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  1. wow i must say that you really have an eye for detail. it looks absolutely amazing.


    maybe we have a mappingposition available for you over at the attack of the clones tc, we could really use the help from a mapper like you. check out the forums, www.aotctc.com, and either mail me or add me to you ICQlist 97046389


    i hope that you're interested ;)



    -Buck out :duel:

  2. ok, lets start:


    After the first look at it i though it looks ok, a bit boxy but ok, but after looking a bit closer i see some things i think you should know.


    It looks REALLY bad when there are spots of light coming from nowhere. This is supposed to be an outside arena! Its also supposed to be a arena of soft and smooth curves. it looks a bit edgy to me...


    I also think that you could have taken the trouble of making an apropriate skybox. To just use the bespinsky just seems lazy to me... it also seems to small for the geonosisarena...


    I cant comment on the gameplay since i got a program error everytime i tried to load your mod :D


    there you are, some constructive critisism...



    -Buck out :duel:

  3. I have to say this now, i have been browsing through your screenshots and i must say that they look fantastic. That long hallway and how the interior blend together with the exterior. it looks really cool that some parts of the buildings can be seen from outside :D


    and one other thing, non of the screenshots from 11 Nov shots, 3rd level interior works. You just get a message File Not Found...

  4. I would like to point out that the skybox used in this map, wich is seen in the screenshots, is made by me for my tatooine-map...and normaly i would let you use it, but it turns out that it may be used in the Attack of the Clones: TC. Im sorry to say this but im afraid that i cant let you use it :(


    Good luck with the map, it looks really good...


    -Buck out :duel:

  5. I get the exact same error. When you click 'Submit' there is an error message saying something about the MySQL on the server is down. Then i click BACK, then submiy again, and then the post is submited...

  6. Damn, this mod just sounds wonderful! Cant wait to play it!


    I am curios, on wich IRC-network will you be on ? I would very much like to be up-to-date with this wonderful mod!


    Also, you said that you would like to have more movie-like maps to play on? Well im working on a tattooinemap for the moment, and its pretty buggy right now, but its not finished ;). Here are some screenshots:





















    As you might see the textures are not lined up properly, and the lightning isnt good too, but it will be soon.


    The map is small, but it is intended to be a duel, and a FreeForAll map. My email is buckman@spray.se , so please contact me via email if you are interested ;)



    -Buck out

  7. i have a 733mhz, 640mb RAM, GeForce4 Ti 4200


    my suggestion for backgroundmusicwould be either john_williams-love_pledge_and_the_arena wich is a soundtrack that beginns when padme tells anakin the she loves him, and continues till Dokuu does his speechthingy, although the .mp3 is 11mb :(. Another good track is john_williams-confrontation_with_count_dooku_and_finale, and as the title reveals, this soundtrack starts when anakin and obi-one goes after dooku.


    Both tracks are pending between calm classical music, and 'action'music so they will both do well i think :) the map looks great btw...

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