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  1. It looks really good to me! In fact all the stuff on your page looks good! Even if it has to be a little smaller to function better, the AT-AT still looks huge (especially compared to the AT-ST next to it). I think that's still a good size for it. That looks like it will be a lot of fun in-game. All the work is much appreciated. Good job!
  2. Me too. It was very eerie! Lots of fun to play on. Great Job! I really like the details and the architecture. The green fog is cool too!
  3. Are you saying that it's weighted to the skeleton still, and it's just the tags that are giving trouble? If it's just the weapons that were flying around maybe the tags for those weren't weighted to the correct bone on the hands. That would be a fairly simple fix as opposed to reweighting the entire model. If the mesh is deforming properly in-game I'd double check where the tags are attached. If the tags are messed up you could just delete them all and merge in a fresh set from the original root.xsi. Maybe that would help as well. It's definately a great model and well worth finishing if at all possible and time allows. EDIT: By-the-way, what program are you modeling with if you don't mind saying? I'm just curious if you have access to the weighting or if someone else would have to look at it, or if you're just really busy.
  4. I was trying the Beta for Basic and came across this: (I didn't notice this earlier since I don't normally have anything other than sabers in the base folder. ) If the saber blade color is set to black when a sword hilt was selected the blade trail shows during swings. It doesn't show when they aren't being swung. If I go to the saber menu and choose a different color, the sword shows as intended. Maybe it's just a side effect of the way the black saber was implemented. It does look interesting though.
  5. Do you plan on fixing the left hand saber tag that messes up the taunt, and "left click+right click" special move? I know it's not a serious problem or anything, it's just nice to see.
  6. If something got deleted, maybe you can try downloading it again to see if it will work from a fresh start.
  7. Okay, cool. Thanks! I was wondering how it's all put together. I'll check out the files once it's released. PsykoSith: Any possibility of putting a tutorial for the cel shaded models up on your site? Not the modeling, just the actual effect itself. That most recent shot looks very cool by-the-way. What's the polycount on the LOD you guys used for the toon version? It still looks good.
  8. The shader gives it the outline like in PsykOSith's shot, correct? And the skins look great!
  9. I just tried it out in game. Very Impressive! I tried it in Jedi Academy, and the left hand saber has the tag issue. ("lhand_tag_bolt" should be "lhang_tag_bolt") Anyways, great model!
  10. I think the "m" should be an "f" so it defaults to female sounds when it can't find the appropriately named sound files. Just a little technical thing. It looks great! Good job!
  11. Are you talking about this picture? Maybe ultimately it would be best to have separate tags for all the weapons so the modelers have full control over which weapons are displayed and they can leave weapons out that they don't want to display or that wouldn't display well. I was just saying that on the model I was trying it on, I got the Blastech to display so that it looks like it's on the belt, but if it gets swapped with the EMP then it clips into the torso. How did you have it positioned LightNinja? Where is the EMP in that picture anyways? I think I know where it is but I want to know for sure.
  12. I was trying the new tags on my model to see how everything looks and it's great. It's fun running around with extra weapons holstered everywhere. One thing I noticed that looks kind of odd is having the EMP gun using the blaster tag. That gun is so much bigger than the blaster that it makes it really hard to place the tag. If I put the tag close enough to the body for the blaster to look natural, when I pick up the EMP it clips into the body. Perhaps it should either have its own tag or join the group of the other guns. I also had an occurance where the EMP appeared on both the blaster rifle tag and the blaster pistol tag. I don't know how it happened though, so I can't give any symptoms. Sorry. Other than that though, it looks great.
  13. OB1 KNOB

