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  1. Taking a break from it for now after doing all classes, raids, pvp and just about everything in game
  2. Really? I havent seen it on our server, not as much as we saw pre TOR announcement. Even DMUK is working on a new TOR site rather then running this one
  3. Every day the game gets a little more quiet, new players arent joining old players are not staying. Who is going to TOR?
  4. Hi Guys The Guild is still kicking around under the new name Force Academy, WE are still on chilastra and keeping busy as best we can
  5. The Defenders on PvP. Being pro active in the PvP environment was something we felt was beneficial for a Community, we could all remember a time when we were PvPing only to see a large majority of players standing around complaining about no pvp rather then pvping. Being a Role Play Community some members have their own rules of engagement, while the guild does not have a strict ruling for PvP we do have a No Drama/Harassment Policy, As a group that loves to PvP we have found that while it is a competitive environment, you often need to ignore what is said and focus on fighting for the Republic. Some of what is said and done in the heat of battle can go and lead to problems that end up out of control when a little self restraint could have solved it. We ask our members who PvP to be mindful of their actions, as what one does reflects on all of us, and with a pro active group of PvPers we can really help build a solid experience that both sides enjoy. A pvp system is only as good as the players let it be, and we will be looking for both Republic and Sith players/guilds to organise future events around in the PvP side of things.
  6. MANAGEMENT Many know me, many of you are on my friends list and have always been welcome to come chat. Many of you I chat with offsite on MSN and various Other chat rooms, Many of you I chat with on your guild forums. Many of you know I am Community Minded, and one of the first people to start calling for players to understand their role and its importance in making TOR a success. Many are aware of the Community being the 5th Pillar and my beliefs on which my guild is founded on, that good people make these games great, and a little effort goes a long way. I have shared my plans with a select few, and I have no doubts we will be doing our part in contributing to the Community, and the Game, Our goal is to create a fun rich environment for our Star Wars, Role Play and game experience, not only for us but for those we interact with along the way. We are dedicated and feel that to really succeed at anything you have to keep at it, do the hard work put in the effort, standing and complaining about the lack of action will get us back to the place we don not want to be. Thank you for taking your time to view our presentation, as always feel free to contact myself via this site, our website http://www.force-academy.com, MSN jedidarka@hotmail.com. Or by my Email. Darka@force-academy.com
  7. The Academy In Action: During one of our recent Community Events, Council Member Bobla organised a guild quest for us to take part in to celebrate our 4 years. The Powerful and Wise Master DeBelem confronts Imperial aligned Dark Jedi Forces Rebel Forces watch over our Home on Dantooine during an Event The Defenders assemble on the outskirts of Bela Vistal to investigate word of the return of a Long Lost Master A Corellian Smuggler and his Companion get a little assistance on Dathomir A Fearsome Krayt Dragon lashes out during the Knight Trials of Marah A Master and His Apprentices, Domiaq, DeBelem and Avonos A Gathering of the Defenders Some of the Council of Defenders meet in the Enclave The Academy gather on Tattooine to save the city and fight off the Krayt Population A distubance in a temple The Hall of Defenders, a monument to those who walked before us, it is through our past or future is made
  8. half prison, half snowball
  9. Saw this floating around Thanks to DeaconX who did the hard work
  10. CURRENTLY DEFENDING THE PEACE IN: Star Wars: Galaxies Server- Chilastra Leader- Vosraeba Status- Active Style- Light Role Play Gaming Community Recruitment - OPEN Our Operations on SWG are still ongoing, as one of the few active guilds and the last Role Play based guild on the server we have prided ourselves on keeping active even as the days get longer and quieter. Recent achievements have seen us constantly topping the newly introduced Galactic Civil War Guild Leader Boards. On introduction we were ranked first, and have managed to top it and have yet to drop out of the top ranked guilds in the process. Master Vosraeba has taken over the running of the Academy, a more the capable Leader who will do a fantastic job. With the state of the game we feel we must do what we can to stay active and still offer the support systems to the guild and will continue to do so until the end. Lord of the Rings Online Server -Landroval Leader - Argaros and Polemos Status - Active Style - Role Play Gaming Recently opening our first Non Star Wars associated Chapter, we have a small group of players operating in Landroval, the RP based server for the game. Many are having a great time Role Playing in Middle Earth. With LOTRO going Free to Play many feel its a great way to bond with our family while we wait for TOR to release. For any information or questions about these branches please contact Management Darka@force-academy.com As more players join our community our range of supported games will start growing, keep an eye out for updates! GUILD CELEBRATES FOUR YEARS OF DEFENDING THE PEACE We passed the four year mark and look back on the past with the good the bad and the crazy, here is a bit of an insight into the Community Four Year Celebration Thread So many great times, people and events. Only wish I had all my old screen shots Star Wars Galaxies Screen Shots Where it All began
