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  1. I've been using a gamepad for eons and used to regularly destroy Kurgan when we played. As well as a lot of other people. Kurgan: sadly, I can't do it right now... got craploads of work to do. Eh, it's wireless anyway.
  2. Heh, I should probably host a server rather than you, considering I have FIOS with 20 mbps up and down...
  3. I wish more people played JA. I was waiting awhile.
  4. Do NOT take what happened in KOTOR 2 to have any inkling of any sort of truth in regards to the overall machinations of the Force in Star Wars. Doing so is pretty much immediate grounds for dismissal of your theory. Its story was heavily clouded by the biases of its writer, Chris Avellone. He's into gray areas, so to speak. He doesn't like how Star Wars normally operates, so he screwed with it. End of story.
  5. Hmmm... just out of curiousity, can you kill somebody in a fairly effective manner by gripping the then ramming them into a wall with high level Push? You should, that would break bones.
  6. Ah yes, I used that. I upgraded to a Thrustmaster Dual Analog, since it had two extra undertrigger buttons perfect for using the Force and crouching. Pity they break like nothing.
  7. ...Did you forget I've been ripping you all new ones with a controller like that for years? I wonder if he uses the controller I do... care to spill the beans?
  9. Grey raven: That bug fix is fine. Also, no you did not change sfx_sabers' if as you described, observe: if(0) //if(sfx_sabers.integer < 1) {// Use Raven's superior sabers. //[/sFXSabers] You have if(0), IE its always false, and you commented out the else for that if.
  10. Hmmm... I'm leery of adding all the functions like that, most of the SFX-derived code seems painfully similar and I don't see why you can't check for the value in the function itself. Further... I see you extended my SFX mod, okay, I suppose swords might work if I remembered to add their trails and such in. And actually, sword trails are taken care of in the default saber code, yes, but SFX Sabers removed them. I'm trying to recall if I put them back... and apparently i did. I wonder if I put it all back... From reading your code, you messed with the original sabers and in general added junk, I added an if clause for my SFX mod so that their saber trail duration and so forth would remain intact, SFX and normal have different durations. You made it always false. Normal: saberTrail->duration = saberMoveData[cent->currentState.saberMove].trailLength; SFX: saberTrail->duration = 0; This is easily correctable, there was no need to comment out my if clause for sfx_sabers. You instead should have simply changed it to your cvar, which would have preserved the original blades. Also, I see a bug. Your switch does not provide a default in the instance of a person entering a number above 5.
  11. Impressive. Did you make sure that swords work properly and that trailstyle does what it's supposed to? And that RGB Sabers, black sabers, et cetera all work? The original SFX Sabers did not work properly with these things and I had to mod it. The menu and str files must be loaded by setting fs_game in the command line, or they won't take properly... Try making the pk3 with a z as the first letter as well. It's very easy I find...
  12. I just hit the start button on it. Seems OK... except for some weird reason it's not coming up as Meatgrinder. Excuse me.
  13. Not really. That'd only happen if force regen was ultra fast so people could spam butterfly and crap.
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