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  1. I was attempting to clean my room today and took a gander at my vast Vans shoe collection. I have been wearing Vans since the dawn of time "aka 1995" and remembered buying my first pair for the first day of Elementary school. Since this was my first pair of non-LA Gear light up shoes w/ velcro I was worried that the other kids might not adjust to my rebellious change of style. My new kicks looked fresh with a purple pair of sweatpants and matching sweatshirt so I dedicated my feet to a lifetime of comfortable Vans commitment. It seems these days that every average young person turned psuedo-Indie rockstar is wearing Vans because they are "alternative" and make you look cultured. I'm upset that my beloved shoe has become subject to a pop culture fad and that I am viewed in the same light as these imposters. So I ask you fellow Swampies, what did/do you rock that got stolen by the masses?
  2. hahahaha. The Swamp gained poop status when points (for those who remember) became more important than posts.
  3. hey there big guy, how is my fellow OG Swampie doing these days?

  4. Since I've been MIA for the past few years I thought it would be fitting to revamp the Father Torque image with some new pics. MJ cant touch this. http://profile.imageshack.us/user/kjen5/images/detail/#259/kjen2.jpg Strategic popcorn positioning http://profile.imageshack.us/user/kjen5/images/detail/#268/kjen3.jpg Cookin at my new house http://profile.imageshack.us/user/kjen5/images/detail/#268/kjen4.jpg Thirsty Thursday http://profile.imageshack.us/user/kjen5/images/detail/#403/kjen5.jpg New Car http://profile.imageshack.us/user/kjen5/images/detail/#148/kjen6.jpg Entertaining a lady friend http://profile.imageshack.us/user/kjen5/images/detail/#512/kjen1.jpg
  5. wow, i had a dream about LF and totally remembered that I hadn't signed on in like 6 months. oops. :/ whats hood Swampies?
  6. your supposed to take the roof off with your hands.... not your face.
  7. I know, Mercer Island must have caught it from you guys because we had tons of kids out this week and they think its cause kids from our school were hangin out with Blanchet kids.
  8. ...because the Colonel is finger-lickin good. I have never had a non KFC avatar. Gee wiz thats neato.
  9. Uhhh.... I was 12 when I joined. Now I'm not 12. Gee wiz thats neato. Would you like some bread with that whine?
  10. My friends in HS are in a band called Left at the Castle. They are extremely good. Kinda like a mix between DMB (Dave Matthews Band) and Coldplay. Also, a drummer that went through my HS a few years back is a band called Shaimus. If you a Guitar Hero player you might have played their song All of This in the bonus section.
  11. That's probably the problem. People would just think that Jason Statham is playing almost exactly the same role. Vin Diesel is not on my list of favorite actors by any means, but his prestige as an action movie star will surely draw in alot of attention, which is probably why he was picked.
  12. My brother sent me this audio clip that has been forwarded throughout his college campus. It's a hilarious rendition of Silent Night. Here.
  13. Im flattered. Its a Yamaha Compass Series. They only made about 200 or so, which is why is cost me (and my parents ) a buttload of cash. It's nice though, I like the shape and the mother-of-pearl inlay on the fretboard and around the whole thingy.
  14. Me serenading my homedawg Spongebob. I sang him We Belong Together by Mariah Carey. It was awesome. :|
  15. Letter Subsitution Way Mekurukito Zukutotokitojiari is my real name. Father Torque is Lukachirikushi Chimo[shi]todoku Other Way Kenshin Jippensha is my real name. Father Torque is Yatsuhiro Morisue Neato.
  16. My first name, Kevin, is Irish for quiet, nice and handsome. My last name, Jennings, is the same as Jenkins which means son of John. This means that I am the handsome son of John, which happens to be my dad's name. Geneology doesn't lie I guess.
  17. "Can suffering be justified in the name of progress" was the slightly reworded prompt that I received on an English essay this year. I had an extremely hard time writing this because I seemed to always have a contradiction when I chose a side. In the introduction I explained how many philosophers claimed that progress didn't exist because human ethicality doesn't change, the external societal structure changes. But then I realized that other philosophers believed that there has been progress in making conceptual distinctions. I eventually came up with the conclusion that the question was outside of my reasoning level. I explained to my teacher in a full essay that the question was impossible for me to answer truthfully. Many of my fellow students referenced the adventures and mishaps of Christopher Columbus to support (it created America) or refute (it caused mass genocides) the question at hand. What do you guys think?
  18. I usually support the Bush Administration, but I am not a Rumsfeld fan. He is a softfoot and can't propely organize a military effort. He needs to devise a "Schwarzkopf" plan.
  19. Let's be honest, trying to understand the psychology of this girl based on quotes from other people debating here and our sub-standard speculations will not help anyone. Let's have the people who are trained psycho-analyze her and then discuss the results. That would be the mature thing to do. As of right now all we really know is that a "nice and friendly" girl killed her mom. We know she most likely has problems but we don't know what kinds. And I think all of us need to stop pretending that we realy care about "maturity" in this debate. We are just using it to try to make the people we disagree with have an obsolete point. If you really cared about being mature you wouldn't post a response to this thread because it's immature in the first place to speculate about other peoples private affairs.
  20. I don't believe that supporting somebody by way of partially favoring them during election time or not throwing out slanderous acusations toward that person makes them a tool for said persons cause.
  21. Thats because more than half the others aren't and they know it. FOX News leans to the right, whats the big deal. The democrats and liberals have their fair share of receiving news the way they want to hear. Why can't the republicans and conservatives have theirs? That said, I don't really believe that putting "spin" on the news is acceptable. But lets face it, a moral and impartial news service is out of the question. I believe that it is beyond ethicality to be partial on every issue. Corrupt administration and journalists trying to claw their way to the top through attracting a stable audience will eventually swing the station left or right.
  22. I am having trouble deciding whether you really care about the lives of the 9/11 heroes or just defacing Bush by using them as a vehicle. Don't take it personally, the way you worded your opinion leads me to believe that you just wan't to pinpoint Bush. Also, if we pour a bunch of money into helping the 9/11 heroes (which I believe needs to occur) wacko-leftists to moderate democrats will whine about how are resources aren't going toward completing our mission. Which suprisingly has become important to the democrats all the sudden. Bush may not be the most intelligent man to lead our country, but what he says is genuine. I would rather have a man whose speech is not so great (but not as bad as the media portrays) but speaks from his heart lead my country than an phony who speaks very articuletly without purpose or passion. That is, however, if the two people involved are not extreme radicals. This scenario applies more in a Bush vs. Kerry situation, where the two candidates both had what I beleive to be non-radicalistic points of view.
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