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  1. hey,major have u finished the blasttech yet? if so when do u plan to release it? and how far is han to completion?
  2. seb u got the website up yet? and pm(private message) about the design team and what projects etc
  3. tercero any pics of the remodel yet? and those sounds would rule:)
  4. i'll join i'am good at triggers and most other acpects of the editor Darth2tyranus
  5. could u give me excate details of ur map and a screenie then i maybe able to help,oh and if u have any questions about triggers etc just post them in my thread;) always here to help Darth2Tyranus
  6. yeh what TheMadDoofer said is correct sorry i did not reply
  7. the question i posted in toonces thread goes to u as well tercero, what skins will be included with this model and how much in % are u compelted on this model?
  8. :drop2: :drop2: wow i can't belive it!!! well done tercero
  9. looking good tercero to bad u have to put it back another 2 weeks keep it up!!
  10. 1.no you cant't change name,attack,hp without triggers the only way you can change defense is by probarly editing the langauge.dll file whic is not advised,and illegal 2.effect-task object 3.yes create an area like the offical campaigns and put a scout unit of the ai there and they should not resign 4.not sure i haven't ever used it:( hope that helps:)
  11. you would have to edit the language.dll which is not advised and it's probarly illegal:)
  12. go into the campaigns file where u installed gb and delete what campaign u want-simple:)
  13. so how far are you to a release date? keep it up tercero!!
  14. those are great re-skins andy867,the last 1 looks good but the tabbards could be lighter
  15. ok:cool:,your right quality is better than being rushed;)
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