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  1. Ghaznet we seem to be like brothers. I never bow also. Welcome to the forums! Watch out for some of the bitchier ppl here and don't be afraid to talk ish back to 'em. And no I don't think your a lame ass for playing on 1.02. Just misguided until you upgrade to 1.03.
  2. IwillKillG@yA$$whoreswhobitchandwhine
  3. ZeroWingzero is the pinnacle of what a forum poster should be. Now all of you look to his examples and follow his lead. He doesn't bi@tch. He is actually NICE! Something other people in these forums should be. Dance monkey dance!
  4. kwit your female doggin' and play. Man all the posts that I have seen from you so far is spam this, whore that, sheesh post something constructive. Not destructive. You must zip it! Zip it good!
  5. Yup you all suck for flamin this nOOb. She simply asked a question hoping to an answer. But nope, it's idiots like you that make people like me feel sorry for people like them. How freakin' hard is it to answer the questions. Instead you wasted your time and his/hers on a non-answered reply. Come on people! You see what I gotta work with? Somebody throw me a freakin' bone! You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!
  6. Brina remember that time I beat you and you cried like a lil girl?
  7. OK so how do you turn on auto downloading?
  8. I have moved onto the slower realistic america's army. I wonder if a Jedi can dodge a nade launcher?
  9. Dude if you think that was complaining then you should check out http://www.americasarmy.com/forum . It is a lot better now, but before ppl were flamin eachother up the @$$! This msb board is like a cake walk.
  10. There is an older NWN. My your an old fart.
  11. I wait for them to bow and then I kill them. It's that easy.
  12. Thank you for your polite reply. It is greatly appreciated.
  13. Sorry for quoting you above but I just wanted to thank you. I really thought he had problems in English when he posted that garbled message.
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