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  1. I'm in the home stretch, yes. Just like a marathon though, the home stretch is the hardest. I don't want to give a date, I always screw those up, always.
  2. It's still still going. I'm maybe 80% through contacting people but also in the hardest stage, I have to hunt down the very obscure people and find friends or old e-mails or something. Look for a Christmas release hopefully.
  3. It's still going I just sent out a letter yesterday to one of the authors and I'm going through the list one by one now searching them through google to alternate e-mails and the like.
  4. I'm sure he feels the same way, unfortunetly however that's how copyright and intellegctual property work. I am still contact people (and contacting people inquiring how to contact people) and in one case I'm at one last e-mail address before I physically send a person a letter through the Postal Service.
  5. I'm still contacting people. We're working on it.
  6. Solution: He replied to me and we have his permission. A status update for those who wish to remain informed. There have been definitive NO's to permission but there haven't been many so I feel confident that the package will push through without hose aspects. There are a lot more yes's than no's, but I do still need help ( http://forums.massassi.net/html/Forum17/HTML/003719.html )
  7. I am contacting all these authors. I ask that no one else do so, unless you coordinate with me. I will be needing help however. See: http://forums.massassi.net/html/Forum2/HTML/011019.html If you can help please contact me: http://night4554.com/page.php?page=contact
  8. He wuoldn't need to contact LucasArts, he'd need to contact the original authors of the models/maps/etc. LA has no problem with mods, otherwise you wouldn't see any. Unless I'm just blowing smoke out of my arse.
  9. I know that's the problem, but problems can be worked out. I explained all this to him, and I can assure you that TFN will not host it unless he has permission from the authors of the mods/maps/authors/whatever BUT we ARE prepared to run the gauntlet of getting all those permissions with him.
  10. Guys, cut him some slack. First off he probably didn't KNOW that he couldn't redistribute other people's work without their permission. He proabbly assumed as long as he didn't make a profit it wasn't a big deal. He doesn;t live in Britain or US or even Australia like most of us do.
  11. Click the British Flag on the frontpage of his site.
  12. I'll talk to him. There is a lot of fan support for this mod. I'll see what I can do.
  13. I haven't played it. I'm looking into getting him space to upload it for TFN to review it, and then maybe to host it.
  14. As far as I can tell: He took a bunch of character skins. He took a bunch of maps and arranged them into the 5 Episodes of the Saga. He added bot scripting so the bots attack who they are supposed to. He tweaked various aspects of the maps and characters. He added new loading and such screens. He integrated JediMod and Jetpack mod and "dual pistols" and lightsabers. So the end result is say, you, as Obi-Wan, fight Darth Maul with Qui-Gon in Duel of the Fates and Maul has the double-blade and Qui-Gon doesn't attack you. And there's a bunch of levels like that. It's looking good, at the very least I will be able to try it out and tell you all about it.
  15. Tom from TheForce.net Games here. I'm looking into it, no word on a definite yes/no but I'm looking into it.
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