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  1. With your model pack how do you name the different legs, torsos, and heads? With the regular models the segments would be, for example, hips, head. head_face, etc... With your model do you just give any new meshes a name like hips_a, head_c,etc...? Do you also have a base mesh that uses the regular names then and the new meshes are just treated as selectable surfaces? I've looked at the skin files by Raven before but can't remember off the top of my head and you have first hand experience. If I'm thinking this through correctly, if each mesh is distinctly named shouldn't the game see the properly named LODS for only that mesh and then default to the regular mesh for anything that doesn't show an LOD. I believe somewhere in SpaceMonkey's tutorial there was a statement from Raven saying that only 2 LODS were really needed (like LOD_1 and LOD_3). In a situation like that the game would recognize that there are some LODS but not all three additional sets. So, it would probably show LOD_1 in place of LOD_2 since it can't find it and then go to LOD_3 when it gets to whatever conditions determine the LOD switching. If that were applied to a situation with a model pack like this, it would seem that the game would show LODS for the meshes that have them and use the highest detail meshes (like it normally does) for everything else. Interesting stuff. That would be funny. It would definately confuse people who didn't know that it was switching LODS.
  2. Yeah, I understand where you're coming from. It would be nice to see it someday, but it's just a cosmetic detail anyways so I can understand wanting to focus in on some more important issues and features. Like I said, I am not very familiar with the code at all so I had/have no real idea how much work it really would be to get something like that up and running. Maybe someone will be able to pick it up sometime. Thanks for your response.
  3. Keshire you said you were reweighting the models to add the tags. This mod here seems to have somehow adjusted something so that the weapons appear on the back without any reweighting. Ninja Mod Maybe the same thing could be applied to the existing models so that you won't have to reweight all of them. I'm not really familiar with the code or anything, so these ideas might not work, but I thought I'd give these suggestion incase they are feasible. Maybe it could be set up so that the weapons display in a manner similar to this mod by default. The first saber and second saber could default to their respective places on the hips as well as the saber staff on the back. What weapons are enabled to display by default would need to be decided. You wouldn't want all possible models displaying at the same time similar to the models you've already set up. Then have the code possibly check the models for the new tags you've created. So basically it will put the sabers on the hips and staff on the back by default, but if someone making their model wants to have the sabers (and other weapons) positioned somewhere specific, they would apply the new tags and they would override the default positions. (That's kind of the part that I don't know whether it's possible or not.) This way old models wouldn't neccesarily have to be reweighted unless you wanted to do some specific tag placement with them (i.e. the Chewbacca you reweighted having the bowcaster on his back rather than the saber staff.) Also, you've mentioned the problems with having swords and other weapons showing up on the hips because of clipping issues. Since that's pretty much only a problem that you would have with weapons that are large and most likely bounce off of surfaces, would it be possible to have the code scan the ".sab" file for the weapon for the line that determines whether or not the weapon bounces off of surfaces. Then set it up so that if it's a pass through weapon (lightsabers) it appears on the hips and if it will bounce off surfaces it will appear on the back. Again, I'm not familiar with the code or anything so I don't know if that's even possible or if that would require access to the engine code. I think that was the basics of my idea. I'm interested to see whether or not any part of that would be applicable. It seems that it would definately lighten the work load, as well as enable the visible weapons on older custom models where the authors may not go back to add the proper tags.
  4. Yah, I know what you're saying. Manual weighting that many meshes would be a lot of work. (It would probably get boring too.) Do you know if it's possible to make an LOD in a pack like this for some of the meshes but not all of them? Say for example you had the samurai set of meshes that you wanted to do LODS for since it would really benefit it in game. Could you make LODS just for those meshes, but not for any of the others and still have the LODS for the samurai function correctly? I'm just curious because I'm still fairly new at modeling at haven't had a chance to try anything with LODS yet since I'm not that far. Just to be clear, I'm not trying to press the LOD issue or anything because I understand your point completely. I'm just curious on whether or not it works like that. Hope you didn't take it the wrong way.
  5. I don't remember what thread it was in, but you mentioned something about not doing LODS. LODS would be beneficial on a model like this where the polycount is so high because of the following: NOTE: This is from a post by Hapslash(obviously) So, basically if you were to do LODS you could keep a higher than normal polycount. I know LODS would be a lot of extra work but this might be a way to work around that: PyskoSith's Website Click on tutorials on the Left and then LODS on the Right. I don't know if you've seen that already or not, but it would be useful for knocking the polycount down quickly on your large number of meshes. It does say thought that the weighting will only remain if you used envelopes to weight the model as opposed to manual weighting. (I don't know which method you've used for your models.) So, if you manually weighted the original mesh, each LOD would have to be reweighted, which would be the large amount of work that you want to avoid. Anyways, as noted in the post by HapSlash, you would be able to keep higher levels of detail on the mesh if LODS could be applied. It all depends on whether or not you can lower the polycount while keeping the detail you want (if you can do that, then this might not be practical for you), but if the detail on the textures isn't enough for you, this could be a manageable way of keeping the geometric details on the mesh. It would still be extra work, but worth it if it could improve the final product. Just trying to help. (Sorry this post ran a little long. )
  6. Are you saying that all the meshes that make up that samurai add up to 3800, or do you mean that all the meshes for the whole pack (including multiple heads, etc...) add up to 3800? Just curious and trying to clarify.
  7. OB1 KNOB

