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  1. Well, you don't need to sign up or anything. You can just download the Beta and try it out. If you have anything to say they welcome the feedback, but there aren't any obligations. The site with the Mod (the finished and Beta versions) is here: OJP Website Also, the Droideka works without the mod. It will just be missing the enhancements that the mod supplies.
  2. Are you trying to rig the sentinal to the humanoid skeleton? Or make it a vehicle? It sounds like you're talking about rigging it to JA's humanoid skeleton, but I might be misunderstanding. It'd be more practical if it could be a vehicle since it could fly and everything (and require a whole lot less work). I don't know if Siege currently supports vehicles as selectable classes, but I know Duncan was talking about his Droideka being a possible selectable class for Siege. I think that's mod related though, possibly OJP and/or Movie Battles II.
  3. Funny pic Michaelmexp! The update is great. Nice to see those issues cleared up. I just wanted to mention that the falling1.mp3 sound is missing, so when he falls off a cliff he sounds like Kyle. Also, the shader for the shading on the cel shaded version doesn't apply to the team skins for that version. Anyways, both simple fixes, but I don't know if you'll consider it worth it to post another update. (Well, three including the typo pointed out by Lathain Valtiel.) Either way it's still a great model and nice to add to the collection. Great Job! I definately wouldn't worry about any clipping on it, given the constraints of JA's skeleton. (That's most likely why all of Raven's models have near skin tight clothing. ) Sorry to bring this thread back up, but I thought you might want to know in case you decide they should be fixed.
  4. Yeah, that's what I meant, about stabbing down. Maybe for now, it could be set aside and you can see if it's a gameplay problem or not once the next Beta is out. If it's too easy to abuse the hanging feature, stabbing down could be implemented to serve as a balance. Players can still point down and swing so it's not like they are totally out of reach. About the accuracy issue, the stabbing down that's already performed in-game seems to auto-target to a certain degree. If the feature were necessary, could the accuracy of the stab be increased for ledge grabs without affecting the regular stabs? Or would that be more trouble than it's worth?
  5. That's true. As long as it doesn't drain too fast, I think you should be able to hang for a reasonable time before being required to either get up or let go. (Unless you get into a hanging position when you're low on fatigue, but that would be silly.) What about the possibility of pushing off of the wall and jumping in the opposite direction? I know that would be more work to do, but it would give more options to people in the hanging position. It could give people hanging the ability to get out of a dangerous situation, rather than face either climbing back up where someone is waiting for them, or dropping to their death (depending on the drop). I'm not condoning players who run away from imminent death all the time, it's just a possible strategy. Also, it was discussed how to handle attacking people hanging down on a ledge. I think a possible solution would be enabling the stab down moves that are capable when someone is lying on the ground. They seem like they would look appropriate and be effective as well. (It wouldn't require any new animations, which is also a plus. )
  6. Impressive! That will definitely be a very welcome new feature. I had another thought about this topic: Will there be any limitations imposed on hanging? Meaning: could someone could hang over a ledge like that for an entire round (it'd be pointless to do so, but someone might ) versus having some sort of grip gauge or something? I'm not saying that there should be a gauge, or any penalty for that matter, I'm just curious about everyone's thoughts. If players still have the ability to attack others hanging on ledges, penalties may not be necessary, since those that choose to hang, rather than play, would effectively be penalizing themselves. Sorry, if I'm getting a little bit ahead here, since it's still in development. It might be a good issue to resolve early on, however. I really like those shots though. It conjures up new intriguing strategies.
  7. If you don't mind me asking, did you cut down the model and make the LOD's manually or did you use a plugin like "Polychop" (If that's the right name) for example? Also, what are the polycounts on the highest and lowest LOD's? (Again if you don't mind me asking.) Thanks! It looks amazing. Another great model from HapSlash!
  8. He looks the same in both to me. What do you mean strange? Jedi Outcast Jedi Academy
  9. Did you click on the link that KMan provided several posts above this one? It goes right to the download list for me.
  10. When you made that new pk3, were both models still accessible via the console? Do you have the icon, skin file, and the glm in the additional folder for the toon version? I know the skin file can reference textures from other folders so they don't need to be there, but the glm might be easily overlooked when you're moving everthing else around. There was a shader that was required for the cell shaded look and everything. Is the directory structure in that identical to where the model is located? I don't know if that would cause the icons not to show up, but it's worth checking I suppose. I know some of those seem like simple mistakes when you've been doing this stuff for a while, but I'm just stabbing in the dark now. Now you're baffling me! EDIT: I just remembered that you said it worked spawning in as an NPC, so it probably wouldn't be the shader file. Also, try placing the icon from the regular Durge in the toon Durge folder. You know that icon works so if it shows up twice maybe something was wrong with the toon icon. Worth a try.
  11. I don't know if it's the same on Macs, but on my computer I had to choose an option that told the computer NOT to hide known file extensions. Look and see if there is a system option anywhere that will show the known file extensions. (Example: readme.txt shows the file extension.) If there is such an option then renaming it from zip to pk3 might be possible. The .glm's are the actual models themselves. You would need a modeling program, such as 3ds Max, to import the model. That's only useful if you plan on editing the model itself in anyway.
