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  1. actually an agnostic is someone who refuses to acknowledge the existance or nonexistance of any god whatsoever. an athiest is someone who refuses to believe in the existance of a god, they believe that there is no god at all... My attitude is that if there is an all knowing god out there that created the universe, he/she/it/whatever already knows how the universe is going to turn out which means they already know wether or not I'm going to Hell, Hel, Heaven, Nirvana, Tarterus, Elesian Fields, Valhala or whatever, which means that in creating the universe they doomed me to whatever fate I end up with, therefore if there is a God or Goddess, it doesn't freaking matter either way because whatever happens is doomed to happen anyway. Freedom of choice is an illusion if there is a god... As for if there isn't a God, I don't care if there isn't because if there isn't it means that when the universe was created it was created with an exacting amount of energying blowing in whatever way it blew in, creating whatever amount of matter it created, which lead to the eventual eventual of life on Earth. That we're all nothing more than extremely complex chemical processes designed by natural forces to replicate ourselves. Which means that everything I'm typing here was destined to be typed by me the moment the universe sprang into existance. Jedi Knight II exists because we can't help it existing, cars, airplains, war... we can't help them existing because it was all preordained by the creation of the universe, so whatever happens its out of our control because freedom of choice is an illusion if there isn't a god... All that said, freedom of choice is an illusion, our concious existance is a mere illusion. It's all in our imaginations, not that our imaginations are any less of an illusion.
  2. was an older NWN... they took it offline in 1997... it ran off of EGA graphics... a type of graphics chipset for the PC that's inferior to even the Commodore64's chipset... the Commodore64 could display up to 4 times as many colors at once than an EGA and get better resolutions... and if you were really good at programming you could go into a "Hold and Modify" or HAM mode with the Commodore64 and get 16million colors... hehe and the HAM mode on that thing took half an hour to display a single frame... hehe but the original NWN ran off of DOS and was for AOL only... it was the only reason I ever got a PC to begin with... PCs and Macs suck! Amigas rule!
  3. this guy's going to end up banned I swear... Creating not only off subject threads but disgusting ones at that... Oh and he's 29 years old and thinks he's the oldest person on the planet apparently... <scratches head> 29 isn't that old actually...
  4. I can get in about 120clicks per second just by button mashing in a saber lock... I've only ever lost one saberlock and it was to my sister who can click just as fast... And she was using Force Push at the same time... I love saberlocks... And when I click someone to the ground in one it gives me this satisfying crunchs, usually I switch to redstance in the middle of the saberlock while clicking just so I can do all that much more damage when they fall to the ground... If you doubt I can click that fast, I'll tell you the secret... I tense all the muscles in my hand up so much it causes the hand to go into a rapidly twitching seisure... It wears my hands out fast but it works every time... Who needs scripts? Anyway, Cjais Saves! Er something like that... If I'm agnostic can I still make jokes like that? Cjais Saves?
  5. combos are console only concepts? I've seen other games which have combos and were for computers only, though they weren't for the PC, they were for Amiga... But don't get me started on how great Amiga is... To tell you the truth, I don't see what the deal is about consoles... their controler style selections are limited, the games are for the most part uninvolved, lack depth, gameplay is mediocre at best, and the games are rather um, what's the word? simple! Plus any time they port anything to a console they usually remove the good stuff... Multiplayer is often the first item on the list to be removed from a game ported from computer to console (thankfully... last thing I want is to play a game with a bunch of snot nosed 10 year old brats).
  6. Brina1


    You should know... I declared it open season on lounge singers back in the mid 80s... heh
  7. I did some research on the subject because I wondered the same thing... apparently you simply look down then up again... simple enough
  8. This would be my first post outside of multiplayer strategies... It is funny isn't it? I mean, darkside's uber while lightside isn't worth the effort... and lightside's uber while darkside isn't worth the effort... For every power and move there's a counter. If you can't figure out what the counter is, don't whine about it, either quit the game, play on a server that has whatever you think is cheap disabled, or go become a contender for the Darwin Awards! As for the people who whine about lightning and grip whoring... When I use lightning or grip on someone in the beginning of the battle and they INSTANTLY whine about whoring, it annoys the piss out of me because I tend to use EVERYTHING... Not just lightning... It's like someone can be branded as a whore for whatever it is that they started the fight with, even if they tend to use multiple methods of killing... I've been known to use even the pistol to kill someone... it's devestatingly accurate, especially with the secondary fire on... The only thing that would make Absorb too powerful is if you could use Protect at the same time... Good thing you can't Absorb AND Protect... That would just be too damned powerful!
