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  1. My first movie was Terminator 2, and I think I was in Middle School when Toy Story came out. I feel old compared to most of you now lol
  2. Ratmjedi


    Actually they had a several limited screenings here in the US. Closest one for me was LA but I was out of town and it was pulled after I had came back.
  3. Ok You guys still don't know the greatness of In-N-Out till you've tried your burger and fries Animal Style. Now go back and repeat. Amateurs!
  4. Well the Predator's see the Aliens as one of the most challenging prey so that's why they have a Queen locked up so they can make Xenomorphs to hunt whenever they want.
  5. I didn't say they were skinned alive but if you were being hunted by either a Predator or Alien and happened upon a corpse of one it's victim's what gonna scare you more? And most of the time an Alien victim isn't even aware what's happened to them till it's just to late. The only scary thing I find about a Alien is when it pop's its head out of a Shadow and get it get's you by total suprise. That's my opinion. I guess I phrased that wrong. I didn't mean that as a actual vs. but as a comparison of one species to another. Aliens are used to train and test young Predators by weeding out the weaker Predator's. But the scary thing about a Alien is that it hunt's you in dark or poorly lit places and pops out of shadows. A Predator can stalk you anytime and place which I think is way worse.
  6. Predator hands down. I love both Franchises but Predator will always be better in my opinion. I mean a lone hunter who's out on Safari vs A Queen who uses her Facehuggers and Xenomorphs to do her dirty work so they can simply just reproduce? If you were to pit one vs the other the Predator would win unless he was up against the Queen herself which isn't a fairfight. And as for the Predator's from AvP they weren't even't allowed to hunt by themselves since they were just barely going through there right of passage so I wouldn't even hold them against the Predators image. What's more scarier? A human with a whole through there chest or one who's been skinned a hanging like a piece of meat at the butchers?
  7. Ha ha that was good. Never seen a cracker commercial be that energetic.
  8. Lets see Music Xbox 360 Netflix Beer Cigarette's Cloves Movies Wikipedia Lurking here and posting as little as possible ^-^
  9. That's my situation in a nutshell, my car is warmer then my room but you can only stay out for so long.
  10. I'd have to agree with Troopr about the Adam Carolla Show. I started to listen to him when I had quite the commute to work in the morning's and must say it always made me laugh everyday and that's pretty good when you have a long commute in $hitty traffic.
  11. Movie: Album: Game: TV Show: Book:
  12. Well I traded in Farcry 2 and Tomb Raider Legend and got I also bought Off of Netflix. Which really had made me watch more movies in the past week then I have in the past month just by getting it with the NXE. One of the most brilliant things since the invention of the DVD. I don't really watch tv that often so I've been catching up on some shows that I've wanted to check out but just never had the chance too.
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