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  1. ^Well-built sniper rifles aren't as beautiful as well-polished combat boots.
  2. I can only guess you have 1 and it is not a Pomeranian. How much is that fat chick in the window?
  3. That depends on two things: 1. It has an evil bunny and/or monkey, 2 being where it's at. WWYDI the planet Cybertron actually existed?
  4. ^Has underestimated the power of stupidity.
  5. ^Granted, you now owe the bank 1 million dollars. I wish I was Adam West.
  6. ^Needs to find out who's using his powers to syphon and steal my water.
  7. ^General Grievous and the Multi-Colored Clonetrooper Friends!
  8. Granted, but now they start thinking they are better then you at everything else. I wish I had a more creative title.
  9. Granted. However, it is now winter where you live and fall for the rest of us where we are. I wish I had a good job.
  10. ^The manager just called. You've been fired for intimidating the customer.
  11. ^Wondering what he's looking at me like that for.
  12. Why turn to the Dark Side when the Light is so much more evil than that. Call me a liar.
  13. ^Is trying to steal the "Greatest Bounty Hunter" title from The Fett.
  14. Granted, but now the super-intellectual people won't stop being so damn annoying! I wish my DS had history-rewriting capabilities.
  15. Fire? What's that? Give me a hug!
  16. Granted, but now you've forgotten that your dog ate the homework and have flunked class the next day. I wish an opening theme would play every time I take a step.
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