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  1. I'd counterattack after the third hit with the very same crowbar. What would you do if it were possible to travel backwards in time?
  2. I'd have a sore butt. What if Bruce Campbell was your uncle?
  3. If I knew what you were talking about, I would. Give me work!
  4. I would have, but you were WAY ahead of me and did it yourself! Get the hell out of Dodge and make way for New Jersey!
  5. I don't know about whether the game was canon or not, but the look on the emperor's face when Starkiller intervened was a priceless commodity. That made it all the more worthwhile for me.
  6. Devil May Cry Trigun Street Fighter Would like to check out the Wolverine graphic novels, if I get the chance to.
  7. Never understood why anyone READS them, or would want to, in the first place, so why would I care about the movie?
  8. Then Joker would never ask Why so serious? What would you do if you won the battle, but lost the war?
  9. ^Playing the game and the score is still eight to twelve.
  10. ^Hasn't stolen enough souls to make a decent meal.
  11. Long time no see!

  12. I wouldn't know. WWYDI Adam West was your best friend?
  13. Granted, however, they give you 100 more to fill out. I wish for eternal life!
  14. Buckle up, for Tomato Devil and his evil Mini-me promise to conquer the entire eastern African nation with giant spandex wearing barista giraffes. That's what happened when Hitler's Ghost arose from his deep grave and screamed, "Salt Jedi shall not be served with cooked mustard." So Tomato Devil decided to not serve Jedi his favorite food condiment, mustard, and instead gave them his new creation a new time. The Ranch condiment was everyone's favorite style of salad bar dressing. It tasted rather nasty to the Tomato Devil who then decided to feed it to noobs who exploded into a raging laughter after having hot, wild barbecue sauce that burned the hair on their itsy bitsy pinkie fingers. The Tomato jumped and said that he is stupid like your momma in a psychotic episode that lasted ten days. Tomato was owned by Rev and his pet the apricot, so he whined like
  15. Question why you just asked that. WWYDI I found Waldo?
  16. That's a really good question. I don't know. Why do I still come here every now and again?
  17. Androids don't dream like humans do. What's the difference between good and evil cakes?
  18. ^Well, that depends on how I should go about smashing him into pieces. WWYD if God stole your candy bar?
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