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  1. After seeing that work is progressing on the Executor, does that mean you'll need the final two tracks of music for the Executor and the Arc Hammer? I'll have to dust those two off... (but probably not until July...)
  2. Yeah, I'm still here. I will do another demo suite with ALL the music (including bosses and the last two levels). WHEN I'll be able to get around to it is another matter. Plus I need to fix the DMS.dat file as well...
  3. Ok. Thank you! Because Talay has purple water? Most of the team joined because when they heard about a DF Mod they got a "Well, if they are doing to do a DF Mod then I better join to make sure they do it right!" mentality. We are all fans of DF and take making changes or additions very seriously. I think it is fairly obvious that the designers of DF were pushing the limits of what compters back then could do. In many cases we took the concepts of the original and flesh them out more to take full advantage of the JA engine. Talay is larger and feels more like a post-war city for example. The surprise at the end of the sewers level is another example . A lot of what you say later has been discussed by others on the forum. However I don't think this issue was ever been brought up. You make a good point here and I'll pass it on to Salv and the team. It sure did. It's already been addressed. It will very likely be pulled, redone, or toned down for the next release. All the voice acting for the briefings is finished (and actually couldn't be changed now if we wanted as both voice actresses moved away from the city I'm in). There will be some more voice acting here and there (for instance the surprise at the end of the sewers level and storm trooper conversation on Talay). Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! Fracman and Darth_Linux did controls I believe. I helped with sound effects and helped "remaster" a lot of the originals so they didn't sound so muffled. Chrustec spent a lot of time and effort while he was busy to get the cutscene ready for the demo. The cutscene is the hardest thing to render and change after the fact. He also didn't have the correct models to animate for the cutscene at the time. It will be redone for the final version. The soundtrack was taken straight from the game unedited except for the tie fighters swooshing by which was mixed in later. Again, glad you enjoyed it! Hope that helps!
  4. Yes. Although if you are purchasing a new copy it may very well already be version 1.01. Here: http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/jediacademy.htm
  5. Welcome to the forums! Well, I would answer your questions but I think I'd rather let you be pleseantly surprised when you get JA installed. Just remember to update JA to the latest version and use the demo installer to install and launch the DF Demo.
  6. I held off playing KOTOR for a long time. I eventually got it and think it's one of the best Star Wars games ever made (I just replayed through the whole thing again recently). It's in the bargin bins now so you should do yourself a favor and pick it up.
  7. The maps are based on the originals, and everything is more or less in the same place, but things have been added and expanded - especially in the second and third levels - to take advantage of the JA engine. At first it was a bit dissorrienting for me but now I know the new levels just as well as the originals. It was actually pretty awesome that everything old is new again - which is the point of the MOD :-).
  8. Much of the time in getting the demos out the door wasn't development as much as changing platforms. From JO to JA SP and now to JA MP. Once we get JA MP working like it should (likely the most difficult task before us right now) development will be much quicker. And I promise you once we get JA MP working, nothing short of an SP SDK, we will be finishing the mod in JA MP. Things are moving and getting done! We aren't dead, I promise!
  9. I typed in Dark Forces into Google and our site came out on top beating out Luasart's website, DF-21, and Massassi. We're also in the No. 1 spot for Dark Forces Soundtrack. Just thought I'd share that. Happy Halloween everybody!
