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  1. Right-click on units when zoomed on a planet -> Sell.
  2. The same was true in EaW original...I have only seen the Zann Consortium build a Keldabe battleship once. Other than that, the only capital ships I am faced with are heroes...and the Empire never techs up to get Vader. Very disappointing, but at least the AI doesn't seem to build massive fleets of TIE Scouts any more.
  3. Being "similar" to another game (particularly in the weak sense that both games are of the same genre) isn't necessarily a BAD thing...
  4. I don't know, I think he takes too much shepherding. When there are ISDs around, he dies pretty quickly unless you keep him out of trouble. He's great for pulling the enemy's teeth every now and then, though.
  5. Eh, you could've come up with something better. But maybe you got a couple people frantically trying to beat the game as various factions--though you seem to have forgotten that there was only one campaign! My favorite April Fool's jokes on the internet definitely come from blizzard.com.
  6. I believe the big announcement will be tomorrow--you'll just have to see it when it's officially rolled out.
  7. Well, if the Consortium had corrupted the planet with Bribery, the TIEs wouldn't deploy. Still, a well-rounded Imperial fleet should always include enough Tartans or Defenders to wipe out Rebel bombers.
  8. And did your 30 ISDs have any Tartan escort? Fighters are quite easily countered by just a few corvette-class ships. Just give them guard orders.
  9. Yeah, basically, the Rebels should have had the abilities the Zann Consortium now does.
  10. Yeah, the TIE/Defenders are the stupid-looking ships with lots of weapons.
  11. Imperial Advanced Factories garrison AT-ATs.
  12. I think that's the best, most creative idea for balancing the Consortium I'm ever heard. If Consortium units broke ranks wen they suffered some amount of casualties, or sometimes ignored orders to go after easy targets, or sometimes their weapons just jammed and they lost some health--man, that would be interesting to see.
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