    Darth Malak

    Are you saying that you want it to show up in the selection screen? If so, you have to name the icon "icon_default_nomask" and the skin file would have to be "model_default_nomask". Hope that's what you wanted.
  8. OB1 KNOB

    WIP: Raiden

    Hey, graves, I don't think you'll need to redo all the weights! I was having problems in 3ds max 6 with an XSI exporter that involved a file called "XSIFtk.dll". (Kept crashing max) I looked again and found a different one on the softimage site. Here' a link to the site (download the "dotXSI4MAX6_v17_bin.zip") http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=40241&package_id=32639&release_id=205314 If the link above dies for some reason: Here's the link to the page of plugins: http://www.softimage.com/Connect/xsi/FreeConnections.htm Click on "dotXSI xchange for Max - Export" , then click on "dotXSI4max" (the name seemed a little deceiving to me, more like it was for max 4 and not 6 ). You'll want to download the "bin" file. I got that and it worked. Hope this helps and I definately hope you get this message before you start redoing weights. P.S. Great job on the model. Off the top of my head I don't see anything that stands out as looking wrong from those last pics you posted. Keep up the good work!
  9. OB1 KNOB

    Darth Malak

    Here for the latest official Enhanced release: http://www.pcgamemods.com/3368/ Here for the latest official Basic release: http://www.pcgamemods.com/3367/ Here for the latest Betas of Basic and Enhanced: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=123709&perpage=40&pagenumber=3 Readme will explain it all. Oh, and here for all the latest news: http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=542
  10. OB1 KNOB

    Darth Malak

    If I understand what you're saying correctly, I think that's because they include the one handed styles used by Tavion and Desann fron JO. Tavion's is the extra Fast stance and Desann's is the extra Strong stance. Try swinging with both Fast stances and both Strong stances and you'll see the difference.
  11. OB1 KNOB

    Darth Malak

    I just downloaded the model and checked it out. Great Job! It must have been a lot of work trying to make the unwrapped model to match up with the KOTOR textures, but it came out great. I did notice a few things in the files though. In the .jkb file for the bot there is a "Y" missing at the beginning of the word "You'll" in one of the killed responses. Also, the icons in the model directory that say "default" and "no mask" seem to have been switched. Just a simple rename to fix it though. I haven't checked out the SP one yet, so I'll be doing that next. Again, awesome job and I look forward to your updated pack.
  12. OB1 KNOB

