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  1. Well, here are some more things that you should consider when asking yourself whether or not Kerry is a good candidate for the presidency...Flip Flop Central... Kerry Says He Believes "Life Does Begin At Conception." "I oppose abortion, personally. I don't like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception." (Jonathan Finer, "Kerry Says He Believes Life Starts At Conception," The Washington Post, 7/5/04) In Dubuque, Iowa, a community known for its strong Catholic and pro-life history, John Kerry stated that he believes that life begins at conception. However, John Kerry's voting record over the years and his public statements clearly show that he is one of the abortion-on-demand crowd's biggest supporters. In an attempt to blur the issue and win political points, John Kerry is trying to appeal to pro-lifers and hope they ignore his voting record and his public statements. If someone is willing to acknowledge that life begins at conception and does nothing to protect that life, it demonstrates a startling lack of conviction and politics at its worst. John Kerry panders to conservative voters on the issue of life Kerry Says He Will Provide Abortion Rights Supporters "Clearest Possible Choice" In Kerry/Bush Contest. "And if elected president, I will nominate judges who will seek to expand [abortion] rights and opportunities--not reduce them. In this area, anyone who values a woman's right to choose in particular or constitutional privacy rights in general will have the clearest possible choice between me and President Bush in 2004." (Sen. John Kerry, A Call To Service, 2003, p. 182) Kerry Says He's Only Presidential Candidate "Who Hasn't Played Games" With Abortion Issue. "I'm the only candidate running for president who hasn't played games, fudged around,' said Kerry, a Massachusetts senator. If you believe that choice is a constitutional right, and I do, and if you believe that Roe v. Wade is the embodiment of that right ... I will not appoint a justice to the Supreme Court of the United States who will undo that right." (Mike Glover, "Kerry Says No Games' On Abortion," The Associated Press, 1/26/04) What others say about John Kerry Kerry Is First Presidential Candidate To Ever Be Endorsed By Planned Parenthood Action Fund. (Laurie Goodstein, "Vatican Cardinal Signals Backing For Sanctions On Kerry," The New York Times, 4/24/04) Kerry Received 100% Ranking For 2003 Votes From Planned Parenthood. (Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Inc. Website, <http://www.ppaction.org/ppvotes/person-vote.html?person_id=2040>, Accessed 1/24/04) Kerry Received 100% Ranking For 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 Votes From NARAL. (NARAL, Congressional Votes On Abortion, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993) John Kerry's Voting Record in the United States Senate Kerry Has Voted At Least Six Times Against Banning Partial-Birth Abortion. Kerry Has Voted At Least 25 Times In Favor Of Using Taxpayer Dollars To Pay For Abortions In United States. Kerry Voted Against Unborn Victims of Violence Act - "Laci and Connor Peterson's Law" Nonpartisan National Journal Scored Kerry's Votes Most Liberal In Senate For 2003. Kerry scored a Senate-high 97% liberal rating for 2003, beating out Sens. Barbara Boxer (91), Hillary Clinton (89), Ted Kennedy (88), and Tom Daschle (80). (National Journal Website, "How They Measured Up," http://nationaljournal.com, 2/27/04)
  2. A lot of you may know about this site but for those who don't, it's awesome. They have all kinds of funny as hell t-shirts and the site has many other features. One of these is a free e-mail account with some comedic domain names such as yourname@ihumpmypillow.com....check it out! YOINKED
  3. I accept that offer Skinwalker. And you know what, I think the stakes should be raised a little...just a little. I suggest a matching avatar. Oh yeah, by the way, I would just like to say that from this post on, as a sign of my good intentions, I will refrain from commenting in the same manner as my previous posts. Cool?
  4. Amen to that. I just want to say that no matter what all of the people supporting Kerry might want to think, Bush is getting re-elected. I will be willing to bet any money on that. I'll even send it to you through the mail. Believe me, there are still (amazingly) more smart Americans than dumb ones in this country and since they are smart, their votes will go to Bush. I know he's getting at least one from LF...that is mine! It's great to be 18 and have a brain!
  5. I listen to many songs daily. But some of my current favorites are: J-Kwon - Tipsy Britney Spears - Everytime Juvenile - Slow Motion Kanye West - Jesus Walks Mase - Welcome Back Nina Sky - Move Your Body Usher - Burn and many more that I cannot fit...lol. As far as classics go, I like these among many others: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama Aerosmith - Don't Wanna Miss A Thing Luke - Scarred Uncle Al - The Uncle Al Song
  6. Geez...talk about identity crisis. I was wondering why I had only 2 posts and I realized that I had logged in with the wrong user name. What stumps me is that I somehow still logged in and I don't know how that happened. I really doubt that there's another member who has the same password as me and similar name to me. That's creepy...maybe I created that other one because at some point I couldn't remember my own username. Who knows...anyways, this is the real me! Back to topic...I got this in my e-mail:
  7. Alright...there is 1 more week of football before the playoffs and I was wondering what teams you think will play in the Super Bowl. I think it's definitely going to be one of these 2 matchups: Eagles vs. Patriots or Cowboys vs. Patriots ?
