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  1. My E-mail wasn't dead, I certainly wouldn't mind a good GB bash, I wonder who we'll be able to dig up
  2. It's strange though, people always seem to think it was after a country, I didn't come up with the name, the first leader did, he was a good friend and I kept the name in homage to him.
  3. however though the fact that they were relativley few also implies they were expensive, still though I'd say a poor choice on behlf of petro, putting in a ship that will only have a limited role in a rare sitatuion instead of allowing it to be used to it's fullest.
  4. So Like I said Jan the Interdictor is useless in this, since we can't do Hyperspace Ambushes so it's got no use there and since next to no-one realistically retreats it has no use there either. I'm starting to worry since Petroglyph is putting in units that are used to fill a role and nothing else and not allowing for that role to actually be in the game. After all Interdictors wern't used in frontline fleet combat, they were usually in the rear and heavily defended.
  5. It does make me wonder though, why did they put the Interdictor in it's primary use was to enable hyperspace ambushes. Few people often bother to retreat in games so it's use in that role seems somewhat well gone.
  6. Though at the very least this will certainly be an interesting Portrayal of what people would want from a mod for EaW, looks like Mods will be wildly popular for a full and flavoursome game.
  7. the thought of Horders of Eggmen throwing Bacon around is disturbing.
  8. then why bother saying all of that if he's invisible of course he'll be invisible on an enemy planet, but then why say that there's nothing like hiding an actual planet?
  9. he said Hiding a planet not hiding a person or a group of people.
  10. DE you forget the GB section or may not have seen it we never stay on topic lol.
  11. I'm focusiung on the bit that says "Nothing like hiding a planet." That to me sounds like your cloaking/strealthing the planet.
  12. Don't forget Scale in Space, I do not want to see a Star Destroyer the size of a planet nor a Star Destroyer that's bigger than the Death Star.
  13. Your forgetting the Long Sheild Cavalry as well
  14. He'd have to be rediculously expensive for him to be able to destroy a death star And also It's not Canon in anyway shape or form particularly at the time scale for a single Flip Flop Jedi to cloak a planet.
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