    Darth Malak

    You can make the npc kick with any stance by adding the line in the cfg that tells it to use a custom saber. You would have to make a new saber ".sab" file and then use one of the many controls to make the saber non-throwable. Then the npc will kick when using that saber. The downside being that he won't use saber throw anymore (if you consider that a downside). So, if you want him to still throw the saber this won't work, otherwise this would let him kick with any stance. I've tried fighting an npc with the throwing ability off and it was pretty fun and still very challenging. It's worth a test if you want to see what it would be like.
  13. I don't know if you already knew or not, but the Classic MGS model has the problem with the left hand saber tag. All the others worked great though. One quick question though: on the prisoner model, were you planning on keeping the shoulder pads on the model like that. It looks okay, but would probably look better if you made it a selectable surface and just turned it off for that version. If it's too late to edit the mesh there, you could just detach the shoulder pads and model a new part for the arm there to fill in the gap and just make that a selecatable surface as well. They could just be named like r_arm_shoulderpad and r_arm_armpatch or something (substite l for the left arm obviously). Then it could just be turned off when the shoulderpads are present and vice versa for the prisoner version. Anyways, just an idea. Great Job! They all look very detailed and accurate. It's obvious that you've put a lot of work into this. Look forward to the next update.
  14. Hey Monsoontide. Your PM box is full. I'd like to send you an idea there if you empty it soon. Thanks!
  15. I checked the CTY gametype again, just to be sure, and it seemed to just default to CTF. I looked at the flag and there was no yslamari on it and when I retrieved the opponents flag I could still use Force powers. I checked the about tab in the upper left after hitting esc and it says CTF next to gametype. On the loading screen when the map is loading it says CTF there as well. I did this in one of the CTY maps from JO, so I know the gametype would normally work on this map. (Is enabling this gametype supposed to allow CTY gameplay on maps that were only built with CTF in mind, i.e. the base JA CTF maps? Just curioius so I know for future testing.) Oh, and the 0 time and capture thing is from base JA. I checked. I just didn't know if it was a big deal or not. Also, several posts back there was a discussion about adding manual blocking for laser blasts as well. I think that having a block button for lasers could work, but possibly have the saber still autoblock the lasers but not bounce them back at the shooter. Pressing the block button at the appropriate time right before the laser arrives could then function as directing the laser back at the shooter. A margin of error on the amount of time required for the block button to be pressed before the lasers arrive might be neccesary to componsate for lag, but that would definately require testing. If a block button had to be held down to block, people would just want to go around with the button held down all the time which would be silly and pointless. Plus, allowing saber users to passively block lasers without directing them back at the shooter would be movie like (not that everything always has to be movie like). The Jedi in the films seem to block incoming lasers more like a reflex but have to focus to direct the lasers where they want them to go. Making saber blocking of lasers too much more difficult, like having to press block for every individual laser, would allow the saber users to be overcome too easily. Including a block feature for lasers, as mentioned above, could serve to add more skill required without making it a hassle or a disadvantage for saber users. I think the block button for the saber battles in the earlier betas worked quite well. Why was that replaced with the parrying feature? (I haven't yet got the hang of the parrying system.)
  16. I noticed a few more things when testing the mod: I tried a CTY game on the Hoth Wastland level (comes with JA) and it just defaulted to CTF, but it showed up in the CTY map list. I don't know if that's fixable or not. Other maps showed up as well (actually all the CTF maps show up as selectable in CTY). I didn't test any of the other maps at the time. In this same game I noticed that bots would be a big no-no during a CTF game with their current walking settings. They take the flag and then take forever to return it because they never run at all. It might not be a big deal if people don't normally play CTF with bots (that might be on the list of bot A.I. fixes that you said you were going to attempt RazorAce). I was having someone throw Thermal Detonators at me and the game would automatically use Force Push to knock them away. That was cool, except then I ran out of Force from the pool and couldn't jump where I was trying to go. I don't know if the auto-push was intentional or not but it was kind of cool. It's just that having the Force regenerate so slow (or not at all when running) would lead to a strategy of throwing Thermal Detonators (other explosives might lead to the same auto-push I don't know because the bots weren't tossing them) at someone to deplete their Force pool and then attack them. That would