  11. Thread FAQ What Profession(s) does the Academy accept? We accept all Republic Classes What Faction will the Academy be? Galactic Republic! We are the defenders of peace, the ones they call in the times of need, and the best faction that fits in to our guild set up What Age do I have to be to join? There is no age limit as we believe maturity is not definded by age but how you act, we want you to be mature, but able to have fun. What timezone will Force Academy operate in? There will be no specific timezone, we have members from all over the world but will be playing on a US based server, a decision on exact server will be made when they are released Stay Tuned! What type of player are you after? We are looking for pro active players, we are not here to baby sit or hand hold. We want people who want to Role Play and be part of a great experience, people who will try things, and people who fit in with our family. We cater to all styles byt are a Role Play Gaming Community. Is there any level restriction? None at this time, however likely to be introduced depending on guild management systems and how the game works Why even set up a guild now? The Academy has been established long before the announcement of this game, and we will look to continue long after The Old Republic has become just another memory. Right now we feel it is a great time to get to know many of our new members and really work on building a great community once again for TOR! Why should i even look into Force Academy? We have the experience, we have the great community. We are an established guild with many tried and tested ideas, and systems which we look forward to bringing to TOR, we will also be taking part in the Community, Role Play, Player Vs Player and Raiding. We will be out flying the flag high in all forms of the game, How will these systems work? With being unable to get our hands on the game yet we have the basic outline set for TOR and look forward to moulding it for a correct fit that brings both RP and game based interactions. We feel we can not have a fully final system in place at this moment due to access but we have finished our plan and know what and how we will be doing them. How do I apply? We have an Applications section on our Forums, please read exactly what we ask, in complete applications will be void, and maybe asked to re do again. Our feeling on the process is this, we have told us all about us, now we want to know about you, and why you think you would be a good addition APPLICATION FORM Please Note This guild may not be for you if your into e-dramaz, We are not after people who want to cause problems you will soon find yourself removed, you will not be forced to play a certian style or act as a personal raid team. We are looking for people who want to have fun, make fun, and have a great gaming experience, We beleive that good people make games like this awesome, the community will make or break just about any game you play reguardless of how good it may be. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR
  12. FORCE ACADEMY Defenders of Peace Alignment - Republic Focus - Role Play PvP/PvE Management - Darka Established - 2006 Status - Active Greetings Are you looking for Republic and Jedi themed content? A Guild Ranking System? A Master/Padawan system? If so, look no further than FORCE ACADEMY PURPOSE: Establised in 2006 as a Role Play Gaming Community in the Game Star Wars Galaxies With the purpose of creating a great Role Play and gaming experience. To give like minded players a place to come together and defend the peace. Over the years we have grown, and we have ventured out to new worlds, locations and eras, but still strive to create a great community based experience for our members. We have a few core beliefs Good People Make These Games Great! A Little Effort Goes A Long Way A Guild Of Names Is Greater Then A Guild Of Numbers Community Is The 5th Pillar We are a fully functional and immersive organisation, we create rich environments to help set the scene, while not intruding or restricting. We like to mix the game in with our Role Play Experience and use it to enhance the game. As a Role Play Community we still enjoy taking part in all aspects of the games. It is our mission to provide a great platform for our members experiences, and those we interact with. THE STORY: The War had ended, we returned to normal. Our Academy became our home once again. Many had felt uneasy due to the actions they had seen and partaken in. It took a while and much meditation for the Academy to go back to normal. Though the War had stopped on official terms, the fighting hadn't and it did not take long for the Academy to find itself caught up with the Sith. In search for force sensitive artifacts known to be on the Academys home world of Obroa-Skai the Sith arrived to claim it. Facing overwhelming odds, Master Cevit Eage gave the order for the Academy to evacuate taking the treasures with them and to head to Tython to keep them in the hands of the Jedi. The Sith landed and assaulted the complex, taking no prisoners as they searched room to room. With little time to spare, Master Eage realised there was only one way to slow the onslaught, and the old Jedi confronted the encroaching Sith, and found himself not the only one who drew the line to give the others valuable time to escape. What exactly happened at the Defence of the Enclave is unknown, those who stepped in front of the Sith gave their lives to allow the others to escape. As the shuttles races skyward the orbiting Fleet opened up on the ships as they plotted their courses taking out many of the shuttles, sending debris raining down on the burning temple below. Many years had passed since the tragedy, as the Jedi Council began the rebuilding rumours of long lost Jedi began to resurface. The sense of a growing darkness and the ever present Sith they sent out scouts to recover the lost, and ask them once again to reform, to step up, to defend the peace The Complete History of The Force Academy THE ORGANISATION: The Defenders are Broken down into two main groups: The Jedi, and the Non Jedi Each group is equally important as the other, and each group has their own set of Trails/exams THE PHOENIX BATTALION "We will always rise back up...." General Rycar Lingo The Phoenix are the white line, the dedicated Republic Military who serve along side the Academy, They are the punch, the might and the shining symbol of the