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  1. "If It Makes You Happy" by Sheryl Crow. I hate that song and now I am all pissed because I am thinking about that bloody whining. Me
  2. That is how I felt when I saw Lexx was back. Damn WoW (even though I play - Arygos server ftw!). BTP
  3. Besides the fact that the Wii version only is offered in monotone, which is a real shame, the main draw back is its inability to add songs in the future. Presently the Wii version will not allow future "expansions" of songs to be downloaded at a later date unlike Xbox360. Granted they would charge you $10 for the new content but if you are going to pay $90 for a game a few dollars more never deterred most gamers. BTP
  4. My girlfriend is from Costa Rica so of course we took the day off and watched game one vs Germany the other day. My first time ever really watching a soccer match. Pretty fun except I kept getting pissed off because Costa Rica was on defense for 70% of the game and only had 4 shots on net (two of them being goals) while Germany shot it 22 times. RAR. You cannot score if you don't shoot or attack once in a while. I would rather watch hockey but it definetly isn't as bad as I thought it was especially watching it with a crazy hot Costa Rican next to me. BTP
  5. OMG RedHawke is from my old home town of Elk Grove. Advice: Leave as soon as possible. Too many cows.
  6. I see London I see France I see ZBomber's underpants or that is what his mother is afraid of. Seriously I can meet anyone on the west coast of the good old USA. Other than that probably won't happen.
  7. It is going to be a long season. 5-1 loss ouch. The overall worst thing ever to happen to hockey was not the lockout but the fact that ESPN no longer carries it. I get to watch something like 5 games this year on ABC or whatever. RaRRRRARRRARARARRR BTP
  8. No Stones but I did get you the latest Spice Girls CD. Now where is that cake?
  9. I just had soooo many childhood flashbacks. Felt like a total acid trip.
  10. I should be getting my first in a year. I have been wanting to get the Welsh dragon tattooed on my right shoulder blade for a while now. It would look something like this but more artistic. Think more in the terms of shapes than curves. I got my nipples pierced about 3 months ago. Very nice if I do say so myself.
  11. 3rd Year of community college at my fourth community college. Right now I go to Cuesta Community College which is located in San Luis Obispo where Cal Poly is located at. Hope to transfer in a year if I have the money and don't have to take another year off to get some of that green stuff which seems to make the world go round.
  12. I shall drink a beer in honor of your happy day. Please forget the fact I was drinking one before I even saw this thread.
  13. Sheesh ET I come back and first thread I look at they are bagging on your excellent taste in movies. Looks like I came back just in time. Alright everyone I finally, after a friggin 18 months or so, convinced myself I had enough money to get a computer. In reality I just put most of it on a credit card but I will worry about that in about another month or so. So I will soon eventually finally maybe be back. Working 36 hours a week and 15 units of school sucks especially with working out and trying to have some form of a social life. Not too much to tell since the time of my last post whenever that was. Lost a decent amount of weight. Finally down to size 36 jeans. Been here is San Luis Obispo CA for a year now and I am loving it. All you people with 100+ degree weather should seriously try to get into Cal Poly down here. Best weather ever. Computer is nothing too special but it will hopefully get me through college. Any games for computer I should know about or get since I have been out of the loop in forever? And just to add: 40 Year Old Virgin is a great movie. BTP
  14. With breaks I played FF10 90 hours in 6 days. Most consecutive with running bathroom breaks only was 30 hours. Civilization stole my soul. Me
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