especially be a bummer if you were using a saber and had your Force depleted that way, because then you'd automatically be swinging slowly leading to a quick death. It's also very hard to kill the flag carrier with a lightsaber since they dodge so consistently. Also, it's possible to start a CTF and CTY game with no time limit AND no capture limit. That might present a problem if someone were to start a game with the settings like that accidentally. I didn't set them like that I just started a game to test something real quick and noticed that afterwards, so it might happen if something gets set to default. I just tested and it happens in regular JA as well. Maybe if it isn't possible to change any code for that a simple warning when they are both zero would suffice (unless there is any reason why someone would want both to be zero, in which case the warning would work best). Sorry, if that was off topic. I really don't try to be, honest. I hope that helps! P.S. - I'm still curious to know if anyone else has the same problems with dismemberment (that I mentioned before) and if there would be any way of fixing that. (or if I'm just doing something wrong:confused: )
  17. When I press crouch the camera just seems to jerk down (which on a side note is also a little weird and annoying because Boba's body isn't actually moving or anything. So if crouch does make you go down and you were to try any complex flight movement by pressing jump and crouch to alternate going up and down you would get a rather disorienting camera movement). It may help to go down but it really doesn't seem very fast at all. Normally to get down I point the cursor down and press forward, but that doesn't seem very functional because it isn't very precise (it's easy to miss the target landing spot) and it wouldn't be very easy to shoot at somebody when you have to point where you want to go rather than where you want to shoot. I'll check crouching again just to be sure, but I didn't think it made a very noticeable difference.
  18. I don't know what other people think about it, but I found the jetpack in the Tatooine siege map (used by Boba Fett, Scout class) rather difficult to control. Unless I'm missing something as far as the controls go, it's really hard to go down with the jetpack and the controls aren't very responsive. Most of the time I end up bouncing off walls and falling great heights once I turn it off. I don't know if it was made like that intentionally for balance purposes (if it was someone can let me know) but it seems like it should function better. Being able to change directions faster and not bounce off the walls would be nice. Currently it needs to be shut off manually, maybe it should shut off once you set your feet down on a surface. Now you just keep gliding around on top of the floor. Anyone who hasn't tested it, can by starting a Siege game on your own computer and manually adding a bot by bringing down the console ( shift ~ ) and typing "addbot tavion" (minus the quotes). I know the Siege trick has been mentioned before, but I put it here for those that may not have already known. P.S. I haven't played Siege with humans but hope too once I can get a home network setup, so if a more functional jetpack would make it way unbalanced I apologize for the post.
  19. Would it be possible\reasonable to make an menu option that allows players to decide whether or not they want to see the team red/blue skins during team games. I'm not really familiar with the code, but it could function like this: one player turned the team skins off so they see the default skins instead, but another person on the same server could have team skins on and see the red/blue variations. (Would this be a client side option?) Also, if someone with team skins off was using a custom model that has no associated red/blue skin, would a player with team skins on just see the properly colored Kyle Katarn skin as a default? If so they still get their team skins but others can use their models without team skins (i.e. the AOTCTC Mandalorian and Clone Packs that include many different model options but only have the one red and blue skin for each pack). My reasoning is that when I play team games, 99% of the time the team icons over teammates heads will be enough for me to know who and who not to attack. I find the team skins distracting in a way because they cause a suspension of disbelief if I'm fighting a totally red stormtrooper or Darth Vader with a blue cape. If it's within reason glowing auras might also be a good option for some people to use. An aura like the absorb effect, but not as intense and bright. The blue used for that glow would have to be different so as not to be confused with absorb's blue glow. I probably wouldn't use that specific option but some people might like it. It's really no sillier than the all red/blue Stormtrooper skins and would really blatantly show which people are on your team. (The glow would obviously only appear around team mates mush like the team icons only appear over teammates heads, because a glow that was constantly around opponents would give away their locations way to easily). Anyways, I don't know how much this idea will be liked by other people, but I know it was released in ForceMod II for Jedi Outcast (sorry, but I don't know how it worked as far as if it was a server or client side option but I really hope it was client side.) Didn't mean to offend anyone, just an idea. And feel free to post any thoughts about it, like I said I've only been able to play with bots so if there are problems that I'm unaware of I'd greatly appreciate knowing about them.
