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  1. http://pcgamemods.com/8860/ Check the screenshots, its the best I could do Again I'm really REALLY sorry Lightninja you know I wouldnt do that on purpose.
  2. I'm so sorry Lightninja I've been so busy, I asked Abstracked to upload it for me cuz pcgamemods still wont accept my password. I changed the readme file for when I sent it to jk2files. Is there anyway I can change it at pcgamemods?
  3. Enjoy http://www.pcgamemods.com/8860/
  4. I'm back just to give you an update, this is still alive: Scouts busy but hes still working thanks bud
  5. You give the credit and youve got the permision man.
  6. TEXPORTER! Great little add on, I had the same problem as you went I started out, use this little add on available here. http://www.cuneytozdas.com/software/index.asp#Texporter
  7. Its sent, and yes I have pretty much lost interest in modelling I'm putting most of my time and money into music recording
  8. lol man I'm just a 16 year old kid, trying to get school done, I have a job in a restaurant doing food prep and desserts and I'm doing some music recording and I'm taking on the project of building my own guitar. I'm not a serious moddeler, it just takes up too much of my time and I ahrdly ever finish stuff.
  9. No it doesn't and I'd be really greatful if you made one for me scout, this is gonna be my last model release for JA or pretty much any game for that matter as I am leaving the moddeling scene and modding scene and I'd like to have this guy out before I go sorry scout I forgot you email, please leave it and I'll get him to ya.
  10. Hes not gonna be middle aged in my skin just a little bit older,and I'm going to change the ROTJ outfit, but I'm just using the JA outfit as a base as it is quite similar so don't worry.
  11. No he wont look young, I'm keeping my head on it for the hair effect but the with the face skin I will make him look a bit older, the thread name is a little unappropriate now. I guess it should be called "Matt's Original Trilogy Luke Pack" or something. Updates: Ok working under the assumption I can make luke like Jaden and use different model parts for different looking Lukes I have eliminated the problem with the Bespin skirt, as good as a job Hap did with the skin on the Jedi model, it never really screamed Lukes face to me, now my version of Luke you will be able to switch between skirt for Tatooin and ROTJ and no skirt for besbin, and Endor and otehr skins, it give it alot better skinability for new skins too.
  12. Ok I have some ideas here that I need answers to: I want to add a bunch of new stuff to the model but most of it will only be used on 1 single style of luke (eg. the poncho for endor luke, the stormtrooper belt for that style and no skirted pants for bespin), is there a way other than doing nodraw in the .skin file to only use certain parts of the model like Raven did with Jaden so the polycount isn't crazy?
  13. I have made 3 layers of hair, 1 outer the 1 in between the outer and the head. I hope the effect will work as I can't test it till its weighted, any comments or help making the hair and improving the model are welcome.
  14. Its a good concept, its a little more metallic than the ususal pit droids but as you said you are making more I eagerly await them this to me strikes me as a higher class pit droid of someone from Naboo or coruscant type thing, tis nice though.
  15. Heres some updates The follow body skin were not done by me they include the default luke JA costume which I will be editing, Hapslashs bespin Luke and Alphan_Jijua's ANH Luke. Heres how hes looking right now
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