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  1. The same thing happened to me in the Besbin level. When I reached the 1st reborn it went to widescreen mode and I was standing there....I pressed ctrl....I restarted the level.....I rebooted the comp....i rebooted the comp 5 more timew and gave up. Later that day I went back and it worked:confused: I have not had any more trouble though...
  2. I'm not gonna look at it yet....I only download something if I know about it, and most people are the same. It could be a small, crappy, mod, or it could be great....So be more specific.
  3. I will look at it. I would like a better description of what it does.
  4. I am always having problems with my computers. I also have WinME. It is the MOST buggiest version. I will upgrade to XP soon I hope. I will look for an answer for your problem.
  5. Wow! That took a while to read! I never got to backstab. I downloaded the patch as soon as I got the game. I intend to remove it for 1 day, just to see. I will keep it though. I have gotten used to the fast stance. But I only play against bots. I only have a 56k connection but I hope to upgrade.
  6. I had a Yoda model in my game but I was going to try him after I looked up one command. So I closed the game and when I went back, he was gone but I had a bunch of others. I don't remember the mod I had running and I am on the wrong computer to check. Anyone know about this "vanishing yoda"? BTW-There were bots like Reborn_Boss, gangsters.....
  7. I agree that they should be savable! I think this should be made a mod. Is it possible?
  8. I can't help but ask, why did you quote on the first reply:confused:
  9. I didn't know the pillars were collapsible! I beat him in 7 tries by running up to him and slicing at him a lot. Oh well... I think the map is GREAT! It is looking wonderful!
  10. Could a mod be made to where you could kill the good guys and they would not care or even turn against you for that level. Or maybe someone could make a mod like some I saw on Elite Force that made a new SP 'mission'.
  11. No you don't have to use devmap with Enhanched Sabers! I didn't! I don't think you can use it with the patch is all. Or maybe that was a different one. Just read all the text files that came with it, one will say.
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