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  1. I love CMI's and SamnMax's ones. They capture the feeling of games perfectly. Also i like The Dig box too. Interesting design and as Pleto already mentioned, it holds something of sci-fi movie posters.
  2. Hey, thank you all for comments! Firefoot- hehe, yeah- i'm working on new website. Ysbreker- no shops, it will be freeware Don't ask me about release date though (i already overestimated my working abilites a few times by now) But quite a big portion of game is already finished, so... BigJKO- thanks for the link! Great forums Ginny- Thanks again!
  3. Is it a bird? Is it a ten ton hamster with giant haemorrhoids? No! It's Ignac trailer (first part of intro). Go check it out here: http://maniac.adventuredevelopers.com/trailer.htm It features (fantastic) voice acting of our beloved Flux. Thanks also to Tamara for spell-check (if there are still some mistakes it's not her fault ) Sadly, the music in this trailer is only temporary, but hopefully it will be soon replaced with new one (the mood will be very similar anyway). Ah, and here are some more character sketches from game:
  4. Silent Hill 2&3- can't decide... ok, i didn't finish the third one yet, but so far it's
  5. Hm, interesting thread. I'm 3 years younger than SAR, but i'm already starting to feel that "time paradox" thing. I can't really say my problem lies in time planning, as i do that quite well. But it just flies away. I think, that once you pass the learning stage (as a kid and teenager you are absorbing things and every day is something new), you start to fall in daily routine... and after a time you realize the last year was practicaly the same as the year before- true, details are different (you met new people, maybe you fell in love, visited new places, or just do some great stuff at work you are proud of), but all in all, it's more or less familiar stuff- a daily routine. And before you realize, the new year is over and you can't quite remember where did all that time go.
  6. Hehe, i think the difference lies in the *amounth* of time they spend playing games. Sure, 60% women... but probably 40-50% of them only a few hours a week. On the other hand i think it's a safe bet all those 40% men are locked on computer games at least a few hours a day (and other 40% "casual" gamers didn't even bother saying they actually do play games ).
  7. I really liked the game. Beautifuly animated and with interesting gameplay. It's in style of old arcade-adventures, like Another World or Flashback (i think you can find them on some abandonware site)... meaning, there are classic platform elements (jumping, some shooting- but luckily no coins colection ) as well as brain teasers/puzzles. In general, much, much better then straight platforms.
  8. Another satisfied customer I was kinda surprised when you were complaining about controls, as i found them really easy (and my gameplaying arcade skills are on the level of ten ton gorilla with broken wrist ). >>>I loved the ending<<< Couldn't agree more. It was one of the most satisfing endings i have yet exeperienced.
  9. Hehe, that was a funny read. Hope you are ok now. Anyway, good luck with job and i hope you won't get the kind of class we were in high school.... if i only think about headaches we gave to those poor guys and gals that were trying to teach *schudder*
  10. Hehe, Marek beat me with that reply, so all i can say now is: agree. It's hard to compare "2d to 3d" with "black&white to color", because it's more than sheer artistic thing. Movies can be black&white or in color, but the story and the way it is told, is still the same. With games, however, it is different- 2d or 3d also means different gameplay. I like both. Twifkak- i did read your post
  11. Now that's just wrong 2d & 3d are two completely different technics&styles. There are games that i would much rather see in 2d and games that just feels right in 3d. It's a matter of style. The only thing is, developers don't realize that (anyone saw that fighting game... what is it called again (i think it's from Capcom)? Now, that shows what incredible things could be done in 2d today- it just feels different (better) than 3d). As for 3d, i agree with Marek- it can do wonders... The problem is, while LA was on top as far as 2d design goes, they are not that good with 3d. Well, i'm puting my hopes up for BS3 to finally bring us "properly" (professionally?) made 3d adventure game.
  12. Yeah, i exaggerated with "epic" a bit- i'm quite sure there won't be any of big guns and unnecessary monsters (if first game is anything to judge by). I'm just saying i'm bigger fan of little, intimate stories (what ICO certainly was and i think people like it especially because of this- it somehow separated it from the rest of games (or at least most of them)), than big epic ones... no matter how good they are put together. Anyway, screens are looking great and i'm holding my breath
  13. Moss: HP5- Harry Potter5? How is it? Better or worse than previous parts?
  14. Same here! What i liked about ICO was its charming simplicity. Hope they won't try to make it "epic" this time around (with dozens of huge monsters and larger-than-life guns )
  15. Yep, got it Didn't have much time to play it yet, but so far it's excellent! Puzzles are great (as opposite to not very entertaining ones in SH2) and story, for once, actually makes some sense... Also, Heather is more "human" character than James (with her own personality). Voice acting is still the worst part of game though, even if a bit better than in previous effort (especially Heather's voice acting is quite good). Actually, the only thing that bothered me at the beginning, were fights, that seemed a bit harder this time around... even on easy mode. It spoiled the adventurous part for me. However, after reading you can unlock the "beginner" mode, if you die a few times, the game difficulty became the same as in SH2's easy fighting mode. Anyway, if you liked SH2, you'll gonna love the third one. It's just as scarry, but with better gameplay and even graphics are improved.
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