  8. LOL..do you mean UF? Or are you meaning FU as in Fu** you? LOL...Well, if it's UF, thats my dream...to be a Gator...but im waiting on the acceptance letter or rejection letter...
  9. That is going to be hard but I think I can make it...University of Florida and Florida State are the top 2 party universities in Florida. Although I doubt they compare to University of Colorado...lol. They are number one on the Princeton review for top party universities as the_raven_0_3 already mentioned.
  10. Hello everyone. I would just like to announce my acceptance at Florida State University for the fall term 2004. I am really excited but I am waiting for an admission decision from the University of Florida. It is the Harvard of Florida but FSU is my 2nd choice so either way I'm going to attend one of m first 2 choices! Well, just thought I would share the good news.
  11. No, because the people at these forums are not the entire nation. I could care less what they think because there are many Americans out there who approve of Bush and thats what matters to me. His approval rating is hovering in the 55% range and therefore, I am confident that his victory will come swiftly. I would appreciate it if no more reference were made to me because I am officially out of this discussion. Let me just say that he who laughs last, laughs best...in other words, say what you will now but Bush WILL get re-elected. Good bye.
  12. By 18, one should just be getting out of high school, correct? Well, with all the stresses and work involved in high school, many teenagers do not get a chance to become politically informed. Therefore, they are expected to have fully developed political ideals by this age straight out of high school. I think they should be given time after this point to be allowed to evaluate the different aspects of politics and develop their own political ideals. I am not saying that they are not just sometimes immature, I am also saying that developing a solid political opinion takes time.
  13. Hello again everyone. I was just thinking about the legal voting age which is currently 18. I myself feel that this number should be increased. The reason for me saying this is that being a senior in high school I see many politically misguided people...in other words, they don't know anything about politics and quite frankly, I don't want incompetent people deciding who will run this country. Let me give you an example: The other day a fellow classmate said that if Clinton could be in office again he vote for him simply because "He got head...he's a pimp." Taken as a joke or not, this is not the kind of person I want giving a free vote to an unworthy candidate. (Not targeting Clinton or Democrats in any way.) In addition, many friends that I know who graduated last year told me that they voted for whoever their family voted for. This demonstrates lack of the ability to make your own decisions. Therefore, you are not exercising the right to voice your opinion because you are not even basing the decision on your own beliefs. These are just some examples...All I'm saying is that some people are not as mature as they should be at age 18 and because of this they should not be put in the position to make important decisions such as who will take charge of one the most powerful nations on earth.
  14. That would be the reason for posting the warning on my sig. (Which is now removed) Actually, I stated that I was a Republican in my first post. If Bush were a Democrat and performed the same way he is now, I would still approve of him. I assumed you were a Democrat because of your relentless efforts to make Bush look bad. What are you trying to accomplish anyways? You can't change my mind and I can't change yours right? So we should just come to the acceptance of that. As for my part, I apologize for my negative comments directed at you. Peace?
  15. LoL...dont know what it could be...probably the fact that it was a beta but I haven't had any problems with it so far. Its awesome. Quick off-topic question: How can I get my text to be centered? I've seen it in some sigs...
  16. Those skins are really nice!! Can you post any links to sites that offer nice skins? The skins at winamp's site are pretty uninteresting... But I would like some place that you can just download it and it applies itself automatically...
  17. My motto is "Ignore ignorance" You can link to anything you want and post your so-called facts...in the end, Bush's days to re-election are numbered. He is one of the greatest presidents we will live to see and if you are not convinced of it yet, you will be in his next term. He had to use this term to clean up after that man Clinton. By the way, do you honestly think that that stupid impeachment thing will go anywhere? Didn't think so. Sorry to break it to you but it's gonna be a disappointing election for all of you misguided Democrats. Replaced a profane word with an appropriate substitute. Deleted most of my post, which DS quoted all of. Please post more than you quote. -- SkinWalker
  18. As of yet it has not started an arguement so I havent broken my rules...
  19. I can't wait for it to be officially released so that I can download modern skins! They look absolutely spectacular!
  20. Orioles do suck but they used to be awesome....Cal Ripken is a legend!
  21. Well, maybe that's just my preference for this thread. Maybe I just want to talk about one of my fav teams with fellow fans. I didn't want to open it to conflict. It was a "for personal interest" thread I guess you could say. In addition, what's the purpose of stating that Marlins fans arent loyal? I know, you were trying to find every way to bring down the team that just might be better than the "legendary" Yankees. Also, when I listed my teams, Orioles were my number one choice and still are...because I used to live near Baltimore. Even though they suck nowadays, I'm still a die-hard fan but when I moved to Miami (my city of birth) I made the Marlins my 2nd choice but still stuck with Orioles. So you can't say I'm not a fan. They're not my number one..does that mean I can't root for them? Sorry I guess I didn't read that rule in the book. Another good example is football...if you remember correctly my favorite football team was the Cowboys...it always has been and still is...and it pays off to be dedicated because now the Cowboys have one of the best records in the NFL! Now that I've schooled the young one..... Did anybody else notice that the Marlins beat the Cubs 3 games straight and the Yankees 3 games straight!!!?? LOL!! Those teams both suck!! LMAO
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