    WIP: Mario

    I don't know if you know about this or not but here is a Link model that was made: http://www.pcgamemods.com/2795/ The pictures of Mario and Luigi look great! Great Job!
  14. I would definately love to see him completed with a good sound pack. That would be really cool and make him well rounded and complete. PyskoSith: That cell shaded shot looks amazing! (And it's not even done yet. ) Very cool!
  15. That sounds great! It sounds like it could be a good balance of manual blocking and automatic without making it overly complicated, difficult, and unnatural. I'd definately try it out. You mention the 4 quadrants for blocking. Does this include blocking on the sides and the back with the new animations keshire is making or are you just starting off with blocking in the front for simplicities sake to see how it plays out? (Just Curious) Is this only for saber combat blocking? (That's my recommendation since I think it would be too difficult and too much of a hassle to have to block lasers manually in the quadrants. Predicting where they'll be and blocking a succession of lasers would be hard...)
  16. RazorAce is working on bot improvements. I think he's totally reworking their logic and adding new features. It seems like a lot of work since they're pretty incompetent right now. Thread right here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=124633
  17. Just some quick questions regarding this: Is this a feature that all players will be capable of or just Jedi for example? If it's just Jedi, do the animations look like the player is using the Force to pull themselves up (like Obi-Wan in The Phantom Menace in the reactor core) or does it look like they are pulling themselves up with their muscles? Maybe there could be two versions that can be performed dependant on the players Force Jump level. Non-Force users pull themselves up with physical strength and Force users pull themselves up with the Force. Would this also help with the Dodge Rolling issue for rolling off cliffs, like when someone rolls off would they grab the ledge? Would there be the ability to shimmy? Sorry to ask so many questions. I don't know how much is within reason with the code and I'm just curious about the functionality and had some suggestions. Oh, and I'm sorry I can't help with the code.
  18. Antizac did make a smaller version of the BlasTech (I don't know if you knew about it already or not) that can be downloaded here: http://www.pcgamemods.com/4162/ I think the default one looks rather large as well. Really awkward. It would really look good with this visual weapons feature. Great job! I believe that the latest Beta of OJP has it included (Beta 6), but you need models with the new tags to see the weapons displayed. (Someone can correct me if it isn't in the mod yet, but I'm pretty sure it is.) http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=542 Link to Beta in the Beta Testers Thread.
  19. If you used that laugh for his taunt (ooh, creepy ) all the other sounds are various forms of grunts, unless I'm forgetting something. If sounds could be made that just mimicked the pitch and sound of the laugh through the mask, that would be enough. The model's looking great by the way. Keep up all the good work guys! Thanks for going the extra mile with the caps.
  20. Well, the reason I was thinking that it would work better as a selectable ability was mainly because right now it throws me around a lot of the time. There seem to be times when during my swing it kicks in and rolls me somewhere even though I was going to hit my opponent. It currently seems to take a lot of control away because of the drastic result the dodge takes by rolling me away. There may be times when I would prefer to have the total control offered by choosing when to roll manually. I like the feature. It does add another level of depth to the game play. I'm only saying that right now it takes a lot of control away for the entire duration of the round, and might serve better as something that can't be on all the time. The Force Sight power allows for dodging sniper shots from the Tenloss Disruptor Rifle. The ability to dodge those shots isn't on all the time because then no one would ever get shot. Currently, I can turn off my saber and know that if a saber wielding bot approaches me that I will not get hit. That might become kind of like a safety net for some people. If the feature were amended somehow so that it was present in the game but not a major determining factor, I think it could be enabled all the time without causing major game play problems. I'm not trying to be negative or condescending. Like I said, it's a great feature that I would like to see work, but I can see it being easily abused in its current state. Making it a half Force power/half physical ability that could only be enabled depending on current Force and Dodge meter statistics could serve to prevent that kind of abuse. I'm just trying to help, so I hope you're not taking it the wrong way. I like where Enhanced is going with all the new additions and everything. I've been keeping an eye on its development and it’s very apparent that you, and all the others involved in the project, have been working really hard. It would just be disappointing to see the mod overrun with people abusing features rather than using them. Again, I'm not trying to give anything other than constructive criticism. I have great respect for the time, energy and effort that everyone has been putting into the project. Keep up all the great work!
  21. OB1 KNOB

    WIP: Raiden

    Okay, thanks. I've been weighting manually too and just wanted to know what method other modelers prefer. Also, I didn't mention it before, but I really like the way the hair came out. It looks really good.
  22. If you're asking whether or not he will be doing color variations, I believe he's already stated that there will be several different colors from the films.
  23. I was thinking about the dodge ability and all the related issues with it and came up with some ideas. First of all, maybe it would make it a little more functional to make dodging more like an additional Force power. (Force Foresight or something.) That way it can be enabled when someone wants to use it but disabled, for instance, if someone is near any ledge and doesn't want to worry about Dodge rolling to death. The new meter in the upper left could still be used as its base of operations though. Toggling the Force power on would draw from the Force pool at the start (a one time deal so it doesn't keep draining from the Force pool). Then when the player does any dodges, as a result of having the power on, it would draw away from the dodge meter. The issue with players auto Pushing the incoming explosives (thermal detonators, rockets, etc...) could be tacked onto this power as well. Once the dodging power is activated if the player senses the explosives coming it could do the same auto push but draw from the dodge meter instead of the Force Pool effectively leaving the player with that Force to still jump and use as they please. This way people who don't want to have their player do the dodges at all don't have to have it enabled and the people who do enable it would get several dodges out of it before the meter depleted and they were left to defend themselves naturally. Anyways, I think that was the rough outline of the idea and it probably needs some refining (definately testing:D ) but I think it would add to the overall playing experience. Thoughts? Comments?
  24. OB1 KNOB

    WIP: Raiden

    Great Job! It came out really good! Oh, and if you don't mind me asking: Did you weight him manually or did you use envelopes? Just curious. Also, were you planing on recompiling your Snake models from JO to JA? (I know they work in JA with the exception of the left hand saber for the taunt and the one special move.) Anyways, just asking.
  25. Does anyone know if Softimage handles the creation of LODS differently than 3ds Max? I know that's the program that Raven used for their character models so I was just wondering if they have an easier set-up for creating their additional LODS. On a slightly related note, if I'm reading it right, it appears that there will be a free version of Softimage that will be released to enable creation of characters and other models for the upcoming Half-Life 2 game. Press Release here: http://www.softimage.com/home/press/pressreleases/040322_xsi_exp_hl2.htm I wonder if that will be usable for JA models as well. It looks like it's actually avaliable for download now so we won't have to wait long to find out.
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