  12. Maybe the models without the saber bug switch to the right hand. Try one of Raven's models to check. The saber tag that isn't correct designates where the saber goes (which is why both the taunt and special move are messed up). Maybe Raven animated the tag to go to right hand, so on standard JA models it does that but, JO models it stays in the left hand. Kind of a catch 22 I guess. EDIT: Okay, I checked out in game. It's great, you guy's did a good job with the baggy clothing (weighting, modeling, and texturing). I did notice that the caps for the hips side of the legs aren't showing up. It's probably just a quick fix in the skin file, but I haven't checked yet. The sounds are really good too. Good job RJW_ca! Thanks for getting this out guys. It's REALLY good!
  13. Okay, I've noticed a few little things’ here and there while testing it. Some may be the same as posted above but I thought I'd still mention any just to be sure. Also, I only could only test it by myself so they are mostly technical issues rather than game play. (Oh, and sorry about the darkness on the screenshots. I turned the brightness up all the way in-game and the screenshots still came out dark. Now that I think about it I was trying the map in a separate folder like it was a mod and I changed the brightness from there, so maybe it was using the brightness from the base folder? Hopefully you'll still recognize the locations. ) Well, any way’s here they are: Shot I Shot I is just a missing texture, and you can see inside the castle. Shot II Shot III Shots II and III are the same place. Similar missing texture about 50 feet from the other one. Shot IV Shot IV is just being able to see through the area between the pipe and the bracket. Shot V Shot V is being able to see through a crack there. Facing the trophy hall from the escape ship, it's on the left I believe. Shot VI Shot VI is just the caps on the Noghri. I can't remember if that's one of the models that the caps are messed up by default or not, but I didn't see anything in you pk3 that looked like it's conflicting with the original file or anything. Any way’s if it's Raven's mistake nothing short of reweighting it and fixing the caps would help. Shot VII Shot VII shows Luke's hand in the jar, and his wrist is missing the texture at the cap. A few other's without pictures: -Not really a bug, but maybe you should mention in the readme with the release that the lifts are activated by the use key. It's not hard to figure out, but I've seen people ask about lifts that don't move automatically. -The door at the torture room doesn't have a texture assigned to the bottom. Maybe it's caulked. Not a big deal or anything since it's hardly noticeable, but still. -With Team Overlay on the location title for "Fuel pipe control" doesn't have capitals on the last two words. -I know you mentioned that you're still working out the menu stuff, but just to mention it: several of the objective descriptions need spaces between some of the words. (Unless you need to save space so they had to be shortened.) -The order of the objectives should probably be changed around a little bit. I know that for the most part they can be done in many different orders, but, for example, the button to extend the fuel pipe can't be used until the Sith Holocron has been retrieved and the lava drained. That objective should probably be moved down to at least after the Sith Holocron. Also, to mention a few things about problems posted above: I see where the lifts can be a problem with camping and lids for those would definitely help if they can be afforded. Maybe, giving the Jedi "Force Protect" could help minimize the damage they can receive while riding the lifts. I'm not sure how much that would help, but it's just a possibility. The idea of putting doors on some lifts that only open when the lift is there is a good idea as well. That could be reserved for the lifts at real bottle neck areas like the lab, and meditation chamber where there is only one way in and out. Other lifts should be left without doors, because I like jumping down the lift and grabbing the wall before I hit the bottom. (That's the fast way down.) Also maybe the speed of the really long lifts could be sped up so that there's less time to be defenseless. Especially since you use the lifts from the inside speeding some of them up shouldn't be a problem as far as missing the lift and waiting for it to return. The speed on the smaller lifts should stay as is. I really prefer lifts as opposed to teleporters and air shafts. With teleporters it's real easy to teleport, get disoriented and then get killed by someone waiting near the reentry point. With lifts at least you know where you're going the whole way there, if that makes sense. Gravity tunnels might pose a problem since then it would be harder to get down. Having some gravity tunnels that shoot up and some that are prepared to catch you on the way down, increases the number of bottle neck areas since it would decrease the number of ways to get up. Maybe adding some lifts that run on the outside of the castle would help. (Again, if they can be afforded.) It would increase the number of ways up, which alleviates more bottlenecks and causes the defense to either spread themselves thin or group up closer to the objectives, which would make it easier to have a clean fight rather than the lame camping stuff. If you try to conserve brushes, making simple rails for outdoor lifts would be cheaper than fully enclosed ones. Railing would be necessary, because otherwise it would be really easy to fall off, or get shot off. If you added lifts on the outside that could also help alleviate the need for roofs on the lifts on the inside, again because the defenders would have to spread out more to cover every lift. Then you could use func brushes you would have used for roofs to make entirely new lifts. I say add them to outside since it creates a larger area for the defenders to cover and it takes them longer to get from the top of one lift to the top of another. As far as only one person being able to ride a lift at a time: for the main areas, there are still multiple lifts that go up and down so more than one can be ridden at once. That also forces the defenders to spread out rather than just concentrate on one lift. Without