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  1. Lopyerheadoff, I have read all the above posts.... Instead of a pack of a few movie hilts along with his own creations, I was suggesting a pack of all movie hilts along with his own creations.
  2. Man alaris, this stuff is simply amazing!!! I almost can't believe it! I know this is a very, very bold statement... but have you ever considered making an ultimate hilt pack with all of the hilts from all of the movies (and your own amazing creations as well). It would be a ton of work and would no doubt get very boring, but it's something no single hilt maker as ever been able to do, or much less try. However, if I could choose someone to make such a pack...I'd be you. Your hilts are really that good.
  3. Wow, these look great!!! I love your perfectionism. Do you plan on making more hilts from the movies?
  4. Looks good. Are you going to animate the air flaps?
  5. Looks great Marz. Thanks! Are you going to have time to add those two tubes that go out the back of his helmet to that little box on his chest? (It's kind of like the thing that the tie pilots wear.) See here...
  6. Marz, Have you thought about making a Clone Pilot? It would complete your set. However, it would raise the about of polys.
  7. Everything is looking great Marz. Truly impressive work! One thing though... the icon of Jango (the one with his helmet and rocket firing jetpack) shows his neck.
  8. Caught a little bug Chairwalker. The Ithorian's feet do not fully come in contact with the floor. But other than that, great job. I've been wanting an Ithorian model for some time now.
  9. Thanks Kevin! Thanks for helping Kaia get this awesome model in game. Kaia, do you plan on making a saber hilt for Yoda.... one that's overly big so it doesn't shrink down to nothing when scaled to Yoda's proper size?
  10. Yeap, Littleman is correct. I'm experiencing the same thing.
  11. Things I noticed: The default saber looks better and the Merc Bots use the Ammo Regeneration. Good job! I haven't noticed this before but the menu for the Force Templates doesn't always bring up the list. You can't switch to the Dualbladed or Twin Lightsabers anymore. However, you can get the Dualbladed lightsaber through the use of the "Proficiency" setting (this doesn't work for the Twin Lightsabers though). I noticed that there is a sound for the grapple in the ForceMod pk3. This sound never plays.
  12. Azymn, I haven't gotten a chance to test the new build... but I wanted to let you know that, the other day, over at http://www.pcgamemods.com they posted "Generation-X 1.4" (the successor to OmniMOD and JediPLUS). One of their fixes claim that the "Saber No Longer Disappears on Throw EVER!". If this is true, they might share how they did it.
  13. Things I noticed: The Force powers menu does not save the dark side and light side powers within the menu system itself (you can still allot the powers for use). However, the standard force powers and the saber force powers save perfectly. On two separate occasions, when playing in a ffa against one other Jedi bot, upon my death I would be thrown out to the Player Configuration menu. (Then, when I clicked on Join, I spawned without my dark side powers because the dark side powers do not save in the menu.) The grapple hook, when it touches another player, causes them to die immediately. The grapple hook still falls to the ground when it connects to a wall or ceiling. (This occurrence can most easily be seen if you fire at a wall in front of you, then when the grapple pulls you to that point, the grapple hook can be found under your feet.) There is still a 100 model icon limit. In ffa_deathstar Merc bots with jetpacks will sometimes use there jetpacks to bury half their body into the ceilings of hallways, and will stay there for quite some time (probably until their battery pack runs out). There's maybe nothing that can be done about that though. Merc bots seem to use their Shield Regenerator more than they used to. However, there are times that they can be observed running around with 0 shields and they don't recharge even though they have plenty of battery power to do so. I've never seen Merc bots use their Ammo Regeneration. Scouts do not use cloak. When double bladed bots die, they switch to hold a Stun Baton. The default saber still looks a little flat in the pose I described before. However, the rest of sabers are great!
  14. Azymn, I found out what was causing the crashes. A ladder map 'snuck' its way into my base folder. Bug report coming shortly...
  15. Every time I come here to report bugs there's a new build. With this latest build I'm getting constant crashes. I don't know why. I'm only using models and maps that came with the game. With the other builds, I was getting some crashes as well... but not this many.
