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  1. Thanks for replying. amishler that link was useful but just a little too small. If you could get that image thrik i'd appreciate it a lot. Samnmax221 I would use that but i can't even get the game to load!! Thanks tho Hmm bit worried bout that actually...
  2. 1. The number nine train becoming that insane dragon thing, took my breath away 2. That cutscene as they get to the temple/portal 3. Glottis falling over the edge of the world 4. The year 2 intro with the automat transformed into the calavera cafe 5. Seeing the bone wagon first time I really don't see why everyone found Domino getting crushed so stunning, you could see from a mile off that was going to happen. Lola as well you could tell that was gonna happen. I suppose how she blew away into the wind as flowers was very dramatic. A few others that suprised me were: The crocodile in front of the florists, it made me jump, i'm such a wuss... The SS Lamancha hanging over the edge of the world and then finding glottis alive on it. Hector showing Manny to his old office again, thought that was v.good script writing there. Glottis' final piece of work, the coffin rocket. The HEAD of the L.S.A. that was kinda creepy too. The secret floor in the High Roller's Lounge. I totally agree with spectronaut about the flame thing that took me by suprise as well There's loads more i could think off that i've probably missed out. All the cutscenes between the years were awesome like SlipGun said. Thing with this thread is it shows that the game stuns and amazes people at different points, ze mark of a true gaming classic.
  3. Hi all. I'm doing an Art project at A-level and have an idea related to those symbols that you see i think on the save menu in the background or in an option near that. What i mean is the wall egyptian-like heiroglyphics background showing Manny's adventure through the land of the dead, which lights up certain parts as you progress through the game. What i'd like to have is the whole image lit up and a screenshot taken of it, if possible. I have tried to re-install GF but cannot run it for some reason it goes to a blue screen as i start up even though i've installed the patch. I seriously don't expect my PC which is very messed up by viruses to run anything. Could some kind person please possibly take a snapshot of what i mean? It would be really appechiated. Thanks very much. Steve
  4. Year 2 wins hands down in my opinion. I loved everything about Rubacava, although I did like year 4 a lot as well.
  5. Very sorry for ruining the game for you, but my description of that cut-scene means nothings until you see it for yourself. Sorry once again if I have ruined it all for you...
  6. W - Chowchilla Charlie W - Bowsley (the florist)
  7. For me my favourite cutscene was the number 9 train one where it sheds it's skin and jumps into the pits of hell. That had me jaw-dropped after the first time i saw it. What was your favourite cutscene in GF?
  8. I haven't been on the GFN for a long time. the last i recall was when the Grim Fandango Novel by Charles Frederick was just complete. But what happened to it afterwards. I can find it for downloads around the Network but did it get published or anything?
  9. I think that a sequel would be a bad idea because it would devalue the original, and it's very hard to come up with a storyline and a cast of characters that would match GF's standard. The thing is people have said that they want Manny and/or Meche back in the 8th Underworld, but they clearly went to the land of eternal rest and can't come back. The only characters that were left in the 8th Underworld were the demons like Glottis and people like Eva who just didn't leave. A whole new set of characters would have to be made to replace the ones that died or left the 8th underworld. And what new storyline could exactly come out of a sequel taking place in the 8th Underworld anyway? The only idea I could come up with was that Rubacava was corrupted and all, and would be stirring off trouble in the underworld (Max never died remember?) I understand how you lot all want a sequel so badly, I did for a time but the more you think about it the less realistic the idea becomes...
  10. Seeing as mostly everyone here wants a sequel to Grim Fandango, what would the storyline be to a sequel of the game? Personally I wouldn't like a sequel to the game, but I'd like to see what you lot think.
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