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  1. but what did the wookiees ever do to anyone??
  2. Just yesterday, when i click "get new list" or "refresh list" for the master list, it stays as "getting info on servers" and doesn't generate any servers on it. the servers on my favorites show up fine and if i type in the ip addresses, but i dunno why the master server list stopped working for me all of a sudden. i'm on 1.04 and i wasn't doing anything different from when it was working earlier.
  3. it's no problem. it's still under construction! bonthan spies have told us that the weapons systems on it are not yet operational! and i finished the SSE, really fun, except once I get into the endless maze >_< i spent the better part of an hour playing around with Snake in training mode on Shadow Moses just so I can hear the debriefings on all the characters. my favorites were of him getting info on Sonic, Falco, and himself
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4qRxvZbV2Y&NR=1 Billy Dee gives a message to Lindsay Lohan.
  5. i'm trying to keep myself unspoiled with the SSE mode, but i just get so tempted and the cutscenes look so great!! like here's boss footage on Samus' stage I think. SPOILERS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krdGiVbgDJ0 also here's a vid compilation of every final smash. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HU_AJbx10Q
  6. the word is that the final roster is gonna have 35 characters, and most of them are unlocked in the SSE.
  7. are you gonna put it up on youtube or something for all of us to see when you're done?
  8. that sucks. he was rising up in fame and then this. maybe the role took a big toll on him. i heard he locked himself in a hotel room for a month to prepare for the Joker, and he had trouble sleeping afterwards. they prolly won't reshoot any scenes as most of the filming is prolly done already.
  9. Joss Whedon and the cast of Veronica Mars. and Jon voight.
  10. this doesn't make sense. shouldn't those lightsabers cut through those other swords easily?
  11. how did you find out it was your brother? what did you when you found out?
  12. did the zombies in IAL remind anyone of the mummies in the Mummy? The way they looked and the way their mouth opened when they screamed reminded me of the other movie.
  13. that's why they'll keep releasing Special Editions of the new trilogies, and extra super special editions, and bonus editions with enhanced effects and new scenes! XD
  14. he didn't seem to mind when he was on here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=7l5lyB28z4o
  15. why would they need to split the movie up. they did fine with LOTR books and those were thicker. prolly just another way to make more money.
  16. the quality even for the smallest one, the medium file, is really good. the resolution is great.
  17. it looks good but i hope the main focus of the movie is still on Batman/Bruce. the trailer seemed to focus too much on Joker, but that was prolly to show all the doubters about Heath Ledger's ability to pull off the role.
  18. I'll prolly do that. is 6 days a recent release?
  19. i played 7 days a skeptic and 5 days a stranger, but i never heard of 6 days a sacrifice. I'll check that out..
  20. Has anyone been watching this miniseries? I watched the first part and it's a pretty interesting take on the Wizard of Oz. I'm gonna watch the last 2 parts when they air tonight.
  21. I actually enjoyed the movie quite a lot. i got a little confused with some of the plot points at first, but there were a bunch of nods and references I noticed from the game. the actor was actually pretty good too. the only things i didn't like was that the actor smiled once and the character is supposed to basically be emotionless most of the time, but i guess that would make him seem too wooden the whole time.
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