  9. You're not the only one with DID... <darts her eyes to the left and right to see if anybody's paying attention>
  10. It's not worth much because I don't practice anymore... The skill I have is more than enough to defend myself against any would be attackers in real life and completely rip them to shreds... But that's only because all would-be real-life attackers are about as undisciplined as it gets...
  11. Um.... That's exactly his point, from a background where it's nothing but "frag frag frag as fast as you can" You're really beginning to grate me the wrong way Mr I'llKickYourAss... You ought to do something about that anger, it's not healthy!
  12. If they're too stupid to to know how to defend against Choke or push, why even bother with anything else? As for spamming a counter to a spam... If you can't beat them, join them, then beat them about the face head and neck with their own stick!
  13. Newbie? Give me a break, I've had the game a week and can't execute a DFA or Lunge myself... What I'm proud of is not killing a scrub, it's the fact that there seems to be nobody out there who's capable of defending against something... They decide they hate something, give it a name with the word "whore" at the end of the name, and then don't bother to come up with strategies to defeat it, instead they just whine whenever someone does it... What I'm proud of is being able to defeat something that 80% of the population does nothing but whine about!
  14. I tried running just JediMod 1.0 and some lamer comes in and starts annoying the piss out of Zero and I with cheap tactics and whining... And I wasn't able to kick the guy very easily... none of the commands worked well... The one thing JediPlus has over on JediMod in my opinion is the slap, slay, and freeze... not to mention it makes it a tad easier to kick and ban people if you're running a dedicated server...
  15. I only really play on my own server... I can't help the scrubs that come to fight me... As for mindtrick/guns... Uh huh, right... come to my server and try it on me... I have a counter for just about everything people have used against me... But I'm not invincible... everybody makes mistakes, and mistakes can get you killed... the thing that gets me the most is when someone uses a rocket launcher at close range... kinda hard to push or dodge that...
  16. Oh I almost forgot, I told the guy this Trentonite guy to go kiss a rancor and he said "Oh god, not a Star Wars fan! go to hell!" Um... <scratches head> OMG Star Wars fans play Jedi Knight 2? Oh cripes! Now I'm going to have to go play Elite Force, at least I won't find any Star Wars fans there... and most definitely WON'T find any Trekkies there either!
  17. guns are just as much a part of the Star War universe as sabers and the force... "Hokey religons and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." -- Han Solo "This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or as random as a blaster." -- Obi Wan Kenobi. Personally I think it gets a bit boring with sabers only... "Dodge a lunge, dodge a lunge, get wacked by accident because I didn't dodge as fast as I could have. Drain the person to recover health. Get annoyed because they bitch about drain whoring. rinse and repeat" it gets real bland after a while...
  18. it basically causes a powerful backhanded slap from a massive invisible hand to smack the person extremely hard and then broadcasts to the server that they were bitchslapped by the admin... it hurts a lot too! thanks to the two of you who gave me info on how to retrieve the client numbers! MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!! I just wanna hug you two! Oh geeze, now I'm starting to sound like I might actually have a warm heart! lol
  19. No, I'm just freaking sick and tired of going to a server and hearing whining... I think maybe I'll make a mod that automatically boots anyone who says the word "whore". As for NWN... Ever played the original? The graphics stank but the gameplay was better... the original NWN was released in 1989 and was taken offline in 1997
  20. My MSN is tiggrress@hotmail.com but don't bother e-mailing me there... I have the filters set to dump anything containing a space or the letter 'E' into the trash bin... my e-mail is brina1@sabrinahosting.com
  21. The only use I have for the Sims are to torture them... mercilessly! Ok, with the Living Large expansion pack... go have a baby, stick the baby in a fenced area in the front yard and blanket the yard in yard gnomes... when social services comes around they'll die trying to retrieve the baby! or take the ladder out of the pool, that one's classic! asside from the sadistic torture of the Sims, there's no other use for the game...
  22. Go somewhere else! You don't like force powers? go to a no force server. You don't like sabers? go to a nosabers server... don't like guns? go to a sabers only server! The ultimate strategy to dealing with something you don't like someone dealing with, stick to servers with rules you agree with!
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