  20. First of all, great job so far on all the work and effort you've put into the mod. I've been playing with the beta and noticed a few things here and there, so I thought I'd post them. This might run a little long. Also, I've only tested with bots and I have the following cvars set: g_saberanimspeed .75 sv_fps 100 g_saberDMGDelay_Wound 100 For me the title for the Jedi Master Game type doesn't show up in the menu, although Holocron FFA and CTY are present. I don't know if that's just a thing with the altered menu files, and the game type is still playable so it's not a big deal, just a cosmetic thing. For me the idle lightsaber was getting stuck in the wall when walking by or turning when the blade tries to pass through. This isn't really a bug, but Force doesn't regenerate if you crouch and move forward, unless you also hold down the walk button (if always run is on). Holding down the walk button seems a little redundant in this situation since I seem to move the same speed either way, so this might also not be a big deal. Just thought I'd bring it up if you didn't know about it. This next one isn't really specifically a problem with the beta, but I had dismemberment on in multiplayer (g_dismember 85 and cg_dismember 85). I had included 7 bots plus myself. Some of the bots were Jedi Outcast models I was using in multiplayer. At first the bots that had surfaces turned off using surf files from JO were working, but after several kills suddenly the hidden surfaces started to appear on the JO models. Some surfaces were textured correctly others had the grey/white "missing texture" surface, others wouldn’t display any part of the surface but damage marks from weapons would appear floating in mid air where these would be if they weren’t hidden. Some surfaces would also appear highlighted when “Sense” was used or during the animations when characters perform the dodge moves. This also happened with my character as well, I was a JO model. After that started to happen, I tried being a JA model with hidden surfaces (Female Twilek) to see if they would also make an appearance and they did not. I wanted to see if this was a problem just with the mod, so I then tried base JA with dismemberment on with the same settings and the same hidden surfaces were appearing. So then I tried turning dismemberment off (both settings set to 0 obviously) and restarted the game. The hidden surfaces did NOT appear anymore. Anyway, that turned out not to be a bug in the mod but in base JA. I don't know if you can do anything about that, or if that's part of the game engine and inaccessible to change, or if it was just my computer. Worst case scenario dismemberment can just be left off to avoid the ugly models. I apologize in advance if that has been mentioned before, but I haven't seen it anywhere. I was also wondering if the dodge effect takes over rather than blocking when fighting saber to saber. When fighting the bots I would swing at them and they would dodge, and they would swing at me and I would dodge. Hardly any blocking was taking place. Also, it is very difficult to kill gun wielders (and I have g_saberdamagescale set to 2) because they constantly dodge every saber swing. It just seems to present a problem when I go after these bots, so it might possibly be a good idea to disable dodge for gun wielders, unless this is only a problem with bots. Balance wise I think it just gives gun users too much of an advantage over saber users, since they can dodge the saber swings and still continue to shoot and hit the saber user (especially if the gun is one that the sabers don’t block well or at all). This is also going to be more of a problem for people who don’t have the saber damage scaled up. As far as the Force use goes, the regeneration only when walking and standing still, works for the most part, I just noticed a few areas that felt like they could use some refinement, but other than that it seems to serve its purpose rather well. It seemed to create an issue when, for example a bot with the repeater or rocket launcher would shoot and I would try using Push to send the projectiles away. After several pushes I would then close in on the bot and try to swing the saber but it would be an incredibly slow swing because my Force pool had been depleted too much. Then it’s a bummer to be shot mid-swing with my saber out to the side during a slowed down attack. (This would also happen more often when I had to jump to reach a high place, and then got attacked with repeater/rocket launcher.) Force regeneration also comes into play during lightsaber duels. Many times I’ve been fighting against a bot (or two) and make multiple attempts to kill them, but it takes a long time because of the dodging. (It might just be a matter of adjusting the dodgeregen cvar to a higher level so that it takes longer, I just thought of that while I was typing.) This goes back to the blocking issue from above. After making multiple swings at a bot, and they constantly dodge, they don’t seem to block attacks with their saber so they dodge a lot and still don’t run out of dodge meter. After fighting for so long my attacks started slowing down, even though I was walking, because my Force