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  1. I run... ABIT KR7A-Raid 2000xp 512 PC2100 DDR (2) ATA133 7200 rpm Maxtor drives with 8mb Cache (Raid-0) Asus GF3 TI200 oc to 220/500 Fortissimo 2 Soundcard Entermax 450 wt psu Highly Tweaked version of Win XP Pro 130 FPS in JK2 with all max settinggs and default driver settings. 75 FPS in JA demo with all max settinggs and default driver settings. 175 FPS in MOHSH with all max settinggs and default driver settings. You should be able to get about 250fps if you have opted for the 9800 Pro as your graphics card. But the bottom line is you never really need to have anymore than about 100fps max. And 100 fps is a good number because that should take care of any dips in the framerate when you get lagged or bombarded with too many special effects at once. Personaly I feel a bit bad for you. You are spending 2.5x times what you need to on a pc of that quality. What I mean by that is the new Alienware machines are so expensive that you could have built it yorself and saved so much cash and all it would take is a bit of reading and a little elbow grease. Have fun with your new rig but remember my comment when the bill comes.
  2. To me the resons for the games demise are simple. 1) Reduced saber damage. This is a problem with the 1.04 patch but could have been fixed by admins who understood how to change the cvar's to make the sabers more deadly. I changed mine and it resulted in a crowd that played from the week after the 1.04 patch until just a few months ago when I closed my nightly JK2 games. This is partly due to Raven and uneducated admins. 2) Bugs and kick damage This game is full of quirks and this has resulted in a style of gameplay that has evolved away from the core of the game and to who has the most knowledge of bugs and the best kick script. Turn off kick damage and see how fast the server clears. 3) Mods (Adminmod below) Mods are not the bain of JK2 but the lifeblood of it. The problem was that too many bad mods (jediplus!!!!!!) were released untested to the public. This along with the fact that, once again, admins were not able to make them run right and in the manner as which they were intended. 4) Adminmod (or abusemod) Adminmod was adopted in the original sense to make rude players adopt a more civil disposition or leave. It has turned into the clan abuse mod. Now when you enter a clan server you can bet your last dollar some admin will be running around empowered being a general idiot. 5) Clan Abuse My dad can beat up your dad.............. Clans in JK2 are for the most part childish and selfish. I know you will spam me for that but I do not care for this is my last post to this forum. They are made up of glory based people whos only wish was to "be the best", by laming their way through their servers, if they even had one, and complaining that someone was a noob or a whore if they got beat. 6) The noob, lamer, whore....etc This game takes the cake for immature players who cannot handle loss or the fact that someone may be better than they are. Admins who get beat kick the players who beat them, ditto for clans. If your good, your a scripter or a cheat. And God knows that any new player with half a brain would be out the door and to Spearhead before the first map change. JK2 people, for the most part, are unhelpfull and selfish. God forbide the new guy learns the lunge, he might beat you. In closing, this game has failed due to a community of whiners and sore losers. And I leave it to you. Now go rub dirt on each others faces in the playground or growup and learn to play as an adult where it is not if you win or lose, but how you play the game. Oh ya...its a game your NOT a jedi people, and if you were 90% of the community would make Vader look like a Sunday school teacher! I am out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Try jedi runner for your server. Its free and its easy. Get it here: http://runner.gameadmins.com/ Follow the directions and run the server from a batch file. Just make sure to goto http://www.dslreports.com to get you connection upload so you can figure out your maxrate.
  4. You can do nothing to change this. It has to do with the master. A buddy of mine runs a server on a t-1 and all he can do is 6kb per second. I turned off my dl because it just lagged me and no one really hung around long enough at those rates to get the files anyway.
  5. You can for duel sabrs or the "maul" sabrers but not for the single saber. Try it out though...you might get used to them.
  6. Also any hitch warnings under 500 are not tobe worried about. When my server is started I get hitch warnings close to about 1200 then it settles down and only hitches when people join or change models too fast. 2000xp 512ddr Raid setup Cable
  7. To backstab.... back+attack when someone is behind you. To kick... Double tap jump when person is in front of you. For scripts... See that huge thread at the top labeled "scripts".