  10. Keep in mind what we are doing is a labor of love. Everyone on the mod team has a very special place in their heart for the original Dark Forces. When I originally heard about a Dark Forces mod I said to myself If they are going to make that I'm going to join to make sure they do it right! which is a sentiment many of the team members feel. Many of the members on the team are the best at what they do. I am happy that my contribution with the music and sound effects, as well as some scripting/storyboarding for extended sequences, has been met favorably with the community and is considered an asset among the team. It is very rewarding and gratifying to see your work paired up with the excellent work from the other team members and is also very motivating. We are very picky about our work and don't want to see it rushed out the door. We want to release a professional quality product (for free of course) that is what WE want to play. Considering how big of fans we are of the original Dark Forces I don't think the JA/DF community has to worry about the final result. That being said, everyone on the MOD team knew that they were doing 'pro bono' work on this mod and would not be compensated for their time beyond getting to participate in an awesome project with one of the best teams ever assembled. I think that I speak for the team when I say we are grateful for George Lucas's generosity in allowing fans to find their voice in movie and game production using his intellectual property as a means. Everything from films like Duality to Troops to this Dark Forces MOD would not be possible if George Lucas wanted to shut them down for using his intellectual property. Ever see a Star Trek fan film? Paramount has their lawyers on active patrol preventing anything of the sort. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your compliment for what it is. I'm glad you enjoy our MOD to the extent that you consider it worth purchasing. That is very flattering and lets us know we've done what we've set out to do with the demos and that we are working in the right direction. Just know that what you are suggesting is impossible and that we are not doing this for money; we knew what we were getting into when we joined up. For those concerned with the speed of which the mod is progressing, keep this in mind: Most people on the MOD team are either advanced students or professionals in their field with jobs, lives and families. I for instance, am a high school and middle school choir/piano teacher and that is taking up all my time. I put time into the mod when I can and I do my best to create work that I'm proud to release. Also consider the fact that of the 10-20 team members it is difficult to coordinate activities from a team that large across the globe. We are working hard right now however to release something for those of you who have been waiting patiently. I'm sure you will not be disappointed. Just keep in mind we don't want your money but your words of encouragement and feedback do mean a lot to us! I'll leave you all with one little bit of business theory: Of the three thing to look for when someone is doing a job for you - speed, quality, and low cost - you can only get two of those at any one time. If you want speed and quality it will be expensive. If you want low cost and speed it will not be a quality product. If you want low cost (i.e. free) and quality, well you're just going to have to wait.
  11. Answer to Question 1). Part of it is the Roland Module. The module I used for the mod is the Roland SCD-70. The MIDI files for Dark Forces were written with the original Roland Sound Canvas (SC-55 Patchset) in mind but was limited in that: A) They still needed to make it generic enough for playback on non-Sound Canvas synths/soundcards and B) The original SC-55 had only 16 channels and 24-28 voices of playback. My goal was to remix the soundtrack and make it sound better while still remaining true to the original Sound Canvas 'sound' as was intended. However I'm doing a lot of mixing/layering of instruments and in some cases use all 32 channels and 64 voices of polyphony to give it that extra full and rich sound. Plus I've carefully added some reverb which is missing from the original MIDI version (as well as adding a few things extra to align it more with the Williams score where appropriate). As to whether or not I succeeded in staying true to the originals is up to each persons opinion. Eventually I'm going to make recordings of the original SC-55, AWE32, and FM synth versions (excerpts; not the whole thing) for comparison. Answer to Question 2) No, I'm just working off the MIDI files. It wouldn't be that hard to turn the MIDI files into sheet music (NOTE: not hard but long and tedious) and I don't have any plans of doing that at this time.
  12. *sigh* I suppose so. Sorry for the slow link. Can't say for certain how long the link will be up so get it while you can. Also note, this may not be the final version of that track. Enjoy!
  13. Well, a quick, quick general rundown of whats been happening over the summer (Most of this information you can gather from the .plan updates, I'm just spelling it all out here): The next three levels are nearing beta as well as some good progress on a few others. The music through level 12 is pretty much finished. The port to the MP code is going steadily. That is about it. Our biggest obsticle right now is the MP port. It's not easy but we have some very capable people working on it right now. If things seem slow right now it is only because some members are busy with real life issues. Our webmaster just started his first year of university and our project leader got a new job requiring him to move cities. Others got busy with school/work (like me - music teacher, whoa!) but I can tell you a ton of progress was made over the summer.
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