  16. Littleman206, I believe you and I totally accept your apology. No hard feelings. Padawan_7
  17. I wouldn't know what the other people were saying ... I just joined the beta testing team. It is a bug, of sorts... none of the other icons have a box surrounding them. To me, a person who HAS done some graphic designs before, the icon appears as if the surrounding area was filled with a color that was close in appearance to the transparent color but was simple NOT the transparent color. That's a mistake, none the less. Actually, it says in BOTH the in-game menu and the ForceMod website that Bounty Hunters have dual pistols as their default special ability... and Heavy Soldiers do NOT. And in the ForceMod menu there is no "Bounty Hunters only" option. The closest thing was the option "Special Mercs Only". So, I would assume that it means Bounty Hunters. Actually, some people do care. I know on professionally made fps with class systems (not meaning that Azymn is not professional ... just referring to a game that you pay money for) like the Elite Force Expansion Pack, all players that spawn with rocket launchers and grenade launchers always start with the standard phaser in hand. I know it's not a earth shattering bug. But, then again, it's a bug, none the less. I know that. If you had read my post carefully enough, you would have seen that I had tested the Scout and Heavy Trooper classes and they would NOT use ammo regeneration. I was just merely stating that I thought that maybe the Trooper was indeed working correctly, although I wasn't totally sure since they ended up killing themselves. As I had stated above "Even though the menu saves my rgb saber settings, every time I start the game fresh the saber starts out white." That IS a bug. Yes, I know that. I've played JKII EXTENSIVELY since the first week it came out. For some reason or another it just was not working... no matter what force settings I applied. Well, you have a right to your opinion about me. I'm not going to hate you for it. I do think you shouldn't be so quick to judge. I have done beta testing for this community before and I am somewhat of a perfectionist... I was only trying to call them how I seen them. Padawan_7
  18. I kind of imagined him sounding like a horse, for some reason. But that's a good idea, as well, inbred.
  19. I agree with moooa. I think his head should be a little larger. But other than that...GREAT WORK Psyk0Sith!!!
  20. My computer doesn't freeze when going into the setup menu after creating a dedicated server and then joining it. So, no problems there. More Bugs: After spawning into a game where "Jedi vs. Merc" is set to "Basic", the first time you access the "Player Configuration" menu, the class descriptions will be messed up. Dual Pistols do not have a 'ready' position and the single pistol does, but not like basic JKII. In basic JKII you can walk around with your pistol in a 'ready' position until you walk up or down stairs or jump. Currently, in ForceMod the single pistol's 'ready' position drops as soon as you move. When the grapple hits a person it prints on the screen "hook hit person?". This, I suppose, was used for testing the grapple, but that message should be removed. Any time I start a game it prints on the screen in a strait line "Welcome to our ForceMod II serverMay not switch teams more than once per 5 seconds." Suggestions: In the "Configure ForceMod" menu the settings under "Lightsaber Integrity" read "Saber-Only Jedi", "Saber-Only Jedi (Locked)", "Changeable", "Locked until Respawn". But to be more descriptive "Changeable" should read "Changeable with Guns". In the "Configure ForceMod" menu the settings under "SaberType" are "Breakable", "Splittable (Dualblade)", etc. But to be more descriptive "Splittable (Dualblade)" should read "Breakable and Splittable". (However, I'm not sure there is room for it). When held in the double bladed lightsaber Green stance (standing still), the tips of the default, ep. I and ep. II blades definitely look flat. Then for the ep. III blade, although the blade really narrows, it still looks a little flat. And then for the ep. IV blade, although the blade is fat the tip still looks a little flat. Episode V and VI look fine. I don't really do skinning, but I'm thinking that if all the blade tips look fine in the other stances, but flat in this one position (resting position of the green stance), it might be because those sabers (default, I, II, III, and IV) are a little longer than V and VI and appear flat at that particular perspective. In the cvar list is says that for "f_unspambots" the higher the number the less the bots spam force powers. Stupid question: does a 0 cause this feature to be turned off? (It doesn't specify that in the cvar list description). I like the cvar "f_mortalwounds" but it seems that the players get knocked down way too much with it on. So maybe instead of causing a fall due to being shot in the leg, make it so that 1/4 of the shots in the leg causes a fall. In the ForceMod Model Class Config. it says that a 2 = Dual Thrust and a 4 = Dual Thrust (No Model). What's the difference between the two? (The description doesn't really specify). The Optic Radar's range seems a little too short to me. The Jet Pack's ascend rate seem a little slow, but it is okay. The Shield Regeneration rate is too slow. It causes the Shield Regenerator to be less effective than it should, in my opinion. Maybe you could add a cvar for this? The grapple moves a bit too fast. After it connects to a wall or ceiling you don't really have a whole lot of time to stop the grapple from reeling you in (making it difficult to perform swings). I don't know if this is possible, but it would be cool to have the lightsaber surrounded with the electricity effect (the same that players have when they are shocked) as the saber blocks lightning and drain. But this probably would surround the saber's hilt as well, and thus the player's hand. So, maybe that's not a good idea after all. Padawan_7