had depleted. I tried not attacking to give my Force time to regenerate, but then whenever the bot attacked me I’d automatically do a dodge, which begins depleting my Dodge meter. I didn’t specifically count but I seemed to dodge 8 out of 10 attacks and only blocked the remaining 2. The dodge feature works well, but during the duels I think I spent too much time being thrown around and not enough time clashing sabers. Some Force powers seem like they take too much energy away from the Force pool when it takes so long for it to regenerate (I believe my forceregen cvar was set at the 200). Maybe the amounts required for certain more passive powers should be taken down so they can be used but still not abused. Having other more aggressive powers, like lightning, that depletes the Force pool rapidly help to prevent them from being abused. They still function, but it helps cut back on the number of times they get used (with bots at least). That, like everything else, probably requires testing to make certain that it could be balanced while still maintaining the integrity of the game play. Again, I was only able to play against bots, so if certain issues don’t really factor into the game play when playing against humans just let me know. And if I missed any cvars that will already fix any of these problems I apologize. I think I read and changed all the important ones. All in all the mod is making great progress, and it’s clear that a lot of effort has been put into it and constantly making improvements. Great Work! Sorry that was long, but I wanted to make sure to explain it all so you’d know what I meant. Thanks!
  21. Thanks Azymn. Editing the bot files worked so it works fine now. Great work on the mod.
  22. I need a little help regarding the bots and their sabers. I've been trying to get the bots to use the double-bladed and dual-bladed sabers but the custom models I have won't do it. The Desann bot will use his double-bladed saber, but the custom models will not. I've tried with Aurra Sing, Darth Maul, Exar Kun, and Maw (all of which have been denoted in the fm_classes.cfg file to use saber variations). They will change their roll style and saber blade style and Maw uses his invisible jetpack so I know it's reading from the file. I do have the double and dual saber options in the lightsaber menu enabled. I've tried everything I can think of to try and get them to work but with no success. If anyone has any idea what the problem is please let me know. Other than this little problem I'm having, I love the mod and think it's absolutely great. Thanks Azymn for this wonderful piece of work!
  23. To KaiaSowapit, As far as the saber icons go, I believe it's because they are saved as jpg's in the pk3 rather than tga's. If you open up the icons in a photo edititing program, choose "Save As" and then choose ".tga" as the file extension, then zip everything up again, it should work fine. (It did for me at least.) Also, it didn't work when I tried just changing the file extension manually (since I don't have my file extensions hidden), so apparently it must be done through "Save As". Hope that helps.
  24. They should definately stick to quality over quantity. They shouldn't just stick in an abundance of Force powers with limited uses. Some of the Force powers in JK and MOTS felt like that, but the powers in JO seemed to have much more substance and they should stick with that.
  25. With the default damages the Red stance is generally most effective (in multiplayer) because of increased damage. People who want to kill quickly would generally choose this stance to get the kill. Plus Red stance normally breaks down the opponent’s defenses. I'm just saying that it would be nice to be able to choose lightsaber stance based on preference rather than efficiency. It is a lightsaber and no matter how fast or hard it passes through something it still cuts cleanly through and should damage accordingly. Hopefully this will be in Jedi Academy with the inclusion of the new saber styles. Making one style, or stance, stronger than the others makes people biased in their decision for what stance to use. It would be depressing and dull to see everyone only using two sabers because they are stronger than other stances as it would be equally depressing to see everyone using single saber because of any blatant disadvantages that could be included with new styles. Making everything equal and balanced allows for people to choose the style that suits them the best and also allows for players to have the variety of the new styles without having to worry about not causing as much damage as another style or not having as much defense as another style. Every style should be capable of blocking attacks from all the other styles so as to avoid such advantages. This would allow skill to be the dominant decisive factor in the outcome of saber battles rather than dependence on one particular stance or style. The Red stance was also kind of silly anyway. It looks weird to see the saber swung with that much force behind it. There don't seem to be very many reasons why you would actually swing a saber that hard. In some swings he actually lets go with one hand. The lightsaber isn't very heavy but the Red stance makes it look like it is. The Yellow and Blue stances looked more natural for saber swings, and were very close in their speeds.
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