playing with people it's hard to tell how much of a problem that really is. The lifts did seem confusing at first, but one or two play-through's by myself and I knew where everything was and how to get there. The really important lifts are color coded and that's nice. I don't really see a need however to color code them all. I liked Thor_SMC's idea about an "express lift from the lava pit up near the lab. It probably shouldn't go straight to the lab, but the neat its whereabouts’. You don't want to make it too easy to retrieve if it gets dropped on the first attempt down. Maybe make it so that it can be ridden up but not down. Like, when you get out of the lift a door closes and it goes back down. I suppose teammates may be able to hold the lift for each other though so that might not work. If the number of brushes isn't too high, putting "rock looking" brushes near where the lava around meets the skybox would help the lava look less blocky and more realistic. They probably wouldn't need to be too detailed since it's so far away most of the time. Maybe the pipes you walk on near the refueling station could be made a little wider. Guard rails were mentioned, but they would be increasing the brush count. If they were just a little wider, it might make it just a little bit more manageable without to much extra work. I didn't find navigating the pipes all that difficult, but I only had one bot shooting at me as well. Well, that's all for now. I really love this map. It was a lot of fun going through it and I was by myself. I had more fun figuring this out than I did playing Raven's siege levels by myself. (I know that sounds pathetic. The architecture looks great, and each area seems to have its own distinct feel. It's come a long way since its Jedi Outcast counterpart. I'm really glad you decided to convert it to Siege even though it's definitely a lot of work. I like the loading screen as well. Cool little touch. Great Job monsoontide! (Wow that was a long post. )
  14. Is the icon saved as a jpg? I know I've had problems with icons not showing up, and then I changed it from a bmp to a jpg and it showed up. Also, I think I've heard that the compression type of the jpg may make a difference, but I'm not positive about that one.
  15. Well how do you open the pk3's? I'm sorry, I'm not all that familar with Macs so I wouldn't know. Does the rest of the mod work like normal on a Mac? (Meaning are the code changes universal?) I don't use any special zipping utility, all I use is Window's built in compression tools. I open the pk3's by renaming the file extension to zip. (Example: ojpbeta.pk3 = ojpbeta.zip) I have to extract files and then change what I want. After that I send everything back to zip, and rename the file extension from zip to pk3. If Macs have a similar zipping function, maybe the same thing could be done, but like I said I've only used them a little so I really don't know. Sorry I can't help more. To quote the rgbsabers readme file, this explains the numbering used with Alora's sabers, and the simpilar single color version used for the cultist. EDIT: Razorace, I noticed that when playing the mod if i use any gun in first person mode and then pull out my saber(s) I automatically go to first person (which is rather disorienting.) Would it be possible to make it so that first person for sabers has to be entered manually. It just seems odd to jump to first person and then "search" for the perspective view button to go back to third person.
  16. Did you name the .skin file with the word "default" in it? Example: "model_default_toondurge.skin" and the icon named: "icon_default_toondurge.jpg"
  17. That's odd though, because with me Alora is using the RGB sabers that constantly change color. That saber stuff can easily be changed though if you open the pk3 and change some settings. The color of the saber and hilts they use is in the .bot file in the scripts folder for add-on models, and in a bots.txt file in the botfiles folder for the models that come with the game.
  18. That's amazing! Awesome job guys!
  19. I don't know how many tags ksk h2o used on his model, but I do know for sure that single blade lightsabers appear on the front of the legs when you have a different weapon out. Try using single or dual saber styles and pulling out a different weapon. You may have to use some cvars to get a better look at the front. Bring down the console ("shift" + "~") and type devmap mp/ffa3. Once the map loads type cg_thirdpersonangle 180. Then you can get a good look at Malak's front. Yes, ObiKast that is the link. In fact I'll just post direct links to both of them right now. I hadn't thought of doing it like that. Good idea! Enhanced v0.0.2 Beta 6 Basis v0.0.5 Beta 1 There you go!
  20. Okay, that's cool. I was just curious. Very awesome skin!
  21. Should the white of the eyes go up to a point at the outer corners? Here's a sample picture to show what I mean. Spider-Man I like the way everything's looking, the eyes just seem a little off. It looks really cool! Good job! I see what Crowy means with the color of the head as well.
  22. The two guns is, as of yet, not in OJP. That's part of Movie Battle II that RenegadeOfPhunk is working on and that isn't released yet. I have no idea if their are plans or not to put the dual pistols in OJP. You'd probably have to ask Razorace in the OJP forums area. To have the visual weapons show up, you need a model that has the new tags. Keshire has added tags to Kyle and a few others but he had to reweight them. I don't beleive he's released those. That Darth Malak model by ksk h2o has the tags for lightsabers, so you can download that to check it out. I don't know of other released models that have the new tags, but there very well may be some. Anyways, hope that helps.
  23. It's in this thread here, approximately 1/3 down the page: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=123709&perpage=40&pagenumber=3 The link for the basic Beta is right below that and it includes the visual weapons as well. Information about obtaining a max file with the tags can be found in the following thread. It's up at the repository. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=119776 That's why I use Antizac's smaller blaster.
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