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  1. I also have the same problem! I fixed the thing with the Force Feedback (I have no joystick), but the problem still excists! I doubt that this is a problem with my comp, cause I played JO, Q3, and the JA-Demo before ( and i´m playing it right now), but there´s no such problem! I have a nVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440, and I also downloaded the latest drivers. PLEASE, SOMEONE HAS TO HELP ME, I PAID 50 BUCKS!! AND NOW IT DOESN`T WORK!!!
  2. T-0NIC

    Neo model

    Empty promises..... RELEASE THE NEO MODEL PLEASE!! NOW!!
  3. T-0NIC

    Neo model

    I can feel it: the model is finished, lies on the pc of cazor, waiting for 1 (!) f******g level that he calls a "mod", then an accident happens, maybe his pc crushes and he is losing all his data or he get sick of finishing the map and he stops his work. Good bye, Neo model!
  4. I was wondering: does anyone know how many hairs can you select to your character? I´ve seen a screenshot with the hairs of a female human (pony tail, etc....). But how about male human? Any ideas?
  5. T-0NIC

    Neo model

    Neo from Matrix 1 is already in game, but it sux!
  6. T-0NIC

    Neo model

    @Psyk0Sith: Please stop your work at the Morpheus Model and help Kitty to bring the model in-game, cause I think there are more people that want a Neo model than a Morpheus model.
  7. T-0NIC

    Neo model

    back to topic, n00bs! Finally a clear picture of Neo from M:R which is in the making!! It looks good so far! :D
  8. Well, great model, but the face is very ugly! also the bag for the arrows is too big. but the player model is okay!
  9. Sorry, but in my opinion, he doesn´t really look like Legolas. More like a comic-version of him.
  10. Hey, good work! She looks sweeeeet :-0
  11. Oh mna, close this thread. This project is dead, isn´t it? I remember when the maker said it will be finished next weekend. Uh, that was for over a month.!
  12. Wooahh! When are you going to release this awesome f**** piece!!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!
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