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  1. Right-click on units when zoomed on a planet -> Sell.
  2. The same was true in EaW original...I have only seen the Zann Consortium build a Keldabe battleship once. Other than that, the only capital ships I am faced with are heroes...and the Empire never techs up to get Vader. Very disappointing, but at least the AI doesn't seem to build massive fleets of TIE Scouts any more.
  3. Being "similar" to another game (particularly in the weak sense that both games are of the same genre) isn't necessarily a BAD thing...
  4. I don't know, I think he takes too much shepherding. When there are ISDs around, he dies pretty quickly unless you keep him out of trouble. He's great for pulling the enemy's teeth every now and then, though.
  5. Eh, you could've come up with something better. But maybe you got a couple people frantically trying to beat the game as various factions--though you seem to have forgotten that there was only one campaign! My favorite April Fool's jokes on the internet definitely come from blizzard.com.
  6. I believe the big announcement will be tomorrow--you'll just have to see it when it's officially rolled out.
  7. Well, if the Consortium had corrupted the planet with Bribery, the TIEs wouldn't deploy. Still, a well-rounded Imperial fleet should always include enough Tartans or Defenders to wipe out Rebel bombers.
  8. And did your 30 ISDs have any Tartan escort? Fighters are quite easily countered by just a few corvette-class ships. Just give them guard orders.
  9. Yeah, basically, the Rebels should have had the abilities the Zann Consortium now does.
  10. Yeah, the TIE/Defenders are the stupid-looking ships with lots of weapons.
  11. Imperial Advanced Factories garrison AT-ATs.
  12. I think that's the best, most creative idea for balancing the Consortium I'm ever heard. If Consortium units broke ranks wen they suffered some amount of casualties, or sometimes ignored orders to go after easy targets, or sometimes their weapons just jammed and they lost some health--man, that would be interesting to see.
  13. Like I said before, there's a button on the Galactic Map that will show icons on every planet to indicate how many build slots and space station levels are available and filled. It's a really useful button. I use it all the time. It's great for at-a-glance determinations of where you have strong or weak infrastructure, especially where stations are concerned. As for the slaves, just look at the manual's list of corruption types on each planet. On all those that list Slavery, it's pretty easy to tell what kinds of slaves you will get--Ewoks come from Endor, Mon Calamari come from...Mon Calamari, et cetera.
  14. ...Or look at the game manual. There is a table of corruption options and upgrades there.
  15. You can also get most of that information from the Galactic view: Hover the mouse over the little corruption icon on a planet, and your droid will pop up a tooltip with icons for each of the possible corruption types on that world. Click the corruption icon, and you'll get a box with more detailed information (the same box that appears when a Defiler goes to that world.) You can see the number of build slots / space station levels filled and available for each world by clicking on one of the icons that runs down the task bar next to the mini map. Hover over them until you see the one that says "Show build slots" or something like that. The other buttons there also do useful things. You can see build pad locations on corrupted or controlled planets by looking at the base layout view. They show up as little gray squares.
  16. Do you have a particular rationale in mind? What would you replace the Nebulon-B's shield boost with?
  17. That's great about the map packs...but I'd be eager to hear about another FoC patch, myself.
  18. HW2, while a beautiful game, had almost no element of strategy whatsoever. I got through the whole game essentially just by putting my units into a strike group and box-selecting targets to attack. Still, it was fun to watch. ...One thing people keep forgetting is the fact that, while Empire at War owes a lot to Rebellion and Galactic Battlegrounds, EaW is its own game. It's not a Rebellion remake--so don't expect everything from Rebellion to appear in EaW. They're two different games. Sure, you can like one better than the other; personally, I'd pick EaW for its superior space battles, superior graphics, simplified interface, and the fact that they didn't try to cram absolutely everything into it whether it served a purpose or not. There are mods to alter the population cap in space battles. Personally, I think it adds more of an element of strategy to the game (especially since the addition of the scout slot), since you have to choose which of your forces to commit instead of just deploying hundreds of ISDs and steamrolling your opponent. The game'd get pretty simple and boring if that were the case. Since you mentioned HomeWorld 2, I have to say that number one on my EaW wishlist would be for units to automatically attack units that they are strong against and avoid units they are weak against, instead of, say, fighters throwing themselves on corvettes.
  19. It seems like after the release of the FoC patch, all the Petroglyph guys who used to frequent these forums disappeared. I don't know if I've seen a single post by any of them since the patch. We used to get fairly regular posts from them. Where'd you go, guys? It was nice to have you around.
  20. Just checking: are you playing Galactic Conquest or Campaign?
  21. They're not necessarily frozen in anything. They might just be in protective casings. Droids shrink-wrapped for freshness! ...And "soldiers associated with the Sith" are what we'd usually call, "Sith soldiers."
  22. We saw a bunch of humanoid shapes, obviously associated with the Sith because they were unlocked by a Sith artifact. They must be either robots or troops in suspended animation or Force-animated golems or something like that.
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