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  1. Hey happy new year!

  2. Is it too late to say congrates on ROTS?

  3. Lookin pretty snazzy my friend. Keep up the good work!
  4. Well, there a few links buried in the 3D lords social group. But I also have it here on my PC.

    Might have even uploaded it to Mediafire. I'll check it out and send ya a PM with a nice linky ;)


    Mind that this latest version does has a few "bugs":


    1) You get a new Max script to export. Though this new script only does export out Meshes with a lightmap on it.


    Problem is; your walkmesh can't have a lightmap.

    Solution: Hold on to your old export script. Export out the walkmesh alone.

    And export your area with lightmaps seperate.


    2) This new Kaurora also only handles area with walkmeshes, if it isn't included it'll just crash on loading in your ASCII file. So keep the old version around if you want to do more quick test runs.


    Don't freak out on the seperate stuff; you can combine any walkmesh with any area model in Kaurora it self. Though I'm certain you know your way around 3D :lol:


    Anyway I'll be back in touch ;)

  5. Mister Quanon, do you happen to know where I might be able to find the latest copy of Kaurora? This would be delightfully helpfull to me and I await your reply.

  6. I was just looking back over your Rise of the Sith thread and wondering where r u? Miss the great work.

  7. I saw your tutorial, it was really helpful. Wanna help me with my TC mod?

  8. When will you post another update it's been a long time since you posted anything for Rots.

  9. Hey, welcome back!!

  10. Kudos dude... that is one of the hardest songs to learn.

  11. Hey Doc, I'm learning to play Little Wing!

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