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  1. Hey Tinny. Just doing my semi-annual rounds. =] It's not everyday you see a 2 year old thread brought back to life...
  2. Congrats Kyle! I'm sure I also speak for RazorAce and many others when I say that your contributions to the modding communities are invaluable and will be missed. Good luck with everything. =] -Azymn
  3. I agree with Lathain - if you don't like the base game, then mods won't help too much. That said, you should definitely check out OJP and Movie Battles II - they've been very well maintained. ForceMod III is a bit unbalanced, but I think it's fun too... =]
  4. Mono_Giganto - that's b/c you're trying to join a regular JKA server, make sure the ForceMod III filter is on in your server browser (it's on by default). William, I'll look into increasing the speed of the blasters a bit, they would benefit from a slight change. AJL, I agree some of these ideas would enhance the guns...but at this point it would be very easy to imbalance everything with these drastic changes. Blaster effects are about 3 feet long in-game...do you think they need to be longer?
  5. Wow, thanks for all the feedback guys - i'm at work, so i can't respond to everything...but i'll try to address main concerns. I'm afraid that many of the balance changes you're suggesting would greatly imbalance the game unless the entire gun system were revamped, which is not a viable option at this point. It may be hard to see this now, but consider the Vong - simply giving them one more weapon made them perhaps the most powerful class in the game. It's very tricky to balance it, and i'm glad that i've only gotten big complaints about 2 classes being too overpowered. As far as weapon damage/accuracy changes, an e11 kills a jedi in .35 seconds if he's not blocking...reducing the accuracy of most weapons would make the jedi uber-powerful. There is a cvar to disable classes serverside - many people have already turned the SBD and Vong off until the patch arrives to balance them. The SBD is only supposed to have 3 missiles, but bug gave him 8 at spawn time. The droideka is getting beefed up too - as we've seen from the Vong and SBD, it's better to have a class that's too weak instead of too strong. The deka shield is part of the model. Duncan made it work like to movies, disabling the shield when it walks. Currently, the Droidekas do 60 points of damage with each shot...I could increase it, but I wonder if that will make another uber-class. The Deka will be much stronger in the patch, with a shield that effectively absorbs 2000 points of damage (it absorbs 1000 damage in the patch you have now). Ancient One and Dark Sage classes are identical right now, dunno why one would seem stronger than the other. The best place for feedback is at the ForceMod III forums, where you can exchange ideas with lots of other players: http://forums.mt-wudan.com/index.php I will consider everything you all have mentioned as i work on the patch. I don't expect it's possible to perfectly balance it, but as long as it's close enough to be fun i'll be happy.
  6. Hehe, yeah Jack, I do remember. =] Jack and TK-8252 - i wish there was some clever way to encourage continuous combat on the servers where no one complains about laming, they just fight back. I personally understand that some people want to RPG with a game that has good FPS features, but i'm not one of them. ForceMod III is an action mod, and I hope the majority of the servers will start to realize that, and pickup on the aspect of combat it was designed for. _PerfectAgent_ - not sure what you mean... AJL - i love the way your saber trails look, but I didn't want to try to integrate your code (which overlapped portions of Tchouky's RGB code) and risk breaking something right before release. Perhaps for the patch...
  7. Yeah, Droideka will get beefed up in the patch. The Darktrooper is quite powerful, having the most shields and strongest weapons of any class. So his primary weakness right now is speed. I'll have to look into stopping stuff like Dark Wave Hammers...was it a weapon anyone could select? There are a number of players discussing these changes in the ForceMod III forums: http://forums.mt-wudan.com/index.php You could head over if you wanna take a look or give some feedback that might help shape the patch.
  8. Rumor - It wasn't even a joke, ease up man! =\ Anyway, thanks for the compliments on the mod guys. I know it's a bit rough around the edges, but I'll be releasing a patch to deal with the Vong and SBD balance bugs, as well as a few other things. I hope you can find a reasonable server Jack, it's a shame what happened. Do you remember which server it was?
  9. Uh... what? Yeah it's a bit vague. I was just saying you can take admin commands out of a mod, but you can't take the compulsion to administrate out of the server owner.
  10. You can take the admin out of the modification, but you can't take the admin out of the moderator. =\
  11. I thought Basic was non-gameplay altering? Scaling affects hitboxes, so it's not simply a visual effect. Just curious.
  12. Yeah, that's a great lookin model Pahricida. If I decided to include it, do you have a readme and stuff to go with it?
  13. Yeah, it's a way cool mod - like Pnut_Master said it's like CS in the world of JKA. Phunk's really done a nice job on it. There are custom maps made specifically for MBII - so the servers should be running those instead of the standard siege maps.
  14. Thanks Kurgan, much appreciated. I'll post the IP in our forums. Prime - Tinny summed it up pretty well. http://fm.mt-wudan.com is the official site if you want some more detail, but it's basically a glorified Jedi vs Merc.
  15. Neo_Knight - keshire is absolutely right. Phunk implemented the droideka model as it was intended - as a vehicle. There are a TON of cool animations he made for it that you can't see b/c of problems with loading it as a player model in FM3. Try out MB2 and see for yourself - Duncan did an amazing job.
  16. I'm curious as to how many servers set g_forceRegenTime to 0? And how many people like that? The results of this poll will help me determine what to do with it in a mod i'm preparing to release.
  17. Hehe, yeah, those guys posted in the forums before i did. =] The site should have all the information about fm3, which is now in beta testing.
  18. Awesome work, simply awesome.
  19. Yeah, the droideka won't be able to fire while running (rolling, if i get the model working). ForceImmune currently only applies to: Heal, Mindtrick, Drain, and Seeing. Some classes are immune to push/pull through sheer bulk (Wookiee, Droideka). Yeah, this may make some people upset, but ForceMod III won't have any additional admin commands in it - only the ones that ship with base jka. Yeah, i remember your email Jack - wasn't sure if i would be making a FM3 at that time... =] Also, i just added a couple screenshots to the site: http://fm.mt-wudan.com (it's in my sig)
  20. It borrows heavily from Jedi vs Merc mode stuff, but doesn't break the teams the same way. There's a few too many classes for the iconic siege interface, but the one that's up should be pretty accesible. The gungans will have level 3 jump, and the vong are force immune...assuming they make it into the final build. Yeah, the grapple's back - it's basically just like fm2's grapple. Not right now, but there might be a short beta once i get enough things ironed out.
  21. True true, ForceMod is just another spin on Jedi vs Merc. =] Well, don't expect too much - but i just updated the website so you can see what it will basically be like. Almost no cvars this time around, to give a more consistent experience when playing online. And not all the classes shown on the webpage are guaranteed for the final version. Hehe, thanks, that's quite a compliment Amidala...i do enjoy a good jedi vs merc fight and i hope i can capture the same feel in jka.
  22. http://fm.mt-wudan.com it's just a filler page right now, it'll be a little while before i get a site up.
  23. I don't mean to butt in, but perhaps you could prevent clients from changing teams if they have either 'x' suicides or a negative score?
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