Republic. Originally sent to Assist The Academy by appeasing local system fears, the Phoenix and their unnatural way formed a close bond with the Academy, both became to see themselves as one. The Battalion keeps its own records and offers its own exam system for promotion separate from the Republic Commands. A system many felt offered greater training then the Republic ever could. Operating as a military unit, the Battalion has ranks very similar to any traditional Military system Academy Military Records for The Phoenix THE SCOUNDRELS "Your Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!" Originally a Unit put together by Part time soldier, part time smuggler and full time rogue Weschu Aramada. They were set up to do the dirty jobs, experts at recon, getting what you need where it needed to go, also the uncanny knack to get their hands on anything you needed aslong as the credits were right. Making their names in the War, the Scroundrels disbanded shortly after the destruction of the Enclave, as the rebuilding of the Academy begins the search for those who feel they can live up to the tag of Scoundrel has gone out across the Galaxy. Cantina whispers about the Scoundrels THE SHADOWS "With Out the Light, a Shadow can not Exist. They are the things even the Darkness keeps out of the way of..." Jedi Master Pomad Rarvao The Organisation is set on dealing with all things Darkside, from investigating lost artifacts, or seeking out disturbances in the Force. The Shadows specialise in it. They keep an air of secrecy, only few know who they are. An organisation with in an organisation, set up to deal with the Darkside. From the mouth of a Shadow THE ACADEMY "We Are the Defenders of Peace!" Jedi Master Cevit Eage The Core of the Enclave is the Academy, set up to teach the ways of the Force and act on behalf of the Jedi Order. Operating as their own Enclave once on Obroa-Skai, teaching, training and keeping the peace and justice in the sector. While their own Enclave, The Academy follows Both the Republic, and the Jedi Order, rather then attempting to be their own Order of Force Sensitive's. The Academy operates its own unique and custom trail system, there was a belief that a standard one trial for all was not able to do justice in testing everyone, after all what good was a trial if it wasnt trying? Within the Academy the have set up many of the traditional Elements Trail and Force Ranking System Each Rank to have its own test to allow Jedi to prove themselves and show that they are fully able and capable to progress from an Initiate, Padawan, Knight and Master while being able to show that they have earnt the title rather then have it handed to them Academy Database: Force Ranking Systems Watchmen They are the planets they watch. They are the ones who know it, feel it. Sent to watch over a planet, the Watchmen keep the Academy informed of the comings and goings and anything of note that may require action Academy Database: Watchmen Master And Apprentice The teaching of one to another, showing them the way of the Galaxy, teaching them what it means to be a Defender of Peace, how to defend themselves and help provide the tools and information they need to get by, then complete the circle by taking an apprentice of their own. Academy Database: Master and Apprentice Council of Defenders The Council looks after the running of the Academy, the teaching, the operations, and the missions. It is common place to see the Council handing out assignments. While also playing their role making sure all Jedi are up to a standard the Defenders feel necessary to earn the title of a rank Academy Database: Council of Defenders With The Old Republic we are looking to operate as an Enclave, a fully functioning organisation with its own connections, its own history while still serving the Republic and still part of the Jedi Order. THE COMMUNITY: Our goal is to always be a Community, we are a family, we come from all over the world to play together. Some of the guild have known and gamed with each other for around ten years and look forward to creating great adventures in the future ahead be it in The Old Republic, or where ever the peace needs to be defended The Defenders Accord FAQ Defenders Archive CONCLUSION: Force Academy is ambitous, we are a Role Play Gaming Community who are looking forward to making sure our legacy carries on in The Old Republic. The Academy has been up and running for over four years, and given us all many great experiences, aswell as the honour of playing along side many great people. The years of playing together have given us a great bond, and allowed us to bring our experience our systems and add them to The Old Republic. It also gives us a great chance to make new friends, have new adventures and unleash our new ideas like our guild story arcs and a few others. We are a proactive guild who believe in making the game a great experience, we aim to surround ourselves with like minded mature individuals who understand that a little effort can go a long way. Many of our event planners are eagerly waiting to get into The Old Republic and launch some of their creative mischief for us all to take part in. Our goal is to be the best, to be the top, but also to have fun. As Role Players we still love the rest of the game and look forward to RP inspired PvP and PvE content, we look forward to playing our role in the Community. Any Questions or Comments please feel free to contact Management Darka@force-academy.com Unleash the Force
  13. if you havent already hit them up and fill out an application
  14. a mix between the current content and the old skill system and players would be awesome, would have been a great base to launch from
  15. there was a house purge botu a year ago not sure if it will happen again
  16. its it a MMORPG or just have MMO elements like NWN?
  17. no but you can name items We had a IG memorial for Moraj yes the same player who has a memorial on all servers, but a personal one we made from his friends we crated soem stuff and named it after him
  18. There isnt really any armour that matches it, maybe prehaps try finding a mod for it?
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