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    It all began with the forging of the Great Ring...no wait, that's not it.
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    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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    Basic nerd interests
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    Professional software developer
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    Grim Fandango, X-Wing series
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  1. I never knew that Wilhuf was your son! I accepted your invite. Just because of that, I'm totally hyped up about the game now. I can't wait to fly with you guys again!

  2. Hey Vagabond! My, it's been a while. I believe we used to run in the same X-Wing Alliance tournament circuit... I've been thinking of creating a Star Citizen organization for all the old-timers of LFNetwork. What do you think? It would be nice to do space runs again in the future!

  3. Whenever Eets stops being a lazy ASS and decides to make those buttons -_-
  4. Dammit Havoc, where have you REALLY been? >_> You've been gone for way too long, my friend!
  5. Yeah, if Eets ever figures out the deeply complex art of HTML... I saw the design too, it does rock. I think everyone will be happy about it!
  6. I still remember the first fan-made prequel trailer. That modified Braveheart scene with all the lightsabers made us all shiver back then
  7. 1) I'd still prefer to have our own GB forum over there for now. We get our own admin and layout. The integration with the rest of Echobase will surely come with time, so let's not force it. 2) DMUK? Screw that. As far as I'm concerned, he's not part of this very community, for the very simply reason that he doesn't even post here. 3) I say we choose Eets as our first admin since he's the best for layout and stuff, and then after the job's done we let him administer our forum. If he doesn't do a nice job, we'll simply switch And no, I don't want the position. Personally I was thinking that if we have to switch, we should pick good and fresh blood: Darth Homer ^_^ 4) We'll start setting up the stuff at Echobase this week. I'm thinking of a thursday or friday opening, how does that sound?
  8. Welcome back Tie Guy! I don't mind a new name, I suggested Geebee II not because it refers to the game, but because it refers to our good old Legends of the Spam If anybody has a suggestion for a new name, post it!
  9. That's not the same thing. We just want a forum that old GBers can call home, so we can keep the community together. The topic won't even be about GB, it'll just be another off topic forum like this one. Only this time, it'll be on a network that is still very much alive and well-maintained.
  10. Well I was sold before, but now I'm even moreso! >_>
  11. Well people, this board is dead or dying (however you wanna look at it), so a few people and myself began to take steps to save what's left of this great community! It all started a few days ago when Clefo suggested we create a new forum that would not contain popups (especially not the nasty UGO ones riddled with spyware). I approved and we began building something on EZBoard with the help of Rhett and Fergie. However... we know that a community cannot last unless it is constantly fueled by newbies. It's the sad truth; this place is dead because only the old timers remain. We need some fresh meat to cook-- err, I mean, fresh blood to rejuvenate the community! ^_^; So an isolated EZBoard is not a viable solution. This is where Eets came in and said we were all stupid and stuff. He went over to Echobase Network and asked one of the administrators there, Wacky (who also visits LucasForums) for some sort of shelter. Wacky, being the nice man that he is, offered us this sweet deal: - We get our own clean Geebee II forum, hosted by the Echobase Network Forums. - We must agree on one and only one administrator for our forum. - We get to personalize our forum however we like, with a different graphic design than the rest of Echobase if we wish! I think it's a pretty sweet deal, and it's awfully nice of them to offer it. However, before accepting, I recommended that we first poll the people concerned: you! That's why I set up this poll. If we accept the deal, will you leave this place and start posting on the new forum on EB? If we get enough "Yes"s, we'll do it! We just gotta make sure that everybody will follow along!
  12. Third option would be closest to me, but really, the admins of LF put me as a moderator here as a test to see if I was fit to administer a site... Seems I passed the test, but the website failed anyway
  13. How is it going to work this year? Through email?
  14. SE_Vader_536, your post sucks. Read the following information to find out what we think of you. You are: [ ] Clueless Newbie [ ] A guest (even worse) [x] Loser [ ] AOLer [x] 12 year old [ ] Troll [ ] Pervert [x] Geek [ ] Spammer [x] Wannabe [ ] Asskisser [ ] l337 d00d [ ] Flamer [ ] Whiner [x] Other: An attention-grabber You Are Being Flamed Because [ ] You posted a .99999... = 1 thread [ ] You posted a Release Date thread [ ] You posted a Patch thread [ ] You posted a PC vs Mac thread [ ] You posted a System Specifications thread [ ] You posted a (InsertRandomRPG) vs DiabloII thread [ ] You posted a Starcraft vs War3 thread [ ] You posted a big slobbery kiss on Blizzard's Ass [ ] You posted a "Where is Starcraft II" thread [ ] You posted a (War3/WoW) vs DiabloII thread [ ] You continued a long, stupid thread [x] You committed crimes against pork biproducts [ ] You posted a "YOU ALL SUCK" message [ ] You haven't read the FAQ [ ] You don't know which forum to post in [ ] You just plain suck [ ] You posted false information [x] You posted something totally uninteresting [ ] You doubleposted [ ] YOU POSTED A MESSAGE ALL WRITTEN IN CAPS [ ] You posted racist crap [x] I don't like your tone of voice [x] You are not civilized enough to post in these forums [ ] Yuo mispeled evry sengle wurd. In Punishment, You Must: [ ] Give up your AOL Internet account [x] STFU & GTFO [ ] Jump into a bathtub while holding your monitor [x] Actually post something relevant [ ] Read the f****** FAQ [ ] Be Pat Buchanan's love slave [ ] Call Clinton and inform him he sucks [x] Go to your room with no supper [x] Apologize to everybody on this forum [x] Go stand in the middle of a Highway [ ] Recite the Greek alphabet backwards [ ] Take a bath in bleach [ ] Drink out of a spitoon [x] Be castrated [ ] All of the above In Closing, I'd Like to Say: [ ] Blow me, regardless of whether i have a dick or not. [x] Get a life [ ] Never post again [ ] I pity your dog [ ] Go to hell [ ] Your IQ must be 7 [x] Take your s*** somewhere else [x] STFU & GTFO [ ] Learn to post or f*** off [x] Go jump into some industrial equipment [ ] All of the above ----------- ..I hope you know I'm not totally serious. Happy birthday >_>
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