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  1. ....heck, I'm only down to only 1 option. So let's just say, I'll do it. After all, I'm one half mercenary, one half break away jedi. -Topshot Trunks: "He's right, y'know, you really haven't got all day. More like 10 minutes!" ::
  2. ....I have always had a liking for trying out my skills before I find my limits. I have usually used guns to do the talking, but when I have run out of options, I would prepare to do battle with my saber and the force. -Topshot "Just my luck! More chances to try out my favorite techniques!"
  3. ....Dark Jedi have been somewhere in between sith and jedi, haven't they? -Topshot Trunks: "He's right, y'know, you really don't have all day. More like 10 minutes!"
  4. .....but, alas, I have not found such clans, yet. If anyone has a recommendation, please reply. I'm pretty much free for any type of clan. My e-mail is blaut@abe.midco.net -Topshot Trunks: "He's right, y'know, you really don't have all day. More like 10 minutes!"
  5. .....besides, it might help my skills improve.
  6. Hello! My name is Topshot. I have just started on working on a new league, and am wondering if any warriors, good or bad, would like to join? The site won't be up for a couple days as I am making preparations to it. And when it is finished, I will have sent e-mails to those of you who would like to register. I will accept clans and individuals for 4 divisions and 3 subdivisions. The three subdivisions are as followed: -Jedi vs. Jedi -Sith vs. Sith and Jedi vs. Sith The 4 divisions will be rookie-intermediate 1-on-1, rookie-intermediate 2-on-2 tag battle, and advanced 1-on-1 for experts. Contenders in 2-on-2 tag battles will be paired each week for a series of 4 bouts. So, I would say this is a pretty interesting thing I've got going. If anyone wants to pre-register, they can contact me by e-mail at blaut@abe.midco.net, or by just simply posting a reply. "Wield the sword, and you cannot be rivaled! It's legend!"
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