info you are looking for can be answered by me. I am the Lead Trainer at the academy and the answer to your question is no, we aren't a clan. Clans have enormous egos that don't like to be bruised. They go out and find battles,wars,etc. Here at the academy students are free to come and go as they like. We provide a staff of teachers that specialize in certain tactics of Jedi Knight 2. If you like more information please feel free to stop by the academy site academy.jediknightii.net or you can e-mail one of the Administration members. -Daina "Silent Whisper" Raandu Jedi Academy Council/Lead Trainer dainaraandu@cox.net
  8. I heard from several people that there are teams for different kinds of games out there. Is the one for JK2????
  9. lol. Ownage...is there anything more primitive?
  10. I seem to run into all sorts of punks that can't seem to cope with losing. What's with the egos people? Having a hard time admitting defeat? Just let it go and know you are beaten!!!!!!
  11. Although I'm not surprised guys would try and imitate us I can imagine a girl whooping some ass at a game. Even this one. Many of you have proably played me on the zone or other as Silent Whisper, MOTL Princess, Ariel Angel, or even The Empress. If there's some more girls out there that rock please let's chit chat and maybe start and all girls clan or something. hehehehe -Daina Freelancers United Republic Jedi Academy Administrator academy.jediknightii.net
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