  8. More simple than that..... Get Jedimod and grapple to the pipes.
  9. Um...its a game! If they want to fight with just one style or even just one move so be it. I am so tired of people complaining of "spam" moves in this game. If you use just one type of weapon online in Medal of Honor does that mean that you are a "spam" killer? Or if you stick to one class in rtcw does that make you a spammer? This is a game like all others. Some people take the time to learn the moves and practice them and others just play for the fun of it and do not worry over lots of the so called "cool" or special moves. Deal with it and go on or just play another game. NO move is a spam move, all moves are in the game and the person behind the computer can do as they wish. The only thing I am tired of in this game is that the whiner lever has gone up every week since this was released. Never befor in the history of gaming has a title generated so much total crap. He fought his way and you fought your way. You died he did not. End of story. There is no one to blame but yourself. Maybe next time you could spam too or run away. The possibilities are endless.
  10. Ok do this. Download adminmod. Make a folder under "gamedata" called "adminmod". Now unzip the adminmod that you downloaded. Place the adminmod pk3 file into the folder. Open jedi outcast. Load the adminmod under the "mod" section and then start your server with the ingame server utility. This works but is sloppy. I do it this way, and it works much better. Download Jedirunner from here: http://runner.gameadmins.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=1 Now install it and follow the directions to get a "base" cfg setup. Now select your maps and export them. Then chose that map file for the cfg. Now make your server cfg. Now make a batch file using the ingame batch file utility. (this explanation is brief because it is all in the jedirunner directions). Ok now you have a map cfg file in the base folder and a server cfg file in the base folder. You have a batch file under the game data folder. Add this to the last lint of the batch file by right clicking on it and selecting "edit": +set fs_game adminmod Put you adminmod cfg and your motd cfg in the base folder after you change it to what you want them to say and what the damages and cvars you want. Now you need to make a new folder under game data called adminmod. In this folder you put in the adminmod pk3 file. But in order for this to work you will need to have downloads enabled on your server. Or you can unpack the pk3 and just put the vm folder into the adminmod folder you created and make it a server side only modification. This is the way that i do it and it works very well. I hope this helps you, it is not everything but it should be most of what you need to work t out.
  11. These settings will turn off saberlocks and the ghoul will turn off extra blocks and parries, but you will not be able to block a backstab anymore seta g_saberLocking "0" seta g_saberghoul2collision "0" Hope that helps.....these are server side, not client side.
  12. Science and common sense has proved there is no "God". But you never know the experiment might slip off the table and our whole universe could go in a puff of smoke as an alien life form says "da@m" , or something to the effect, in his own language. Organized religion is the biggest farce in all of human history...had to add this in. Religion has also done more harm then good. Look at the state of the world today and ask yourself this: If we had no religion for the last + years what could have changed? I think this: Not so many people would have died at the hands of the Nazi political party...remember 11 million died (including the 6 million people of Jewish origin) in the camps...perhaps the numbers would have been far far less? The holy crusades? Muslim and Jewish hate crimes? Religious officials would not have had the as many chances to rape and damage small children. Granted those people would always do those things but perhaps it would not be as easy for them. These are just a few examples. Make up your own mind. And do not spout all of the "good" religion has done. People still starve on the streets as so-called "religious" people spend every Sunday (or whatever day the worship) in a grand building. If the Catholic Church were on the fortune 500 list where do you think they would be…at the bottom…NOT! Use your brain...not someone else’s comments or belief system. Remember Hitler wrote a book too....but did that make him right?
  13. God i am so old! Last great album: The Clash London Calling Last great single: The Clash: London Calling All this new "kiddie" driven rock drives me nuts. And do not get me started on rap music! Oh well my 2 cents dont mean sh@t here but maybe some of you "kids" will download some great music for a change......sigh...
  14. I run a server that has lightning turned off by default. This is not because I hate it but because as a low player server with limited bandwidth (10 people) I found that if you get a bunch of people who use lightning it would slow my server to a craw. This si also another reason that it is turned off in many servers, the pure lag factor. As for people goging after me with lightning...well its their death. It is by far the best "noob" move to use but also the one you will give up on asap if you have half a brain. You will learn that a skilled player with a sbaer will absorb the hit or drain you of your force pool and the saber you to death as you attemp to run backwards and recharge your force pool. I have not been killed by lightning more than a half oxen times in the last three months or so. My advice....no power is wrthless or whored. Its all part of the game. Now you may think its lame but thats the way it is. Some guy got mad at me the other day because i killed him when he was flat on his back. I said "so what your saber was out" he replied "well thats just lame" I said "so what its all part of the game" he replied "it should not be!". This applies to lightning too. i get mad when I am whored from behind by a newbie lightning user but we cannot complain about it, its part of the game and we just need to accept it and move on.
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