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  1. Sorry, don't know how to translate foreign languages. Should I learn how to translate?
  2. No, but I wish Lightsaber Duels came out. Anyone know if that's got online?
  3. I'd say it's due to lack of goodfellas. What it's like to be city auditor?
  4. Granted. Summer is now Winter. I wish that everything tasted like root beer.
  5. Buckle up, for Tomato Devil and his evil Mini-me promise to conquer the entire eastern African nation with giant spandex wearing barista giraffes. That's what happened when Hitler's Ghost arose from his deep grave and screamed, "Salt Jedi shall not be served with cooked mustard." So Tomato Devil decided to not serve Jedi his favorite food condiment, mustard, and instead gave them his new creation a new time. The Ranch condiment was everyone's favorite style of salad bar dressing. It tasted rather nasty to the Tomato Devil who then decided to feed it to noobs who exploded into a raging laughter
  6. ^Currently fighting samurais, zweihander swordsmen, and hot ninja chicks!
  7. The spam, however, was far too clever for that trick and developed an anti-teleportation ray.
  8. ^I can't help but think of Hellboy when it comes to that picture.
  9. ^I'll clean the tile floors, I promise! Just don't kill me!
  10. However, Adam West started jumping on the mattress.
  11. ^Eternal life sucks, so obviously not me.
  12. I'd pretend he asked one, anyways. What would you do if the world was like Metal Gear Solid 4?
  13. ^Granted. It's only been one month since you received his donations in exchange for your house and your relatives. I wish everyone here would give me all of their money.
  14. I'm not touching that one! Where do I go to learn to not suck?
  15. ^Hi, you're dead. I'm alive. Pleased to meet you.
  16. ^Is really an old man under those wrappings.
  17. That depends on how much you'll give. I'd buy taffy. WWYDI I gave you a piece of taffy just before the world ended?
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