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  1. superqult


    i like the idea of using xml, since it is very well structured.
  2. If you really want to cut down on the size, then you could just remove MONSTER.SOU. But then you'll get no speech, which is boring . I recommend Drigo's method, you'll find the compressor tool at: http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/scummvm/tools/ It's the tool called extract.c. You have to compile it though. It will converts the MONSTER.SOU to a much smaller MONSTER.so3 file. For the extractor to work, you'll need to install the LAME library available at: http://www.mp3dev.org/mp3/ You also have to build ScummVM with MAD support, thus needing a MAD library install available at: http://www.mars.org/home/rob/proj/mpeg/
  3. superqult

    SCUMM Platfroms

    EMI was released for Playstation 2. But that's not a SCUMM game anyway.
  4. hmm, I wouldn't request illegal software here.
  5. ah, that sounds so nice! I wasn't actually hoping for that, you just made my day.
  6. i could easily make the application add a save path to the scummvm config file. but i won't do that until i have made the whole application use the config file. until then, just add the savepath to the config file, and it will be automatically used every time you play. (savepath=/any/path/you/like)
  7. then lucky me for doing it first, because now you can concentrate on lixoo. i'm really looking forward to lixoo! by the way, the address for the frontend has changed to: http://melancholyprotection.cjb.net/superqult_software/scummvm_frontend.html i've also made some minor changes to the application. soon i will get started with a new version which works with the scummvm config file instead of its own preference file. stay tuned.
  8. I've made an application which works as a front-end for ScummVM. It will only run under MacOS X. Instead of all the hassle with terminal commands etc., just launch this application, select your game and press run. Simple as that. You only have to locate scummvm and the folder containing the data once, after that you can just launch and run. That's three mouseclicks . I find this application very useful myself, and I hope that someone else will have any use of it. The application can be found at: http://w1.864.telia.com/~u86428755/scummvm_frontend.sit Please try it out and tell me what you think. Many OSX users seem to have trouble getting ScummVM to run, I hope this helps a bit.
  9. wouldn't it be insanely great if there was an application which could extract the correct samples from the iMuse-file, and combine it with the actual MIDI-file, and the result would be a perfect sounding MOD-file? I know it is impossible, but think of it!
  10. i'd really prefer the scumm language. and i also like the idea of not allowing dashes in variable names. that sounds like an easy way to solve te problem. and no one will miss them anyway
  11. correct me if i'm wrong, but i think everyone would gladly learn a new language to tbe able to write games for the scumm-engine.
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