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  1. yes, but i never had this problem up until about a month ago
  2. i havew this strange problem. I have un installed and re installed the game many times no luck. I can play on other peoples servers, but when I go to play on mine, NADA. I can get in and anwhere between 2-10 minutes my computer goes a high pitched beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee etc.. from inside the tower.... never ending and I have to turn off the power and turn it back on. I can play on other servers though. i am running the latest patch, and I have even played with only the base assests in the base folder, no change. I am running the server on port 29071 and i am playing on port 29070. so ports should not be an issue. anyone have any ideas or experienced anything like this? thanks
  3. kewl.. is there a list where I will be able to view the list of addip's ?
  4. How the hell do I ban someone? I have tried g_addip "xx.xx.xx.xx" g_addips "xx.xx.xx.xx" g_banips "xx.xx.xx.xx" i have even gone into the server.cfg and jpmpconfig file and added the lines there.. no luck. it seems that it will also only hold one ip address at a time too. I currently have one IP in there now and it is the person we are trying to ban and it's not working. I even tried "xx.xx.0.0" no luck any ideas?
  5. either 1 1) re-install the game if it is the legal copy 2) go out and buy the legal copy.
  6. i agree, they need to go to a regular duel server if they want 1vs1. Power duels are more fun, and actually force you to think more and use more combos, making your more skilled with your saber. so Off with there heads I say.. Just Kill Em! lol
  7. I haven't been able to spawn a few characaters and 1 vehicle. the server crashes out on me. ragnos being among them.
  8. i found it.. nevermind. thanks! sv_password "enterpassword"
  9. I am at work right now, but was just wondering, in my server.cfg file, what do i type in to make the server password protected so only people with the password can join? I have seen many cvars with the word password in it, but I am not sure which one it is. thanks for the help!
  10. if this was quake or UT, I would not care. those are face paced games. this game however is much slower and for my server/clan in general. we are more of a social clan.. we play, duel, ffa, etc.. but when you get someone in there swearing up a storm, insulting, call people obscene racist names, then yes. call my a noob.. i dont like that. not cool. they need to either respect the wishes and rules of that particular server or get out. if they dont. they are kicked / banned/ silence/ put to sleep whatever it takes. most of them they need to be banned. this is a game yes, but how many people actually enjoy someone ruining game play for you? calling you faggot or ni$%#@.. etc.. not cool at all. my .02
  11. for maps and skins.. put them in your ..gamedata/base/ folder for mods like adminmod, sp mods etc.. put them in the ..gamdata/(modname) folder. hope that helps
  12. I do not care about emotes or slap or empowerment or anything elsei like the broadcasting, admin chat, easy customization, easy kick and bans to get rid of people who refuse to respect the server rules. Games have rules that need to be followed. admin mods make it easier to enforce them. call me a noob, call me a name.. i dont care. I just know what I like and what my clan mates like. and having childish lamers who cannot follow simple rules. cya
  13. that /kick "luke skywalker" command does not work. with and without quotes I cannot kick anyone with spaces in their names. any clue?
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