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  1. TiE, first off I respect your opinion, but you seem extremely angry that people don't like this movie as much as you do. As for your long list of "unrealistic" moments from the original trilogy, I'm just gonna spout off a few that really aren't all that unrealistic. Big Boulder...........Ever been to the mountains? Sealed room of snakes.......snakes can eat snakes......... falling through awnings.......I've done it and lived to tell the tale Monkey Brains......ever seen Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern(he's the man by the way) Climatic rock crushing scene.......I do that on the weekends when I'm not jumping out of a plane on a life-raft Okay, so maybe some of them are not possible at all. But one thing that all of the things you listed off compared to the major complaints that ET gave(and I totally agree with) was that they are all FUN! They're exciting, cool, and are just really amazing things that can happen in movies. Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal Skull's climatic parts weren't fun(at least to me). They lacked the Indiana Jones feel and at times felt like they were afterthoughts. Like "hey, let's add groundhogs to this part, It'll be cute. We'll just put that in after the shot with our amazing CG along with the background and train and that truck." "So, basically everything but Harrison?" "Precisely." Some people will really like this movie, some will hate it. I loved parts and hated parts. I have been an Indiana Jones fan my whole life and this movie absolutely broke my heart. It had amazing potential and really did have some of the greatest Indiana Jones moments but horrible story, dialog, and moments ruined the experience for me. Though the best thing about this movie was bringing back the signature punching sounds......classic.
  2. That movie had George Lucas written all over it.......... I'm so mad I wish that movie was never made.
  3. If you don't have a hd-tv of course you're not gonna see any difference. But I can say that it is totally worth upgrading to one. I love my hd-tv, 360, and the HD-DVD player attachment. Absolutely worth the money (since I only payed about $100 for the dvd attachement). It makes my PS3 purchase pretty much inevitable and I was only gonna buy it the first place so I could have both formats. If you're ever in Colorado look me up and I'll show you the difference. It may just change your mind.
  4. http://www.n4g.com/industrynews/News-66305.aspx I don't know if anyone here really cares about the High def format "war" that's going on but this might be something that will turn the tide in HD-DVD's favor. I'm not sure how credible this site is, I just saw it on another forum and thought it might interest some of the swampies here.
  5. I just got back as well from the midnight showing.......and I was very disappointed. I'm gonna sleep on it and maybe watch the movie again tomorrow to make a final judgment. But my first reaction to it is disappointment.
  6. Ah, tension headaches suck. Did you strain your neck or shoulders or did they just start happening? I got a concussion last February from snapping my head into the boards while playing ice hockey. The doctor told me they were tension headaches and that I might need therapy to help them go away. But I never did do therapy but took lots and lots of ibuprofen. It took about a month and a half till the headaches went away. All I can say is hang in there, they eventually get better.
  7. This makes me wonder whether or not Ian McKellen and some of the other actors will return if Peter Jackson is not directing it.
  8. Does anyone know anymore about the whole licensing deal with the PS3? You know, you buy your game and it can only be used on that PS3. You're not actually buying the game, just the license to play it. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything new about that.
  9. We have tons of people coming everyday asking about it. (I work at Gamestop). But I didn't know that pre-ordering it you got it sooner, that's pretty cool. I guess another reason pre-ordering games is a good idea. Hey Groovy, you doing a midnight release? I'm pretty sure our store is. Although we have to get through the Final Fantasy midnight release first. It's gonna be hell.
  10. Not necessarily. Though you will be a lot better at the game because you've already played it. And you'll know the caracters better. But as for story, I don't think it will matter. Although I could be incredibly wrong, but up to now, stories really haven't tied in together.
  11. They're taking the opportunity to rip on emos and say nothing but awful things about her.(granted she should be punished to the fullest extent, but I feel sorry for her because she seems to have some serious issues) What is mature about spouting hate for a certain group of people? What is mature about this Quote? Something awful happens and instead of saying how awful that is, they take the opportunity to poke fun. There is nothing to laugh about. Nothing. A mother was killed by her daughter, what makes you think that it doesn't require serious dialog? I know only a handful of emo kids, and not one of them would ever hurt a fly and are nothing of what these twats think they are. So many people on this forum just make fun of people and talk about about certain groups like they really know them. I admit, I was that way too. But you grow and learn and they seriously need to grow up.[/rant]
  12. Well I just got back from seeing Dead Man's Chest for the second time. And as much as I loved it the first time, I loved it more the second. I was able to catch more and put things together better.
  13. There is also speculation that Materazzi said something racist. Something that Zidane is very sensitive about. And FIFA has a new rule that if there are any racist comments, Italy's title may be in jeopardy. In March, this year, FIFA has set new punishment rules for discriminatory actions regarding skin color, origin, race, language or religion. Punishments for the team include the loss of 3 points on regular championships, or complete elimination in case of playoff matches.
  14. hahaha, I love that one. I love this one too.
  15. Firefly, Scrubs, M*A*S*H, Red Dwarf, Frasier, and Seinfeld are probably my most favorite TV shows. It's weird how most of the TV shows I watch now a days, and are my favorite, are no longer in production. I don't know if the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson and Late Night with Conan O'Brien count, but I love their shows too.
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