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  1. it looks good i liked casino royale a lot, mainly because they didn't have silly gadgets and they were quite faithful to the book. however daniel graig doesn't look like James Bond, and i can't seem to get over that.
  2. yay another reunion thread! cocktails & prophylactics for everyone!
  3. always been a fan of the NFS games. underground 1 was good, u2 & most wanted was great, carbon & prostreet were ok. i'll definitely keep an eye on its development. i just hope they take all the best apsects of the previous games and make a game which manages to incorporate them all, as well as some new features. for insistence... the damage and driving physics of prostreet, the police involvement from most wanted (not the watered-down carbon version) and the customisation and free-roam of Underground 2. add a night/day cycle and weather changes and they could make a really great game. i think they will have to step it up because the new midnight club game looks like it might poach a lot of the NFS fans that weren't impressed with the last efforts.
  4. jumper is on my 'to watch' list... unfortunately there's a lot on there... i'm hoping i might break a leg, or foot or something so i can catch up.
  5. i'll wait for the wii2 - by then they should have perfected the controller and it will have next gen graphics
  6. i've always preferred nvidia cards. you can pick up an 8 series or an entry 9 series very cheap.
  7. did you mean, 'rhett you're gay' (as in 'you are gay') or did you mean 'your' as in belonging to, i.e 'hay rhett, love from your gay'' maybe it was a bit of a freudian typo yes?
  8. is it out already? cool, will have to get myself a copy. i also want to get the new Bond Book, Devil May Care. anyone read that yet?
  9. so its marvel's fault so much was cut out. its a shame, cause they've set up a sequel, introducing Samuel Sterns (AKA The Leader) and they've set-up a cross-over or avengers movie and it looks like Edward Norton wont want to be involved in either... unless they try and make amends by giving him credit on the DVD and using his cut.
  10. great books. The Bourne Legacy is good as well, not quite up to Ludlum standard, but still a good read. there's another two coming out soon.
  11. i loved it. i admit i probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if i wasn't a fan of edward norton. can't wait for the DVD, apparently there was about 70 minutes cut from the final release and the director has said he wants to put as much of it on the DVD as possible.
  12. http://www.darkhorse.com/zones/starwars/downloads.php
  13. looks very good... but i normally get bored very quickly with civilization sims... so i'll pass, for now anyways.
  14. i loved it myself. its a thousand times better than the ang lee's p.o.s. being a big fan of the old TV series, i loved the fact that they used the same formula of the show... how every episode always starts with him running from the army while looking for a cure, then a situation crops up where he needs the hulk. i thought the acting was great... Edward Norton, as always, is great. CGI was pretty good. and i thought the final showdown with Abomination was nicely done. IMO i give it 4/5
  15. putting the grr in swinger! yeah baby! the one and only david brent... and last but by no means least...
  16. i see your thrusting pirate, and i raise you...
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