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  1. -> http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=51181 -> http://www.gorman.btinternet.co.uk/Akosview.zip
  2. Anym

    SCUMM Platfroms

    Yeah, you're right. Thanks again! Backyard Football and Backyard Baseball were both announced for the GBC, but only came out for the GBA in the end. Actually, I'm not 100% sure if Backyard Football is SCUMM... Backyard Baseball and Backyard Soccer definitely are and Backyard Hockey definitely isn't.
  3. And to get the titles for the rooms, download the Annotations from http://scummrev.mixnmojo.com/annot.shtml to you Annot directory.
  4. I don't know how small you can get it, but not as small as LUA, I think.
  5. Anym

    SCUMM Platfroms

    khalek: Of course! Why didn't I think of that? I can add the PSX and the GBC to that list. superrqult: Exactly.
  6. Don't even bother to check out SeeR. I just mentioned it for completeness' sake... Go Python!
  7. Buy them! Check out the LucasArts company store at http://www.lucasarts.com/companystore/windows/classics.htm if you live in the USA or Canada or if you come from the UK I recommend the Monkey Island bounty pack at Amzon.co.uk, see http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00004UBJN/qid=1028116054/sr=1-7/ref=sr_1_3_7/026-3418018-3782826
  8. Other options would be Python http://www.python.org/ (replaced SCUMM at Humongous Entertainment) or SeeR http://home.elka.pw.edu.pl/~ppodsiad/seer/ (I used to think that AGS used this, but as I didn't find information about the other on both sites, I'm not sure anymore.) Anyway, I'd go for either Python http://www.python.org/ , because it's a easy to learn, powerful, efficient and elegant programming language (used in Backyard Hockey, Freedom Force, Severance: Blade of Darkness, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, QuArK,...) , or with LUA http://www.lua.org/ , because it has proven that it is capable of the task as well (Grim Fandango, Escape from Monkey Island, Angband, Baldur's Gate, MDK2, ...) and the MAD Adventure Game Engine Project http://mad-project.sourceforge.net/ uses it as well.
  9. Anym

    SCUMM Platfroms

    Was there a SCUMM game available for a platform not listed here. Or is it a comprehensive listing? Amiga Apple II Atari ST C64 FM-Towns IBM PC (and compatibles) MacIntosh NES (FamiCom) PC Engine (TurboGrafx 16) SEGA CD (Mega CD) And I'm talking about official releases, not platforms the ScummVM open source project has been ported to.
  10. Thanks for the information and the examples! If you want any-order arguments, perhaps it would be possible to add (optional) passing of arguments as name=value pairs. But I don't know how hard that would be to implement nor whether this would help or only unnecessarily complicate things.
  11. Anym


    1. Why does the link in the header of the forum point to http://lucashacks.mixnmojo.com/ instead of http://scumm.mixnmojo.com/ ? 2. If I want to contact Tomas, is it better towrite him an e-mail to his @mixnmojo.com address, to his other address, or simply post a message on the forum?
  12. Anym

    Viewing Costumes

    Perhaps you should use: File -> Save Object Image What does AR mean?
  13. Now that the date seems to be working normally again, perhaps I should bump this thread back to the top.
  14. Now that the date seems to be working normally again, perhaps I should bump this thread back to the top.
  15. Out of interest, what is blast-text used for? Unlike, Sierra adventures, LEC ones don't have a narrator and I can't remeber anything not being said by an actor. (O.K. , there was this "Deep in the Caribbean..." thingy.)
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