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  1. Get over yourself ET. You seem like you are a cool guy and all and I respect you, but this post is just rediculous. This isn't a serious discussion. The girl, who we don't know, killed her mom, end of story. This doesn't require mature dialogue, just the accpetance (hopefully) that this girl is messed up and needs to serve time. Hope I didn't take the intention of your post wrong.
  2. Dude, what more could McDonalds need?
  3. Do you get free danish desserts? It's European for mineral water. I'm so cultured
  4. And Theres so many more, but I'm to busy playing Mario Kart and eating jellybeans, so I won't go look. But maybe later.
  5. I thought that this was gonna be about Fidel Castro, but apparently its not. Game sounds fun though, I'm gonna try it out.
  6. Your cat is totally gonna get diabetes. My friend fed his cat frosted flakes and catnip for breakfast and dinner everyday. Not good. :|
  7. There was a really big crack in the side. I had to fill it somehow. What would you do? Gosh.
  8. While you are gone can I assume the title of Vice Commander CEO Bossman?
  9. I am American My heritage is Danish and Ukranian I get A's in school I want to go to Baylor or Pepperdine I like KFC I am uber white (But not pasty) I am arachnaphobic I am in prestine physical condition I am a Full Throtle Fan I have a cornicopia of shirts in my closet I drive a 94' Acura TL Legend I am comical I used to be the biggest teachers pest in the world I get lost frequently I have lost 3 bikes due to riding them into a lake I am addicted to Captain Crunch I once ate a stick of butter cause there was no food left when camping I am willing to do stupid stuff to impress myself I am usually the one who gets hurt when around people (such as getting shot with airsoft guns, getting pushed off docks, etc...) I am gorgeous I am a soccer fan and player I was asked to play in the Danish 2nd Division (soccer) I play 8 instruments I can burp and fart on contact I burp louder than anybody I have never lost at thumb-wrestling (300+ - 0) I am not afraid to wear spandex I am a staunch republican and conservative I am a devout Christian
  10. The genes finally kicked in after much concentration.... who knew.
  11. You should become a life coach. :|
  12. Super Mario 64 was always a pain. Especially trying to beat the game without a guide or walkthrough. I remember crying alot. On the last course, the one with the magic carpets, I got to the last star mission. Every time I would get through the wall jumping sequence. Then I would hop back onto a magic carpet and die somehow because my fingers were sweaty or i got distracted. I swear there was a curse. It took me like 2 months to beat it.
  13. Facial hair is not a very strong gene in the massively handsome structre that is Father Torque's body. But thats pretty funny Dath, made me laugh .
  14. Here are some recent pics of me. That's cologne btw. Tee hee.
  15. I thought C&C: Generals was pretty fun. I would always be the Americans and dominate my friends with Aurora bombers.
  16. Here are some more pics that I have taken. Arlington National Cemetery American Flag in Philadelphia Graffiti in London Stonehenge I will post some more later.
  17. I have absolutely no clue what this game is, but it sounds really cool. The only thing I wanted to say is that the Valve production building is literaly the view from my bedroom in Bellevue. Do I get extra credit?
  18. Here are some of my kinda casual shots that I just took on my trip to Croatia. I have more from the trip and others, but I will post them later. Roman Colliseum in Pula, Croatia Cheap Shades Canal in Venice Pilar in St. Marks Square (Venice) Lagoon at Sol Stella Maris Resort (Umag, Croatia) I like the last one alot because I took it at an angle that made the lagoon and outside objects appear to be taken later in the day, while the sky is clear. Just think the contrast looks cool. I will have some better scenic shots up later.
  19. That's original. I like it. Keep the captions coming. I will make my ruling in a day or two depending on the participation. I bet you are all nervous w/ anticipation. Its like a horrible cliff hanger. Ahhh.
  20. Ya, I know. It was amazingly hot and humid last night and I couldn't sleep. So I decided to go way back in forum history to look at my old posts. Then I came across one of your really popular caption games in RSN or the X-wing Alliance place. So pretty much you did come back with a good caption game. Way to be. And your caption was hilarious.
  21. I haven't been around alot up until lately, so I don't know if one of these neato games has been available. But I will post it anyway, cause I am bad to the bone. :| So, you probably know the rules. But if your a horrible horrible noob then here they are. I post a funny picture and you, the swampies, post hilarious captions to represent what is happening or could be happening or should be happening in the picture. I will decide who wins the almighty prize, the chance to find a picture and post it for your enjoyment. THis process will continue until the idea tires out, or it becomes a flaming spam fest, which will most likely be the case. Here goes nothin'. P.S. Sucking up is allowed and a very good strategy. Because winning is life, and losing is not life. So suck...
  22. She is a very good at song writing and performing but I think she could use some work in the high range, right about F6 is where she gets a little sharp. But her lower range is clear and bright. But in all it is a very good recording, and suprisingly good sound quality for being non-studio. Only problem is that the song is more of a contemporary christian "ballad". Unfortunately canabalism and religion dont match. Unless you live in Zulu-ville
  23. O yes. Gee wiz that was neato. On another trip with some of the same guys exploded that bear mace stuff. Put a hole in the side of tent.
  24. I went camping with some guys in the Cascade Mountains (Washington, USA) and it was pretty tight. Cept we decided that our 4th day was going to be survival night so we had some random ass guy blind fold us and lead us to an unknown area. We only had we we had brought, which wasn't much because we set limits as to what we could bring. We ended up finding an old shack and we jacked some wood and a ladder just because we could. We posted some big logs up next to a tree and then wrapped twine around the logs and tree. We hung hundreds of firns over the twine to act as a shelter. Unfortunately there wasn't enough room in the "spoon club" so I had to sleep outside. When I woke up I had animal pee all over me, 3 birds dropped the kids off at the pool on my nice jacket, and I pulled my groin Hope you didn't read that whole thing, cause it was probably really unsatisfying.
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