  21. Azymn, Let me start off by saying I think Forcemod II is going to fantastic! I love the merc abilities. And it is very impressive seeing and playing against bots that fly with the jetpack and shoot at me with two pistols. The class system is great and I think the mod itself has a solid foundation. However, the mod currently has many bugs. Here is what I could find. (Note: I have two versions of JKII installed, one with user-made models, maps, and skins, and one that is basic JKII. I ran Forcemod on both and there didn't seem to be any discrepancies in the following bugs). Bugs: Grapple does not extent or retract. Grapple hook falls to the ground when it touches a wall or ceiling. Once on the floor, the grapple hook occasionally will not disappear. (A rare occurrence.) When the Grapple is set to "Mercs only", Jedi can still use it. When the Grapple is set to "Jedi only", mercs can still use it. When you use the Shield Recharger, the icon at the bottom left has a transparent green box around it. On the Scout class descriptions on the "Player Configuration" menu, the line "Weapons:Sniper Rifle" is missing a space in it. (After the colon and before 'Sniper'.) With "Dual Firearms" set to "Special Mercs only" I can play as a Heavy Soldier and still use two pistols (the same goes for Heavy Soldier bots). Anytime I start a server and join as any of the 5 mercs, I start with the Stun Baton. If you switch class Mid-game to a 1. Scout - you spawn holding a Thermal Detonator, 2. Bounty Hunter - you spawn holding a Blaster, 3. Heavy Soldier - you spawn holding a Rocket Launcher, 4. Hot Shot - you spawn holding a Blaster, 5. Trooper - you spawn holding a Detonation Pack. (I think all classes should start with pistols for safety and consistency.) Level 4 force powers do not work, even thought they are enabled in the menu. (Whenever I allot force points to a level 4 power I respawn with NO force powers.) Sometimes when spawning as a Jedi you can't switch lightsaber stances. Sometimes when spawning as a Jedi I will have no force powers, or even rarer, spontaneously chosen force powers that are not reflected in the force powers menu. Sometimes when dying as a Jedi with the above lightsaber and force power bugs occurring, the game will take me to the "Player Configuration" menu. Then when I select 'Join' it says that I "May not switch teams more than once per 5 seconds". I followed a Scout bot in spectator view... they do not use cloak, even though it is enabled. I played against a Scout bot in a dual map... it used the Disruptor until the ammo was gone, then used Thermal Detonators until they were gone, then used the Pistol until the ammo was gone, and then finally switched to the Stun Baton. (In short, the Scout bot will not use Ammo Regeneration, even through it was enabled). I did the same as above with a Heavy Soldier bot... same result with the Heavy Soldier's respective weapons. I did the same as above with both a Hot Shot bot and a Trooper bot... they didn't seem to run out of ammo after a good amount of firing (although they ended up getting killed because my saber would eventually reflect their blaster shots back to them - so I'm not totally sure). The model icon limit is 100 (no more). Even though the menu saves my rgb saber settings, every time I start the game fresh the saber starts out white. Wall jumps made by running face front into the wall does not work, even though I have level 3 force jump. Dualphase lightsabers do not work, even though they are enabled in the menu. (I inspected Force Mod's config. file and the cvar "g_enableextended" is nowhere to be seen.) Padawan_7 P.S. I've got some suggestions about a few things that I'll type up later when I get the chance.
  22. Azymn, In case you haven't had a chance to notice, BloodRiot has updated his Mandalorian pack. Among other things, he has segmented the rocket on the jetpack so that it can now be made to disappear when 'fired' in a mod like RenegadeOfPhunk's "Movie Battles." I know that you said that you didn't want to add any more new features at this time, but this would be a great addition for Force Mod 3.
  23. Yeah, Eldritch has it right. That's the place I'm talking about. By the way, it's also the place where one Neimoidian sits in a command chair and orders the activation of the battle droids. (And in another scene, you can see many command chairs occupied by more Neimoidians to the sides of that central chair). I think it would be great if we could go fight in the bridge of the Trade Federation Control Ship and see the command chairs, windows, view screens, control panels etc. Unfortunately, it would take a lot of work though.
  24. Wow Breath, that looks absolutely amazing!!! :D Are you going to make the bridge as well?
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