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  1. i loved the game and found it to be something very new and fresh in video games, with the whole bullet-time aspect and all. however as a movie i think people will see it as something that's been done and nothing really new or interesting. well at least Mark Wahlberg has Max's stupid sneer down pretty good XD
  2. it's gotta be a star wars freak. only one would take the yoda and ignore all other valuables!
  3. how much voice acting is in it? from the trailers it doesn't seem like wally does much talking, so i figure most of it's from side characters like humans.
  4. i manually control the power boosts in single player all the time.
  5. Force Unleashed is also gonna have lightsaber wii combat as well.
  6. I haven't seen it in California! but then again, I don't go out that much...
  7. kinda reminds me of indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull XD
  8. you'll wish you were rick rolled after hearing Ashley Tisdale's version of the song O_O
  9. it's obviously a bowling ball! that's....cracking..then coming back together....and cracking again..
  10. is yours the free version? because i don't remember my main screen ever showing all those other features. but it's still fine for me. the scans feel like they take longer, but i don't mind.
  11. have you updated to 8.0 yet? they kept giving me the pop-up saying 7.5 would stop getting updates after May, so I updated to 8.0 and for the most part it's fine but it seemed to make pages load slower. seems it has a link scanner that automatically installs and it scans all links on a page to make sure they're safe even tho firefox already does that. but then i found this where a person showed how to install 8.0 without the link scanner and now it runs fine for me like before.
  12. dang that must've been tedious to erase and redraw for so many frames. it looks like it'd be hard to keep track of what he had drawn on before getting rid of it to make the new frame. and how did he get permission to paint on all these walls?? O_O
  13. if you want you can use both!!
  14. debut trailer for "X-files: I want to Believe" http://chud.com/articles/articles/14692/1/MULDER-ARE-YOU-SAYING-THE-X-FILES-2-TRAILER-IS-EMBEDDED-HERE/Page1.html long-haired scully!
  15. i wish for unlimited wishes. then i'll take my sweet time! XD
  16. it could've been their creative interpretation of the whole story! XD plus this was before i saw any trailers, promos, or posters and only knew Will Smith was in it. which still didn't make much sense to me.
  17. i haven't really been following what's going on with this game. what makes it better and different from San Andreas other than bigger location and better graphics? i know san andreas brought a lot of customizing things like weight and haircut and stuff. how does this game expand on the whole thing?
  18. at first I thought this was gonna be a historical film based on the life of John Hancock. O_O
  19. you are the villian of your story? O_O and I'm glad Lana got in that state that Brainiac put her in. Kristin gets to leave for the last few eps of smallville to film Street Fighter, we don't get to see Lana anymore or very little of her. win-win situation!
  20. pfft, SG-1 already took care of him.
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