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  1. Lady Liberty herself couldn't disappear, but something else did. Give me back my wallet, thief!
  2. *Whines.* I don't wanna! Make him a sandwich.
  3. Granted. You have no model to attach it to, though. I wish I had an extra pair of jeans.
  4. I'd declare war on hyperactivity. Seriously. WWYDI I changed my location?
  5. ^Your Zune is no match for my........MP3 player!
  6. Granted. However, you'll have to duel Rhett or itchy to keep it. I wish for an extra wish.
  7. But the roflcopter isn't invented yet! Give the Master Sword to me.
  8. Well there's always walking...... WWYDI you had an evil twin sister?
  9. ^Sleeps on a rock with clonetrooper action figures.
  10. Okay. Nothing wrong with that. I understand.
  11. ^ Has a lightsaber and balls of brass. How so?
  12. Granted. It breaks down upon inserting the ignition key. I wish I had more courage.
  13. Granted. It's missing its engine. I wish I had a working ray gun.
  14. ^Why are you looking for ME?!?! I'M RIGHT HERE!!!!!!
  15. Granted. Soccer is all you ever think about now. Say goodbye to oral hygiene, food, family, friends, school, etc. I wish there was a cure to end all suffering without having to die or some such.
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